Chapter 2: Prince, Royal Family, and Birthday II

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Chapter 2: Prince, Royal Family, and Birthday II

It was a large banquet hall connected by a balcony to the garden and maintained for the royal family’s exclusive use.
The musical performance of top-ranking musicians from all over the country echoed in this place. The dance floor in the center of the hall was prepared beforehand and several groups of women and men danced to the music. The vibrant dresses of the ladies flared out like flower petals, almost like the fairies who announce the coming of spring.
The venue was a buffet but food was being prepared. On top of the table, a pure white cloth was spread and crowds of dishes that were made by the chefs who cook exclusively for royalty were lined up. The servers placed on trays the glasses of the highest grade alcohol that was prepared to be used for this special day and the waitresses came in and out like a wave.

(Is this like the 7-5-3 1 of this world? Aah, I wanna eat that food…)

While catching glimpses of the invitees enjoying the food from the corner of his eye, the star of the day, Herscherik, let out a sigh from his heart.
Herscherik sat in the seat of honor besides his father the king in the banquet hall. He dealt with the waves of guests by giving the business smile he learned in his past life, without showing any emotion.

It may be a custom of this country, but it seems that the sons and daughters of royalty and aristocrats are introduced to high society at the age of 3. Especially since royal children spend their time inside the palace, not appearing before people. They hardly have any contact with other aristocrats. He may have been visited by his maternal relatives, if they existed, but they aren’t royalty. There was only his old grandfather who was a commoner. That grandfather had apparently disowned Herscherik’s mother when she married, so the amount of people Herscherik met since birth was small, with his father and Meria being the main ones. That’s why this celebratory banquet in honor of his 3rd birthday was the first time he has met this many people.

By the way, 16 years old is the true debut to high society and 18 years old is when one becomes an adult and can drink alcohol.
The reason why he knew this is that when his older brother, the first prince who turned 16 this year, arrived first to give his greetings together with the princess consort, his father happily informed him. The father gave a strained laugh as he warned him to not get too crazy.

However, what caught Herscherik’s attention over his father’s words was the unbelievable army of beautiful men, women, boys, and girls that was the princess consorts and his siblings.

(The genes for beauty are amazing…..)

One by one, members of the royal family came to give their greetings here and there, and there was a great variety in their beautiful forms.

All the princess consorts were first-rate beauties and their slender bodies begged the question if they really gave birth. Of course as they have a seat in the banquet, there was no way they were going to lose in terms of their clothes. From their make-up to their hairstyle, even their dresses were done with the finest quality.
It wasn’t just the princess consorts though. His princess siblings were so beautiful that it would make anyone turn around to look back at them. The comparison “Like a flower” probably exists for their sake.
And starting from the first prince, all the princes were all beauties with good looks that wouldn’t lose to the princesses. Herscherik whose vocabulary was limited, was so thankful that a word like “ikemen 2” exists.

For example, the eldest brother, the first prince, had magnificent red hair.
His red hair looked like it was on fire and his intense eyes were of the same color. His mother, a princess consort, was very charming, but her son inherited her charm and his one gesture was very refined. It’s probably been drilled in him before, but his clothing tightly fit his body and his elegance spurred it on. When he finished greeting the guest of honor Herscherik and the king, he was surrounded by many aristocrats’ daughters in a blink of an eye, but the figure of him accompanying them without giving a single unpleasant face truly resembled that of a young noble.

Next is the second prince, who if one had to say, resembled his father.
His long platinum blonde hair was loosely tied in a braid behind him. His eyes are filled with a blue like the depths of the ocean and looked somewhat fragile, but they give off a different charm than the first prince’s. They looked like they’ll shatter if one touches them, but it’s different to a woman. He is the owner of a beautiful face that hides his flexible strength.

There was such a wide range of differences among the 6 older prince brothers, yet no one couldn’t say that they weren’t all beautiful men. Everyone stated their congratulation speeches but Herscherik didn’t have time to give thanks.

(What otome game 3 is this? There are only beautiful men everywhere I look)

Herscherik retorted inside his mind. The first time he met his brothers, he felt like he was going to be sick and tired of beautiful people.

(It’s fine that there’s at least one disappointing child! Rather, there must be!….It is I)

Herscherik was going back and forth with the joke inside his head as he felt depressed.
On such a day, Meria was enthusiastic and dressed Herscherik very magnificently.
On his dark green tuxedo of fine embroidery, the buttons engraved with designs and the cuffs shined. A fresh, green, silk ribbon was stylishly tied around his neck. Meria and his father gave high praises and he was conceited thinking that he looked cool himself. But with each beautiful brother who came to give their greetings, his cheap conceit continued to be crushed and had become dust.

How do I put it? Like I’m missing a flower or a princely aura. Herscherik thought as he looking at his brothers. Even though he is the typical prince with blond hair and blue eyes, compared to the other princes, he’s lacking in gaudiness.
If one thinks of comparisons, what comes to mind for the eldest brother is a rose, while the next eldest is a lily. For Herscherik, the faint image of a baby’s breath comes.

(Though it’s not a human’s face…..)

Only in his interior, Herscherik felt like that his perspective of an otaku woman past her prime has ended 4.

(Besides, even if I’m complimented by a beauty, I wouldn’t really be happy and would only hear words of disgust…..)

All brothers he met for the first time welcomed him. Of course, they praised his manners and clothes. But what he was frankly unhappy about was a personal problem of Herscherik who has become a little sentimental.

For example, the feeling when you compliment the cutest girl in the class and she responds with “Oh no~ You’re cute too, you know!”
Of course, this is his paranoia. By the way, in the example, Herscherik is the one who gets a little annoyed at the classmate complimenting the cute girl, rather than at the girl.

While his conceit was being crushed and weathered away, the wave coming towards him changed from royalty to nobles. The first of the nobles to see him was the minister, Marquess Barbasse.

“It’s an honor to meet you for the first time, Your Highness Herscherik.”

(Aah, since I’ve been seeing beautiful people till now, this ordinary face calms me down….)

Herscherik thought that if he said those feelings out loud, it would be rude.

Marquess Barbasse was a man succeeding in the prime of his life, with calm hazel-color eyes and hair as well as a fine moustache that brings out the feeling that he is indeed a noble.

However, the glint in his eyes was sharp as if he was evaluating him and caused Herscherik’s previous feelings to take a complete change.

Rethinking it, Herscherik’s gaze, in regards to his previous life, was terribly sensitive, whether it be friendly or unfriendly.
Speaking of that, she sensed whenever her boss in her previous life’s workplace would call her, and it’s a special skill that she considers herself. In addition, her intuition seemed sharp. She could catch phone at the *Br* moment in the phone’s *Bring bring bring*. It was a special skill that surpassed the level of surprise for her junior.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Minister. Thank you for taking your time out to come here.”

Herscherik, who cultivated his previous experience, gave an admirable response that would be unbelievable for a 3 year-old. After saying that, he noticed that it was unnatural, but it’s too late.

In his previous life, Ryoko’s mother would point out that she does that.

“You’re the type to deal with people you don’t like by being as polite as your level of hatred.”

It was a disposition that her parents also shared: a mother who would snicker as she says, “When you are treated extremely politely by a hateful guy, doesn’t it make you irritated for no reason?” and that mother was indeed Ryoko’s mother.

In order to deceive the sharp gaze that became the Minister’s gaze, Herscherik flashed a forced smile. If you fail, dodge with a smile. This is also one of the secrets of success in life. Incidentally, as this technique has people it works on and people it doesn’t, it’s necessary to read the mood.
Marquess Barbasse gave a smile that made his previous gaze look like a lie, to Herscherik.

“This is an extremely clever child, it seems. Your Majesty, I look forward to his future.”
“…..I see. This child is my treasure, so I look forward to how he’ll group up from here on out.”

Herscherik’s father replied to Marquess Barbasse’s words with a smile.
However, Herscherik didn’t overlook the single moment when his father’s hand and expression stiffened. In addition, he sensed a great sense of discomfort from the exchange between the two of them, but after that moment, the two conversed as if nothing had happened, causing Herscherik to close his mouth, without being able to say anything.

When the greetings from the aristocrats neared the end, a man with a look that he worried too much, stood before the guests of honor. Herscherik noticed because he sensed his strong gaze.
He was probably around his late 30s. He was a man with light yellow hair swept back and he was riding on the tired tailcoats of the prime of his life. He had an intense face, but compared to the other nobles, it was quite thin. No, rather than calling it thinned, it would be more correct to say worn out. No one called out about his appearance nor his brooding ambiance, and the people around his kept a fixed distance from him.

And then, he clenched his fist as he made a decision and advanced forward.

“Your Majesty, I have something I wish to convey to you.”

Without any greeting, he began to speak, making Herscherik’s shoulders tremble in surprise. As if to protect his son, the father took a step forward, hid him behind his back, and confronted the man.

“What for?”

Soleil, with the face befitting of a king, asked the man in a voice that is different from the kind voice he uses toward Herscherik. From behind his father, Herscherik peeked out to look around at his father and the man, as well as the surrounding people. The previous spectacular atmosphere of the area vanished. The music stopped and no one opened their mouth. A heavy air of tension dominated the area.

“Your Majesty, we grow closer to the citizen’s breaking point year after year. The forceful collection of taxes whose rate increases each year. The injustice and oppression of the aristocrats and government officials increases every day. I beg of you, Your Majesty, please shift your attention towards the city!”

The man’s voice echoed in the silent banquet hall.

“At this rate, our Greisis Kingdom that has surpassed 500 years since its founding, is on the path towards complete ruination!”
“You’re being rude in the presence of His Majesty! Restrain yourself, Count Luzeria!”

The one who stopped him was Marquess Barbasse. However, the thinned man—Count Luzeria opened his eyes widely all of a sudden and glared at the minister.

You are the one who must restrain yourself, Marquess Barbasse! As an aristocrat and a marquis, you’re the beast who will devour the country!”
“You do corrupt acts, fill your own pockets because of your position, and moreover, I know you are communicating with other countries!”

Count Luzeria took out a single document and presented it to the king.

“Your Majesty, this is one of the pieces of evidences that I have gathered on his corruption. I beg of you, please accept this.”

Herscherik’s father timidly accepted it and his eyes followed the lines on the paper. Right after looking at it, the king understood and let out a gasp.

“This is…..”

He didn’t need to say the contents out loud, as there was no doubt that it contained the shocking truth. The king’s faintly trembling voice was proof.
The banquet hall fell silent, but it was the accused Marquess Barbasse who broke up the silence.

“Your Majesty, that is a fraud.”

It was an awfully calm voice. It surpassed calm with leeway. When Herscherik turned his line of sight, there was Marquess Barbasse staring at Count Luzaria with a serious face.

“In the past, there were rumors of me having communicated with foreign countries. As I had no such memory of doing so, I investigated it on my own. And as soon as I did, someone had falsified my name and communicated with our terrible enemy nation…..And it was you, Count Luzeria. ”

It was at that moment that Herscherik saw it. Minister Barbasse whose face was serious until then, raised the corners of his detestable mouth in a triumphant expression for just one second. In contrast, Count Luzeria’s expression was slowly stained in the color of despair after thinking for a couple of seconds.

When Marquess Barbasse gave a signal, a man appeared out of nowhere and presented a sealed letter to the king. There were no signs of it being opened on the sealed wax on the letter.

“My subordinate captured a spy who left Count Luzeria’s mansion and right before he entered the foreign nation. This is what he was holding.”
“….Count Luzeria, does this letter belong to you?”

Luzeria answered the king’s question with silence.
There was the imperial seal on the sealing wax. Because the sealing wax would be cracked once it had been opened, this unopened letter was undeniable proof.

The king took the letter and opened the seal as Count Luzeria wouldn’t say a single word. He read the letter and let out a deep sigh.

“This is a petition for seeking asylum to the foreign country. ‘In return for offering information about my country, I request for position and rewards’….At the bottom, there is Count Luzeria’s name and the same imperial seal.”

In Herscherik’s father’s voice, there was hints of despair.

“….Was the first move, taken?”

That voice belonged to Count Luzeria. No one heard it as it was a small voice who only the nearby king and Herscherik could hear.

“Arrest the traitor!”

Marquess Barbasse’s triumphant proclamation echoed.
Knights entered the banquet hall in a hurry and pinned down Count Luzeria, pushing down his head.

When the hall became noisy, something shiny ran by. The light ran over the polished marble on top and it stopped around Herscherik’s feet.

There, a beautiful, old silver pocket watch fell down.

When Herscherik picked it up, it was so big that it filled the entire palm of the three year-old.
When he returned his gaze from the pocket watch back to the banquet hall, Count Luzeria was already tied up in a rope and leaving the hall behind.

“….I’m sorry for ruining your long-awaited party, Hersche.”

Herscherik heard his father’s voice above his head and then he was held up in his arms. When the two of their eyes met, his father’s face was very tired and it looks like he would cry at any time.

“Shall we end it here tonight?”

That was the ending signal for the banquet and the king exited, bringing along his beloved son. The king’s butler was the only one who followed after them and no one obstructed their way.

(Something is weird…..?)

Herscherik stared at the pocket watch as he was being taken away like that. Since coming to this world, it was the first time he sensed discomfort and unease in his life living as royalty.

Taking a complete change from the common folk, the lives of upper class of royalty was full of surprises. However, he understood in the end and it was an uncomfortable feeling he had gotten used to. The level of uneasiness was like that of changing his staple food of rice to bread.

But this unease was a completely different type than that.

The sound of the second hand that could be heard from the pocket watch seemed to stir up Herscherik’s unease with it’s agreement and disagreement 5.


  1. A Japanese celebration for children when they’re aged 3, 5, and 7 to celebrate their growth and wish for health
  2. A handsome man
  3. A game targeted towards women where the main character is a female and the rest of the cast is beautiful males
  4. Wasn’t really sure what was happening, but I think it’s Ryoko reflecting how this is just a reincarnation
  5. Like the ticking of the clock saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ with each tick
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