Blob Translations Welcomes: June Bride!

“I wrote “I love you” on white a paper, with a white pen, about you.”

If you see the coal in your stocking
There’s only one thing it means
Santa has forsaken you
As this year you turned green

Fear not fair reader!
As Canary is here
With the help of an Innocent Puppy
Bringing in some cheer!

Their story is not a light one
But it’s still a story of night
Dark beyond the street lamps
Watch out!
Oh it’s just mice​

Canary has debuted with her first translation! With the help of Innocent Puppy and two lovely translation checkers ( Caelum and Kookie)  they bring to everyone:

June Bride

For all those not in the festive mood, here is a story that may turn you even more blue. Let’s give a very warm welcome to the bird that decided today was her day to give out gifts. It’s a oneshot, so there’s no waiting around for more chapters!

The team at Blob Translations wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and to have a safe break. Don’t catch any colds (or fevers!) because being healthy is the most welcome gift of all!

Blooming Frost

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