Chapter 31.3: Being loved is a huge blessing (6.3)

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Chapter 31.3: Being loved is a huge blessing (6.3)

Afternoon is when sunlight is at its best. Unlike summer’s relentless hot intensity, the autumn sunlight is clear and bright. You could almost feel the particles of light falling upon it and leaping off. Chen Mo rolled down the car window, letting the wind blow in as he drove to the busy district.


Chen Mo stretched his head out the window and looked at the building. His meticulous, sharp eyes quickly swept across the street side and flashed by a signboard. Thus… he’d arrived…

Chen Mo turned off the engine and was just about to get out of the car, when his fingers stopped and froze around the key.

Did he see incorrectly? Chen Mo knew that was impossible, but suddenly felt like his field of vision had narrowed. Just like a target seen from within a sniper’s lens, his gaze zeroed in to his quarry, immediately picking out Miao Yuan’s face. In his eyes, there was only her and nothing else.

Miao Yuan’s head was bent to the task of kneading flour. A strand of fine baby hair fell from her forehead out of the white hat and lightly caressed her cheek. It floated slightly, following the rhythm of her breathing. She turned her head to ignite the stove, and the thread of hair slipped into her mouth. Miao Yuan stopped abruptly. She looked at the white flour on her hands and raised her face. A man’s hand suddenly appeared in Chen Mo’s radar, and a pinky gently shifted the irritating strand.

Chen Mo quickly widened his field of view. It was a clean, tall, thin man, dressed similarly in a white chef’s uniform and matching tall paper hat. His facial features were gentle and his eyes were smiling. Chen Mo instantly had an intense dislike for this person. Miao Yuan stopped to look at her hair and helplessly smiled. The man’s fingers extended again and helped her tuck the strand of hair behind her ear. Chen Mo judged from her subtle upper body movements that she kicked that person underneath the table. It was a clear signal for help. Chen Mo inexplicably felt more at ease in his heart.

The sky was very blue, the wind was very gentle, and Earth Café’s glass windows were so clean, it was as if they were invisible. Chen Mo quietly sat in the car and watched Miao Yuan bustle about.

The sunlight streaked through the air at just the right angle to fall on Miao Yuan’s face, and Chen Mo beheld her soft cheek take on a golden glow.

She gently poured the melted chocolate onto a white marble plate, using the rubber spatula to spread it. And as the chocolate cooled, it formed a semi-condensed solid.

Miao Yuan scooped the formed chocolate back into the glass bowl and stirred it together with the original remaining syrup. The solids softened and consolidated once again into the silky smooth syrup. Several cakes were neatly arranged on the workbench, and Miao Yuan carried the glass bowl over and smoothly poured the warm liquid chocolate on top, solidifying it into a bright and clean glass coating.

Chen Mo closed his eyes slightly. He could just smell the stimulating and explosive dense aroma of the chocolate.

Outside the window, a crowd buzzed with activity. Chen Mo watched the cars, one by one, gliding past his eyes. The pedestrians on the street gradually grew in number, and the colour of the sky gradually darkened. The sunlight radiated streaks of gold and red. The door to Earth Café was continuously pushed open by eager patrons carrying square paper boxes with happy, sweet expressions on their faces.

Business was very good, and Miao Yuan didn’t stop bustling about for a moment. After she drizzled some chocolate onto her hand to test the temperature, Chen Mo watched Miao Yuan lower her head and lick the rest of that brown chocolate syrup. With a dignified expression and a thoughtful countenance, she displayed an unfamiliar sharpness in her eyes. Chen Mo suddenly remembered that he had actually seen Miao Yuan working once before. It was after hours when Miao Yuan secretly took him into Earth Café’s kitchen to borrow the oven to bake a slightly tart and delicate cake. Then, Miao Yuan didn’t behave like this. Her eyes had been full of happiness and anticipation as she crouched in front of the oven, mumbling to herself. Chen Mo had hugged her from behind, and Miao Yuan had looked back and raised her face to smile at him. Her warm body nestled in his chest, resembling a fluffy small animal.

Chen Mo, in his recollection, was constantly kissing that enchantingly sweet smiling face. He tried to savour each subtle feeling. Miao Yuan’s misty eyes revealed her bashful love and attachment, her tongue smooth and delicate, tenderly squirming under the manipulation of his own.

Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake

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