My Youth Begins with Loving You


Original title: 我的青春从爱你开始
Author: Orange Tree (桔子树)
Translated title: My Youth Begins with Loving You
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Translator: Cloudy
Translation Checkers: Blobber, OmniBlob, Wenhui,
Editor: Nyaarenne, Blobber, mcsmacky
Proofreader: Blooming Frost


These days, all of the fine men have either already gotten married or already have a girlfriend.

If a man reaches thirty-two and he hasn’t married yet and he doesn’t have a girlfriend—nor has he ever even had a boyfriend or a girlfriend—then he definitely has some sort of physical defect.

If he doesn’t have any physical defects, then he definitely has some sort of psychological defect. If he doesn’t have any defects whatsoever, then only one explanation remains: he’s a Martian.

Miao Yuan never thought that one day, she would fall in love with a Martian!

This year, the girl who was in her early twenties had countless strange ideas.

They were mad at each other in one moment and happy with each other in the next. In one moment, they behaved well like kitties, and in the next, they were crying, saying that it was time to break-up.

Chen Mo felt that this young girl had to be some kind of alien creature. He never thought that one day, they would live together on Earth.

He is a sniper. In ‘chen mo,’ he approaches the target. Armed with only a gun, he never fails to see his target’s blood fall—he’s a natural soldier. In the past, his only love was a slender gun.

She is a pâtissier. The fragrance of milk and honey wafts off the tips of her fingers. Delicately sweet-tempered and overflowing with laughter—she’s like a budding rose.

When the muzzle of the ice-cold gun meets the gentle and beautiful rose.

When the sweet cream melts the coarse bloodstains.

Life has a way of making the most unlikely people fall in love.

Synopsis from Shushengbar
This feels so surreal, Chen Mo thought to himself. In one hand, he was holding a gun—a gun that he had just used to take another’s life—while in the other hand, he was holding a girl who was pure and beautiful—a clean girl who probably never imagined that she would see killing and death in her life.

He thought these kinds of things only ever happened in those dust-covered fairy tales that have been lost with the passing of time—something that only ever happened in other people’s stories. Suddenly, the same emotions he had read about in these very stories began to appear in his own life. Like shy flowers, they grew in the corners of his heart, where they remained unnoticed until they bloomed.

Being in love is when when you’re willing to do things for a special person that you wouldn’t normally do for anyone else.

The earliest, most gentle, and happiest memories in our life are always sweet.

I want you to belong only to me, to gather you up into a safe little box that I can carry close to my heart.

At first, we didn’t understand what love is. We never knew how to love another person. Love was always this great mystery that we would fantasize about in our loneliness. We thought that love would be just like lightning and thunder, a violent and furious storm. We did a lot for each other and made many demands. We had to suffer through anger, heartbreak, happiness as well as pain, only to realize that love is not what we imagined it to be.

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Translated into British English

Table of Contents:

Prologue: Reason and Emotion

Chapters 36-48
Chapter 36:
Chapter 37:
Chapter 38:
Chapter 39:
Chapter 40:
Chapter 41:
Chapter 42:
Chapter 43:
Chapter 44:
Chapter 45:
Chapter 46:
Chapter 47:
Chapter 48:


  1. Miao Yuan (苗苑 – “Young sprout | Garden”) – Female lead
  2. Chen Mo (陈默 – “Silent disposition”) – Male lead
  3. Momo (沫沫 – “Foam”) – Female lead’s coworker and friend
  4. Xia Minglang (夏明朗 – “Bright summer”) – Chen Mo’s squad leader
  5. Lu Zhen (陆臻 – “Land / To reach perfection”) – Chen Mo’s squad teammate
  6. Fang Jin (方进)- Chen Mo’s squad teammate
  7. Xu Zhizhe (徐知着 ) – Chen Mo’s squad teammate
  8. Cheng Hui (成辉 – “To acquire splendor”) – The police instructor that Chen Mo works with
  9. Wang Zhengnan (王正楠 – “Great  / Upstanding) – Chen Mo’s first blind date
  10. Duke (侯爷) – Chen Mo’s puppy
  11. Ming Ming (明明) – Lu Zhen’s puppy
  12. Zheng Kai (郑楷) Chen Mo’s squad teammate
  13. Qing Yue (秦悦) – Criminal investigation squad captain
  14. Milu – an Italian chef at Earth Cafe


  1. 武警支队的驻地 – Armed Police Detachment Station – Where Chen Mo works.
  2. 人间 – Earth (Café) – A cafe where Miao Yuan works.
  3. Xi’an Restaurant – one of the most famous restaurants in Xi’an. They’ve been serving Shaanxi cuisine since 1929, and have hosted many celebrities and dignitaries
  4. Barley Market Street – a night market in Xi’an specializing in ethnic Chinese Muslim food
  5. Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant – an actual restaurant in Xi’an famous for its paomo.


  1. Baijiu – a Chinese alcoholic beverage made from grain
  2. Mantou – a type of steamed bun that’s pretty plain tasting
  3. Paomo – a hot stew of chopped-up steamed leavened bread or steamed buns (known regionally as mo or mantou, cooked in lamb broth and served with lamb meat.

Other Entries:

闷骚 – Mensao (“Outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside”)

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