Chapter 33.2: I love you, so will you come back? (2.2)

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Chapter 33.2: I love you, so will you come back? (2.2)

Today, Miao Yuan was rather happy. When she was hired on, the boss had said after a month passed, he would take everyone out. Only the shop was too busy and there wasn’t an opportunity to do so. Yesterday, with Miao Yuan and Momo’s support, Yang Weidong suggested the boss to book a van and invite everyone to Qin City to eat hand-cut rice noodles. The rice noodles were snow white, and the cleaver shined as it split the dough into thin strips. The dish was tossed with pickled celery, bean sprouts, chili sauce, and oil. Now that’s what’s called delicious. It was pickled, sour, spicy and just right.

At first, Miao Yuan had complained they had finally left the city, only to end up eating street food. Once the noodles entered her mouth however, she realized it was worth it, and couldn’t put it down!

Afterwards, their boss had the decency to drop them all off at their respective homes on the way back.

Night came and the evening breeze felt good. The boss turned on the car radio. It was an old song that Miao Yuan quietly hummed along to the entire way back.

It seemed that from the last day she saw him, Chen Mo never appeared again. Miao Yuan replayed that memory in her mind multiple times, realising that on that night, he had appeared in her housing complex. Miao Yuan mocked herself, laughing. She had some guesses and some doubts as to why, but even then, so what? Coincidences really do exist in this world, yet afterwards we are unable to identify them for what they are.

After that, Momo decided to move out of their shared apartment and live with Milu. While moving out, she discovered all the random paraphernalia she had accumulated over the years. So, what belongs to the Gods should be returned to them, what belongs to Caesar should be returned to Caesar, and as for all the sons…will their mothers please take them away? Miao Yuan helplessly took back a bunch of her old objects. Among them was a massive bunny that was once Miao Yuan’s treasure, but never Momo’s. From one look, she could tell the bunny had lived a pretty sullen life at Stepmother Momo’s place. The beautiful fur had been collecting dust, and the bunny was now a mound of grey. Miao Yuan stared at it for nearly half a day until she finally mustered up the courage to draw the bath water.

Autumn’s colors came in full swing, and the gingko leaves blew like a golden wind. Miao Yuan massaged her sore limbs and plopped on the sofa, looking at the balcony. The bunny looked even more pitiful wet. It was miserably hung up by the ear and swayed in the wind. Miao Yuan stared and stared, and then slowly broke into a smile.

Being loved is a luxurious blessing. A pity you never cared.

If our love is a mistake, I hope we didn’t suffer in vain.

If there was a time you truly gave your sincerity, then that should be enough.

Miao Yuan reminisced over the song she had heard on the radio. What was it called? At that time, her boss had even teased her for being uncultured. Oh well, if it’s forgotten, it’s forgotten. But the lyrics really did have truth behind them. That’s why when it comes to songs, the older ones are much more meaningful.

The world’s good fortune attracted a few people who got swept up in it. Miao Yuan was struggling over her plans to bring the shop to the next level. She had a concept to set up a workshop for pure dairy cream. According to the present trend, the word “dairy”, struck a fear in people of ballooning in weight. The public thought that just because something was soy or plant based, meant that is was on a higher tier of health. But it really wasn’t like this. Hydrogenated vegetable oil found in these dairy alternatives contained large amounts of trans fat. It absolutely wasn’t a healthy substitute.

The last time Miao Yuan had taken over Wang Zhaoyang’s shift, a female customer in high heels had complained, “Why does everything in your shop have butter and cheese? Why don’t you guys use margarine? At least that way it isn’t fattening.”

Miao Yuan nearly spewed blood over that comment. How much did margarine cost? And how much did butter cost? Miao Yuan wanted to cry, but had no tears as she explained the pros and cons for what felt like half the day. The fashionable girl left, half doubting and half believing what she had heard. From that, Miao Yuan could feel that “seeing is believing” was the death of people!!

The shop’s best selling cream-based cake was strawberry flavored, but when picking one to test, Miao Yuan inexplicably chose the chocolate one. The advertisement featuring the cake was done well, it was popular, and the confection was indeed delicious. The new product soon flew off the shelves. It was a success beyond Miao Yuan’s imaginations, and had a high score on Dianping, a restaurant review website. Within a day, they could sell a couple hundred slices. The boss was so happy, he couldn’t stop grinning, and hired another helper for Miao Yuan.

Miao Yuan’s dad’s plum wine had always been hidden in the depths of the wine cupboard. In the beginning she had used that same wine to hook Chen Mo. After her success, the wine was stored away. But today, Miao Yuan looked at the bottle’s light green liquid and once again lost herself in it, and poured a little out for her batter. Thus, a 16-piece batch of cakes also carried a slight alcoholic plum wine fragrance. On the second day, Miao Yuan heard Wang Zhaoyang expend a lot of effort trying to explain to the customers, “Why, our chocolate cake has always been this flavor. We’ve never put alcohol in it. We really never have.”

Miao Yuan secretly pursed her lips.

From then on, Miao Yuan controlled her dosage. In a day, she would only make nine pieces with alcohol and mix it in with the rest to sell. Thus, what was once a heartfelt offering of love for only one person was now flowing into the hands of all the lucky people around town. Wang Zhaoyang quickly unearthed Miao Yuan’s secret and started mysteriously trying to entice customers. She said, “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you should buy a few more slices. Maybe you’ll get lucky.”

Miao Yuan turned her head and gave Wang Zhaoyang a couple winks.

Yang Weidong sighed. These days, girls sure knew how to do business.

Strawberry Cream Cake
Chocolate Cream Cake

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