Lord and Dragon Chapter 19

Q: Why are dragons filthy rich?

A: When you cross a long lifespan with the tendency to hoard money, you get the magic of … (drumroll please) … Compound interest!! (This is definitely a reminder to the kiddos out there that a nickel saved today is a dollar when you retire.)

Anyway, where were we? Right right, POOR FRUYS!!! What will become of him and Adam?

Chapter 19

EditorAgent Psyx o7
Translation Checkerblobber


Whale hello there! It seems like Blobber is due for an introduction, where you get to hear her blob on and on about herself in third person. In case you didn't notice, blobber is rather thick-skinned and shameless with her pun obsession.

In her free time, she rewrites lyrics to songs like Whitney Houston's I Whale Always Love You, and when it comes to Christmas and chocolate, expect to be inundated by an over-whale-ming uncontainable never-before-seen excitement. When it comes to reading, Blobber whaley loves mystery, fantasy, thriller, and science fiction.

By now, you might be thinking, "Crikey! When whale the puns stop! This is overkrill!" So I'll end it here for you. (You're whale-come)

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  1. toomutchayuzu · Translator · Feb 10, 2018

    lol your introduction Blobber! XDDDD