Chapter 152 : Bei Ze’s Story (End)

Women are generally barred from the sumo ring.

But it wasn’t always like this. In previous eras, women were allowed to sumo wrestle, sometimes even topless.

In the 5th century, there was this arrogant carpenter who bragged that he never made mistakes. So the emperor hosted one of those topless-women sumo matches in front of the carpenter. In the end, the carpenter ended up botching the work and was executed.

Chapter 152 : Bei Ze’s Story (End)

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  2. FableCat · Apr 24, 2018

    The emperor too free. The poor man was just boasting about his skills. Even that makes you jealous. He wasn't rebelling for heaven sake. Pfftt... i would like to go to that emperor to slap him.

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  3. Pizuya · Apr 24, 2018

    that story jesus

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