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Synopsis: All the feelz of the lord


..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 65 .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·..


It is said that on that day, Fruu had been too focused having a “heart to heart” with me that he inadvertently suppressed all ice magic within a thousand kilometer radius. This caused the gold clan dragons to be unable to generate any water to put out the fire, and so my flames continued to burn and burn and burn uncontrollably. In the end, the entire territory of the gold clan dragons was reduced to ashes.


Yiweisibel stated that he was a dragon who justly enforced the law, and he would not use his powers to avenge private grievances. As a result, he would only punish the gold dragons who had been illegally demanding the human race for brides according to the laws of the dragon race — and if that didn’t work, he’d revise the laws entirely.

I told Fruu that this wasn’t okay. Did he still want to properly act as the leader of the dragons or not?


He replied that he actually never planned to take this role seriously. Originally, he only wanted to wait until the circumstances with the ice clan settled down more and then he would abdicate his seat and fly back to Finanse to live in seclusion with me. Who would have imagined that I’d actually surpass my abilities and scrounge all over the earth to find him.

Then he looked at me, still looking like he was anxiously afraid about something.


Yiweisibel said that he wanted me to meet someone after we left the gold dragon territory.


Hugging his neck after I was placed on his back, I indulged in the familiar feeling while settling myself in before I noticed that all eight guards were struggling their hardest to keep a straight face as they watched me.


I had always been a rather modest kind of person, and I wasn’t used to this. I asked Yiweisibel why they were staring at me.


He very calmly explained a custom in the dragon race: dragons would never carry anybody on their backs, not even their own children, save for one — their mates. This was the reason why those guards were startled and curious.


I silently recalled the first time he suggested carrying me up into the sky to take a spin in the air, and I silently thought to myself that our relationship as a dragon and a human back then was clearly very pure!


..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 66 .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·..


Yiwei flew me to a valley that was filled with green grass and fresh flowers. There was also a quaint little blue lake and a few small houses scattered randomly across the field.


He told me that he was bringing me to meet my uncle.


I was startled. My uncle, His Majesty Alex, once the first prince and heir of the Kingdom of Bein, had passed away a long time ago from an illness that was caused by excessive worry for my mother who had disappeared, or so I heard.


I remembered that in the story, the prince had been offered to the Black Wizard.

Yiwei confirmed my guess; the owner of this place was the Black Wizard who was slightly older than himself.

Even though he was reluctant to admit it — as a promising young dragon and all, this year His Majesty Yiweisibel Hande was actually 427 years old. That made him a whole four hundred years older than me.


As we approached this place, we unexpectedly heard a youthful voice speak out; at that time, we were still in the sky, and I almost fell off from Yiwei’s back in surprise.


The owner of the voice was evidently a little displeased, but despite being unhappy, he still sounded pleasant and sweet. He said: “Yiweisibel, why the hell are you here? This isn’t the place for you and your lover to flirt around.”

Yiwei evenly responded: “We didn’t come here looking for you. Rather, we want to meet His Majesty Alex. I brought Princess Abeila’s son, and he would like to meet his uncle.”


Afterwards, I easily met the prince, but I never saw that strange master again.


My uncle truly did look very young. In fact, he looked even younger than me. He had soft black hair, jade green eyes, and a graceful air about him. There was even a trace of contemplative melancholy on his handsome countenance; overall, His Majesty Alex was quite an attractive fellow.

Although it probably wasn’t very appropriate to say this just after complimenting him, I had to concede that I do look a lot like my uncle. It seemed like some things that came from our bloodline just can’t be erased.


He leisurely invited us to afternoon tea, and he was clearly very happy and excited that I had come to visit him. Especially when I told him that my mother had always been doing well, and how she was deeply in love with my father, and was living a good life all these years, his facial expression became even incomparably gentle. He couldn’t stop mumbling: “That’s wonderful, that’s so wonderful.” When I told him about when my parents teamed up to chide me when I was young, he laughed heartily.


At the time I asked him about the master of this place, he casually waved his hand and smiled: “Don’t mind him. That guy is a little shy, and doesn’t like to meet people.”

To be able to describe the most terrifying Black Wizard as “shy”, I thought to myself that it seems like my uncle must have been living a good life here.


From my uncle, I learned about the truth from back then:

It is said that the Bein royal family and the evil gods had always had some kind of relationship. They always had the blessing of the evil gods, and the successor of the purest branch of the royal family would have a gift and propensity for magic that far exceeded ordinary people’s.

My mother and my uncle who was born one minute earlier than her were the precious and rarely-seen fraternal boy-girl twins, who possessed an extraordinary gift for fire-type magic. However, their father, my grandfather King Ansuo, was a very selfish person. Being an ambitious and paranoid person, he wanted his reign to last for eternity. He feared death and losing power. As his daughter and son grew up and expressed talent in virtually every aspect, he felt pressure rather than happiness.

King Ansuo doted on his nephew Andel instead, who was mediocre and only good at flattery. Andel concocted an evil scheme that the king could not help but accept: destroy the princess and the prince’s magic power, send his daughter to the dragon race in exchange for the protection of his country, then murder his son and trade his corpse to the Black Wizard for the secret of immortality. Because the body of one of Phoenix Twins was valuable magical research material, the Black Wizard surely would not refuse this deal.


This way, Ansuo could continue to rule the Kingdom of Bein forever without the threat of his children.


Completely caught off guard, the princess and prince lost their magic powers from consuming poison and became extremely weak and ill. It was fortunate that one of the princess’s court magicians, Anna, obtained the news beforehand and helped her escape. As for the prince who had been completely betrayed by his father, amidst grief and misery he was assassinated in the imperial palace as arranged by the king.

The Black Wizard received the gift that was the prince’s corpse, but he didn’t give the king the secret of immortality — this was because it was impossible for ordinary people to become immortal. With the king having failed to get a way out from the Black Wizard, the nephew Andel seized the opportunity, murdered the monarch, and in the end snatched the crown.


As my uncle told this tale, he was very gentle, almost like he was just a mere spectator. He explained that though Black Wizard helped him “live”, the current him was nothing more than a living corpse.

“Everything else is fine, and there isn’t anything that inconvenient apart from my sense of taste being terrible,” he complained capriciously. “All these years, I’ve been worried about little Abeila, and Tswoyaosl only told me that she was alive but nothing else. He also didn’t allow me to go looking for her — not that I’m really capable of leaving him in my present state. If I did, I would immediately drop dead.”


My uncle and I hugged when it was time for me and Yiwei to leave. Patting my shoulder, he said: “Seeing you doing so well, it makes me feel so happy. Go child, take back what is rightfully yours, and everything that is rightfully mine and your mother’s.”

I nodded solemnly at him.


..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 67 .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·..


With the help of Yiwei and my uncle’s trusted aides from the olden days, I initiated a coup d’etat. I exposed Andel’s past crimes, and I was formally crowned as ruler of the Kingdom of Bein.


Honestly, none of that stuff was that interesting. Going solely by blood right, I was a more proper heir than Andel.


After I ascended the throne, my first action was to send an emissary to Finanse and convey my current status to my mother, brother, and my former subordinates. The rest was handling the Kingdom of Bein’s various government affairs, which was not that different from my previous experience as a lord. The only thing was that since I only recently succeeded the throne, there was a lot of things to take care of. I had no choice but work overtime to clean up the mess, and thus I frequently worked late into the night.


Tonight was the same. I was struggling to make headway through a mountain of documents while Yiwei who was in his human form had fallen asleep on my lap. In the dead of the night, I pulled out the little cloth bag that the witch had given me a long time ago. She had told me that I could only open it when I believed that I had obtained my most important thing. Inside was a prophecy she had written about my life, she said. This prophecy would give me strength, and show me the way as I planned my future.


I glanced at Fruu who was beside me, and firmly decided to open the bag —

Written on a slip of paper were the words: “Adam Smith and his Yiweisibel Hande will inevitably leave a deep mark in the history of Icanomics.”


..·:*¨¨*.·:*¨♡¨*:·. 68. Epilogue .·:*¨♡¨*:·.*¨¨*:·..


One day a thought occurred to me, and I turned around to ask Yiwei: “Since your actual name is Yiweisibel, why did you tell me your name was Fruys?”


Yiwei froze for a second, and then soon whispered: “Fruys was the nickname that my mother called me, and I feel nostalgic being called that.”

I immediately regretted asking that question and scolded myself — while I was with the dragon race, I had long ago heard about Yiweisibel’s life story. His mother had left him when he was five years old, and for dragons who live for a thousand years or longer, this was an incredibly sad event.


Yiwei stared straight out of the window, and then suddenly added another sentence: “In the dragon language, ‘Fruys’ means ‘my precious sweetheart’.”


In a flash I recalled how every time I called him “Fruys”, all the surrounding dragons would give us a strange look. The prompt burst of embarrassment made me want to break up with this stupid dragon immediately! I could only remember that he would never let anyone else in Finanse call him that name, so people called him, “Geir”, the general term humans used to refer to dragons in an esteemed manner.


I thought for a moment that it couldn’t have been that bad. After all, I didn’t call him “Fruys” that often. Rather, I was more used to calling him “Fruu”.

I blurted out: “Then, what does ‘Fruu’ mean in the dragon language?”


This time Yiwei turned his head and blinked at me, smiling. He said: “‘Fruu’ is a shortened version of ‘Fruys’, and means ‘sweetie’.”


It seems like this stupid dragon and I had completely taken each other out in mutual destruction.

Oh my god, I think I could die.

Author’s notes:

As for mystery of who started the flirting first:

Lord: …You’ve had naughty thoughts from so early on, flying with me on your back, and having me call you Fruys!

His majesty Yiwei, the dragon sweetheart: Now who was it that took advantage of the time I couldn’t move to grope me all over?!

Lord: That time I was cleaning your wounds! Baka dragon!

Translator’s notes:

The end! Thank you all for staying with us during this entire journey, and I hoped you enjoyed the novel.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the rest of L&D translation team, without whom this translation wouldn’t be possible. This is an extra big high-five to our lovely editor Psyx, our fabulous TLC Blobber, our one-and-only proofreader/manager Bunny, and the mysterious [-redacted-] who keeps the website running!

If you enjoyed reading this novel and would like to learn how you can support the author with a few minutes of your time, please click here! Love you all, and I hope to see you around! \o/

EditorAgent Psyx o7
Translation Checkerblobber


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