Chapter 31.2: Being loved is a huge blessing (6.2)

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Chapter 31.2: Being loved is a huge blessing (6.2)

Miao Yuan finally managed to open up shop before National Day, making sure all aspects of it fit the western style to a tee. The lighting consisted of warm-toned chandeliers and a giant window facing the street. It was the sort of window reminiscent of the rock-candy windows of a candy store. The entire process of creating the Western-style pastry bread was orchestrated under the eyes of the pedestrians passing the window. This was the greatest advertisement, and also the greatest challenge. Miao Yuan decided she wanted to challenge herself even further.

The boss placed high importance on this shop. He held a huge sale on National Day and even sent over an additional three people to help around the clock production.

Big cubes of matcha mousse were cut up and placed in a glass bowl for people to sample. Its distinct bitter and fine sweet taste was suitable for the clear and bright autumn heat. Miao Yuan invited people at the door to use a griddle to bake chocolate biscuit rolls. The sweet aroma filled the air, and it seemed as if every air molecule was had a life of its own, leaping from hand to hand. The dense aroma intoxicated half the street.

With visitors crowding at the door, the boss was very satisfied.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Third platoon leader Lieutenant Yuan Jie lost his love at the end of National Day. His tall, refined, capable, and experienced girlfriend finally gave up trying to mold him to her standards. Determined to directly swap him for a tasteful man, she solemnly said goodbye to him.

They say that real men do not easily cry, but his heartbroken grief had yet to be released. Yuan Jie had always been relatively dramatic, so losing his love also became overemotional. He copied Chen Mo, scurrying about the drill grounds. After one hundred laps, he let the others carry him back to the dorms. Chen Mo stood at the door and heaved a sigh. It looks like the team members’ stamina needed to be reinforced. Even losing a love will create this kind of appearance?

When the soldiers saw Chen Mo approach, they all retreated. Yuan Jie looked at Chen Mo with unswerving determination. In his eyes, faint tears glistened. “Captain, rest assured. I promise I will not delay my work. I-I-I, I actually…”

Chen Mo dragged a stool over and sat next to Yuan Jie’s bed. “Actually, I think you don’t need to be sad. How that woman treated you wasn’t good at all. It won’t be hard for you to find a better one.”

With a rigid expression, Yuan Jie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, as he looked at him. I’m truly stupid. I expressed myself so earnestly. Surely I didn’t hope for the Captain to say several warm words to comfort me?

Yuan Jie shrank into the bed, “Captain, let me calm down a bit. Tomorrow, I’ll be better.” Chen Mo looked at him, deadpanned. “Tomorrow?” Yuan Jie thought for a moment. “One week. If I’m still like this in one week, tie me to a target and beat me up.” Chen Mo nodded. Yuan Jie suddenly felt cold air snake up his spine.

Chen Mo asked, “Should I go out to buy you wine?” Yuan Jie shook his head, and explained, “When I drink, I don’t become drunk. My head just hurts.” Chen Mo gave him a disparaging look. Yuan Jie’s mentality then became gloomy, sensing Chen Mo’s glare. Then he gave a low cough and tried to change the subject. “Captain, can I trouble you with something?”

Chen Mo nodded.

Yuan Jie thought for a moment, his expression distorted somewhat. “Can you go out and help me buy a slice of cake? On National Day, Xiao Rao and I were strolling down the street window shopping. She tasted a small piece of matcha-flavoured cake that was offered on the side of the street and wanted me to buy it for her. Once I saw that the small piece was fifteen dollars, I said it was expensive. As a result, she was unhappy. She called me today to tell me she’d just bought two pieces of cake to eat by herself. When she finished eating, she decided to dump me. She told me, she can’t come up with a single thing I’m capable of that she can’t do herself… So I want to know, in the end just how delicious is that cake…”

Yuan Jie felt a sadness come from within. Eyes gleaming with tears, he looked at Chen Mo. Chen Mo ruefully thought to himself. The other party never intended to live her life with you. In fact, whether that cake is delicious or bad, doesn’t matter at all.

“Alright, I can satisfy such a small request.”

Yuan Jie supplemented his request with a sentence: “The shop is on Powder Street, near the South Avenue intersection. It’s called Earth.”

Chen Mo froze at the door for a moment. “Oh!”

Really magical. Very magical. Don’t they say Heaven is too far away, Earth is just perfect? Then what’s with all these tragedies on Earth?

Matcha Mousse
Chocolate Biscuit Rolls

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