Chapter 26: Being loved is a huge blessing (1)

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Chapter 26: Being loved is a huge blessing (1)

At his wits’ end, the cab driver observed Miao Yuan’s body, constantly talking to her and checking, in a panic, that she wasn’t seriously injured.

“H-hey, don’t cry! Does it h-hurt a lot? Um…please say something…OH MY G*D! You weren’t knocked so hard you went stupid, right!?! No way…it wasn’t my fault! You stopped in the middle of the road, so this incident isn’t my responsibility! You hear me, everyone!?!”

He looked to the crowd for reassurance, “Ah! Don’t go! Brothers! Sisters! Didn’t you see it all clearly!?! Hey! Hey!”

So noisy. Miao Yuan slowly closed her eyes, no longer able to remain conscious to hear the cab driver’s nervous babbling.

Momo rushed to the hospital once she heard that Miao Yuan was currently being treated there. Her reason for rushing? All because of a simple text from the mischievous minx: ‘Car accident, come over!’. Reading this, Momo was dumbstruck at the events that had transpired, before speeding over to the building faster than anyone else going the same direction.

Upon arriving at her destination—the ward Miao Yuan was placed in—she was once again struck dumb by what was before her eyes; not a single bandage could be seen on Miao Yuan’s body, seemingly completely uninjured. It wasn’t until the patient in question turned her head to show the back, that a huge piece of gauze became visible.

Her head had been hit, giving rise to a light concussion, along with some x-rays showing she had a fractured left arm. The doctor who examined her had said it wasn’t too serious, and so didn’t send her to the operating theatre.

In short: it was no big deal.

The young cab driver heaved a huge sigh of relief. The medical fees weren’t too expensive, so he paid them in high spirits. Miao Yuan believed this incident had been her fault, so she had no further requests of him. The traffic policeman was greatly satisfied with their conduct, thinking how if all of the people under the sky were as friendly, there would be less problems! Why, wouldn’t harmony finally be achieved, then?

“Ah, look at you. Did you forget how to walk? Was it your twelfth birthday today? Are you a little girl who needs an adult to keep an eye on you? You…[blah blah blah]…” Momo was a rash person. After recovering from her initial shock, she immediately began scolding Miao Yuan. As she spewed out a long tirade, she also peeled an apple. Miao Yuan observed the long tendril of apple peel hanging down, and tears slowly formed in her eyes.

Momo finished paring the apple, took one look at Miao Yuan and blanked again: “Ai, you…”

“No, it’s just that,” Miao Yuan gestured with her uninjured hand, “my arm hurts.”

Oh, Momo then cleared her throat and continued scolding.

Miao Yuan’s cellphone rang, to which Momo reluctantly paused her lengthy tirade to help her friend search for it. She glanced at it while passing it to Miao Yuan, gasping: “No way! That doggone b*st*rd sure is calculative. One of the rare occasions that he actually initiates a phone call, and he actually manages to catch this moment.”

Miao Yuan smiled bitterly.

“You changed your ringtone? I thought you’d have Rainbow as your ringtone for a thousand years. What song is this?” 1

“My heart is an ocean2.” Miao Yuan shook her head, thinking, truthfully I haven’t changed it.

When the phone connected through, the background was noisy. Chen Mo’s voice seemed to come from a distant mountain, breaking up and reconnecting sporadically. Miao Yuan subconsciously forced herself to concentrate all of her attention on listening. As a consequence, her head immediately hurt.

“Is something up?” Chen Mo’s voice was rather brusque.

“N-Nothing that important.”

“Oh, that’s good…”

“Chen Mo!” Miao Yuan suddenly shouted. She was afraid, afraid that Chen Mo would just hang up on her like that.

“What’s going on…did something happen?”

“It’s nothing. Can’t you chat with me for a little while? I have a small headache.” Miao Yuan saw her tears fall onto her bed sheet, tiny splotches staining it with every splash.

“If your head hurts, go to the hospital…lately I’m…really busy. I’m putting my phone away…”

The signal was really bad, having static sounds intermittently. Miao Yuan thought, It’s similar. So similar. It’s like the feeling he gives me.

“But, I was in a car accident just now. Even though it isn’t too serious, my head hurts a little. Can’t you come visit me?”

“You just now…if your head hurts, go to the hospital. Also, can you speak up a little. I can’t hear clearly…the signal in the mountains isn’t good…”

A loud static noise passed through the phone speaker. Miao Yuan struggled to search for a fragment of Chen Mo’s voice amidst the huge wave. She used a bit of strength to call out to Chen Mo: “Chen Mo…” She wanted to say, ‘Chen Mo, I was hit by someone on the road. My head really hurts. My arm also hurts. What are you so busy with that you can’t come over to visit me? I just want to see you!’, but her voice was too loud. Her throat then turned hoarse and she needed to cup the phone, coughing endlessly.

Cough…go to the hospital…someone’s calling me, I’ll hang up first…don’t call.. have to turn it off…be more careful…”

“Chen Mo?!” Miao Yuan anxiously called his name, but the other side already disconnected, leaving only a a rapid beeping sound, signalling the caller had disengaged.

Miao Yuan’s tears poured down at once.

Her head hurt immensely. The back of it was hollow, as if it had been scraped empty by something. Miao Yuan cupped her head, crying nonstop. The more she cried, the more her head hurt. The more her head hurt, the more she wanted to cry. A patient who had suffered a blow to the head shouldn’t think, shouldn’t be overly emotional and shouldn’t cry. Yet here she was, afflicted with the worst emotion of all.

Momo sat on the side of the bed and watched her distraught friend weep.

“Miao Miao!” Momo said, “I want to curse so much!”

Miao Yuan revealed a fatigued expression. “All of a sudden, I feel like hearing it.”

Momo slapped the table: “Where is he and what the hell is he doing!?! Is he dead? Hurt? Or even crippled? Why’s he leaving you all on your lonesome to cry nonstop like a foolish, crazy old hag?”

Miao Yuan pressed her temple against the headboard. Though her eyes were filled with tears, her expression was calm. “You’re right about asking those things. I actually really want to know.”

“There’s something I didn’t want to say before.”

“Say it!” Miao Yuan cried even harder.

“In the end, what’s your purpose? I can’t allow a woman to torture herself.”

Miao Yuan froze for a while, then meekly responded: “Guess it has to be broken off!”

Momo startled, “Ah?!You want to break up!?!” Momo felt like she definitely must’ve heard incorrectly.

Miao Yuan raised her hand and covered her eyes, and fiercely nodded.

“How is this possible, can you really bear to part?” Momo didn’t believe it.

“Even if I can’t bear it, I still have to, right? I’m already at my limit. How many times has the situation been like today? I think I should accept my fate. He just doesn’t take me seriously. No matter how well I treat him, it’s useless.” Miao Yuan stretched out a hand, “Momo, let me hug you for a bit.”

Momo moved closer to let her hug her waist. With complicated feelings, she said, “Have you really thought it through? I think you should still sleep on it and decide when you wake up. We can’t let ourselves make decisions when we’re angry and have headaches.”

Miao Yuan buried her face in Momo’s chest nodding slowly.

Momo waited until Miao Yuan had fallen asleep before exiting the room. As she shut the door and left, she noticed Miao Yuan lying on her side, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. How did that saying go—even when sleeping, you are unhappy. If there’s a person who can make you unhappy even in your sleep, then leaving him might really be a good idea.

Momo couldn’t quite distinguish what she was feeling at that moment. Lately, she had disapproved of Miao Yuan. A girl can’t be too eager in a relationship. Miao Yuan’s love was too unbecoming and forthcoming. Just looking at Miao Yuan made her tired.

But were they really going to break-up? It seems they haven’t reached that point yet. Didn’t many of these small bickerings pass for couples? Although Chen Mo’s b*st*rd side of him wasn’t the least bit small, he had an upright character, and was dedicated to his job and ascending the corporate ladder.

Momo knocked her head and felt like she too was muddleheaded.

Who knows, maybe Miao Yuan would change her mind when she woke up tomorrow. She treasured that guy so much. How could she bear to break up?

  1. Rainbow is a song by Jay Chou. You can listen to it here:
  2. The song:

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