Lord and Dragon

Lord and Dragon《领主与龙》

Author: Da Yuan Zi – 大圆子

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The young lord of a small and weak country saves a dragon beside the sea one day.

Since then, his country became prosperous, rich, and powerful.

This is the story between a Lord who is a tease that refuses to get married, and a poor dragon who is teased day in and day out.

En… the author guesses this Lord will have no choice but get married in the end.


Western fantasy setting, with parts inspired by a mobile game called “Rival Kingdoms”.

Schedule: 1x release per week every Friday.

Table of Contents:



凡纳斯大陆 – Finanse Continent
伊康纳弥科斯大陆 – Icanomicis Continent (“Ican” for short)
死亡之海 – Sea of Death
王国碧因 – Kingdom of Bein
基斯山脉 – Geis Mountains
安里斯江 – Anleis River
黑暗深渊 – Dark Abyss


亚当 – Adam Smith – The main character, the lord
弗留斯 – Fruys, the dragon (“Fruu” for short), Yiweisibel Hande
蒙卡领主 – Lord Morgan
安塞领主 – Lord Ansai – has a dragon
安娜 – Anna; Adam’s maid
安东尼 – Anthony; Adam’s horse
安迪 – Andy; Adam’s bodyguard
卡斯领主 – Lord Cass
卡罗尔领主 – Lord Kaller
海德尔 – Haider – the author of Adam’s favorite poetry anthology
卡文迪许 – Lord Cavendish
赛斯 – Lord Cyth
安碧拉 – Abeila, Adam’s mother
安利克斯 – Alex, Adam’s twin brother
安得 – Andel, Adam’s mother uncle, King of Bein
安菲尔 – Lady Afeyr, Adam’s relative
安索 – King Ansuo, Adam’s grandfather
索约丝 – Tswoyaosl, the Black Wizard


南部领主联盟 – Southern Alliance



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  1. Ailia · May 30, 2018

    Its really a good story. It left a good impression after you finish read it. But it can be little "bland" for few people. I just wish it can more lively when tell the story.

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  2. トビ · Nov 11, 2017

    Good luck with the translations! Quaint story.

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  3. Anonymous · Nov 11, 2017

    This blob says, "Good luck on the translations!"

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