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Did you enjoy reading Lord and Dragon by Da Yuan Zi? Would you like to support the author in her writing career? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We here at Blob Translations really had a blast working on this project and reading all the diabetes-inducing comments all of you adorable readers have left in the comments section. <3 The L&D team was talking amongst ourselves, and we thought it would be nice if we could somehow convey all these feelings to Da Yuan Zi, the original author.

The idea that we came up with was to put together a donation drive for the author.

All of us are just fans like you, and the L&D team doesn’t take personal donations, run ads, or make money from fan translating. However, we thought it would be nice if somehow it were as easy for readers to tip authors as it is to tip translators on other sites. This is why we did some research to try and figure out what is the best way to get money to Da Yuan Zi.

Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, all reader contributions to the donation pool will be matched up to $250 USD! For every $5 you donate, the sponsor will pitch in $5 too! That’s twice the value to your contribution!

I hope you give this a consideration!

Don’t have any pocket money to spend? Don’t worry, learn more about other non-monetary ways you can support Da Yuan Zi here.

★ ★ ★

Da Yuan Zi is an author on JJWXC, which is the Chinese web novel publishing site that hosts Lord and Dragon.

The method the L&D team will be using to donate money to the author is through the “bomb system” on JJWXC. The “bomb system” is the built-in tipping system that ordinary Chinese readers typically use to tip their favorite authors on the website. To tip authors on JJWXC, readers buy them 地雷 (“bombs”). Each bomb costs and is worth 1 Chinese yuan, and 50% of the tip goes to the author, and 50% goes to the website. Thus, the author receives half of the reader’s tip.

It’s not a great rate, but Da Yuan Zi is a contracted author with JJWXC, and JJWXC’s author contract places strict limitations on how they can interact with readers, translators, and other parties who make adaptations of their work. In fact, JJWXC authors aren’t even allowed to grant permission for fan translators to translate their works. However that’s not their fault — and if you enjoyed Lord and Dragon, you should still consider donating to them to help them out!

Yuzuki has set up a ko-fi as the donation pool that you can contribute to: [-click here-]

Basically what yuzuki will do is that if you donate to this pool, she will take all of the money in this pool and use it to buy “bombs” for the author. About half of the money you donate will make it into the author’s pocket, and the other half will end up going to JJWXC (the web publisher). A little will be lost through paypal fees and currency conversion rates, but yuzuki will try her best to be as transparent as possible with the accounting. You can see how many people have donated so far and the live Google Drive accounting spreadsheet here: [-click here-]

Remember that we have a sponsor too, so up to $250 USD, every donation that is made is doubled.

The sponsor is matching donations for two weeks. If you stumble upon this page after February 28th, 2018, your donation will no longer be matched. However, you can still donate to the ko-fi. Yuzuki is running this fundraising campaign indefinitely. If you are reading this a long time in the future, you should explicitly mention in your kofi donation that it is for Da Yuan Zi, because yuzuki may pick up other projects in the future and run a similar donation pool for different authors.

If for some reason in the future, it seems like yuzuki is inactive or kofi is offline, you can contact matcha(dot)anko(at)gmail(dot)com via email to receive assistance on how you can show your appreciation to the author either directly or indirectly.

I hope this fundraiser is successful and we can do more like these in the future! Let’s hope for the best!

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