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Lord and Dragon – Support the Author (Advanced)

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Introduction to JJWXC

Have a little bit of free time? In this section, we’ll discuss free methods you can use to support the Da Yuan Zi on JJWXC, which is the Chinese web novel publishing site that hosts Lord and Dragon. You’ll have to be a little brave to register an account on JJWXC though, but come on! If Adam is brave enough to sail across the Sea of Death, surely you can be brave enough to register on a Chinese webnovel site!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any money. There are ways you can really help Da Yuan Zi just by raising your hand. I’ll show you how!

Before that, I’ll give you a brief introduction to how JJWXC works and how readers can support their favorite authors on the site. This section is all background information, so you can skip it if you find it boring.

Da Yuan Zi (大圆子) is a contracted author with JJWXC. This means that she gets paid by JJWXC through a relatively complicated formula, but is primarily determined by the number of times readers purchase her VIP works. She also gets benefits based on her author ranking and the number of “bombs” that readers tip her.

JJWXC is a huge site, and it has tens of thousands of works. If you can think of fanfiction.net or RRL Online, it can be difficult for authors to get visibility simply because there are so many other things to read. Furthermore, because many of the works are paywalled (VIP), in some senses its even harder to get new readers on the Chinese sites!

However, Da Yuan Zi gets paid by the number of readers for her VIP projects, so her ranking in the search results basically translates into how much money she receives. Even if you have no money to spend, you can really help her out by helping bump her ranking up.

I’ll show you how to register on JJWXC first.  Read more

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Lord and Dragon – Support the Author

Did you enjoy reading Lord and Dragon by Da Yuan Zi? Would you like to support the author in her writing career? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We here at Blob Translations really had a blast working on this project and reading all the diabetes-inducing comments all of you adorable readers have left in the comments section. <3 The L&D team was talking amongst ourselves, and we thought it would be nice if we could somehow convey all these feelings to Da Yuan Zi, the original author.

The idea that we came up with was to put together a donation drive for the author.

All of us are just fans like you, and the L&D team doesn’t take personal donations, run ads, or make money from fan translating. However, we thought it would be nice if somehow it were as easy for readers to tip authors as it is to tip translators on other sites. This is why we did some research to try and figure out what is the best way to get money to Da Yuan Zi.

Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, all reader contributions to the donation pool will be matched up to $250 USD! For every $5 you donate, the sponsor will pitch in $5 too! That’s twice the value to your contribution!

I hope you give this a consideration!

Don’t have any pocket money to spend? Don’t worry, learn more about other non-monetary ways you can support Da Yuan Zi here.

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 19

Q: Why are dragons filthy rich?

A: When you cross a long lifespan with the tendency to hoard money, you get the magic of … (drumroll please) … Compound interest!! (This is definitely a reminder to the kiddos out there that a nickel saved today is a dollar when you retire.)

Anyway, where were we? Right right, POOR FRUYS!!! What will become of him and Adam?

Chapter 19

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Lord and Dragon Chapter 18

Dragon-sama finally makes an appearance!!! Is he here to steal the bride? No, that was a stupid question — OF COURSE HE IS!!! Here’s Chapter 18~!

On a sad note…the story is finally heading towards the climax, and we’re now down to our last three chapters…NoooOoooOoooooOooooOooo!!! 

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