Chapter 35 – Dong Yu

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Lu Chen insisted on performing solo.

Qin Hanyang and Sister Na glanced at each other then both tacitly agreed to stop.

This was because both of them were once young and hot-blooded, and, in the face of oppression and injustice, strove to resist it. Regardless if the end result was success or failure, they had once tried!

Therefore, they understood Lu Chen’s insistence and didn’t use their status as elders to lecture Lu Chen.

Youngsters don’t suffer defeat. A person can only mature and grow up after experiencing setbacks and defeats.

Sister Na encouraged him and said, “Good luck, we support you!”

Qin Hanyang also nodded his head.

Only, the four members of the Wandering Band had a peculiar expression on their faces.

It seemed, to them, that Lu Chen simply didn’t know the height of the heavens and the depth of the earth and they interpreted Sister Na and Brother Qin’s kindness as ill intent. If Lu Chen went on stage like that, he was guaranteed to suffer a loss. They were just afraid that Lu Chen would be booed so much that he couldn’t even get off stage.

Blue Lotus Music Festival’s atmosphere was definitely incomparable to Daylily Bar’s atmosphere. Two to three thousand people simultaneously chanting and yelling. The clamor created could flip the roof. If one’s mental fortitude wasn’t strong enough, it was very easy to have stage fright and lose face.

If it wasn’t for Qin Hanyang not saying anything, they would have let Lu Chen become more clear headed – who does he think he is?

Lu Chen suddenly smiled and said, “Sister Na, I prepared a new song today.”

Among the people there, Sister Na was undoubtedly the one that cared about him the most. As such, Lu Chen didn’t want to hide it from her. He might as well directly let the cat out of the bag. He said, “I believe that it won’t lose the face of our Daylily Bar.”

Sister Na’s eyes immediately lit up and said, “Really? Since you’re so assured, then there shouldn’t be any problems. I believe that you have the ability!”

Since he had the ability to write that good of a song for her, if Lu Chen was prepared, how could there be a problem?

Regardless of how you look at it, Sister Na was Lu Chen’s fan.

Qin Hanyang’s thoughts were a bit more complicated. He initially didn’t have much of an impression of Lu Chen. Even though Lu Chen worked at Daylily Bar for so long, the two of them didn’t speak much.

Only when he was helping Sister Na arrange the song did he realize that there was such a talented young man beside him.

However, Qin Hanyang believed that neither of Lu Chen’s two ballads were as good as the song that he wrote for Sister Na.

Now, hearing that Lu Chen wrote another song, his heart had a hint of regret.

Qin Hanyang was someone who had experience composing and knew how hard it was to compose a song. Composing a good song was even harder.

Lu Chen could rely on only those three songs that he composed to be qualified to ascend the ranks to become a second-tier and even first-tier composer. In addition, his desire to compose was still going strong. If he had a steady flow of new inspiration, in the future, his accomplishments would be unthinkable.

If only!

Outside the window, the sky already became dark.

The lights in the concert venue were all turned on and the bright lights shined on the crowd. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and clamorous. The venue let people feel as if they were in the height of summer.

There was still half an hour until the formal start of the music festival but essentially all of the audience members arrived already. Young men and women sat on small plastic stools and made small talk. Some held up fluorescent signs and glow sticks.

On the stage, the super large LED screen was filled with blurred colors. The drum, the electronic synthesizer and other heavy equipment were already installed, waiting for the band to use.

Usually, the musical equipment that weren’t convenient to move were provided by Blue Lotus Bar. Therefore, many of the bands’ drummers and keyboardists were trying them out beforehand. Their actions occasionally caused a burst of clamor as they came on stage.

However, on the balcony of Blue Lotus Bar’s upper floors, the atmosphere in the VIP area was undoubtedly much more relaxed.

Well-groomed gentlemen and meticulously dressed ladies held glasses of champagne and red wine and walked around in twos and threes socializing. Uniformed servers walked through the crowd with plates of light refreshments and beverages. Everything was neat and tidy.

Among them, the most eye catching was a slender and elegant lady wearing Prada summer clothing. She was like the moon among the stars with many people crowded around her, making her the focus of everybody there.

This lady’s appearance was exquisite and beautiful. Her fine black hair was worn in a bun and wore a pair of titanium gold glasses that covered her enchanting eyes. Her temperament was outstanding.

“Chief Dong, long time no see…”

Even though she was surrounded by people, many of them were very good at flattery and worming their way in. The lady that others referred to as ‘Chief Dong’ had a polite smile on her face the entire time and courteously responded to the greetings and compliments.

However, in the eyes hidden behind the glasses, there was a trace of helplessness that revealed her true feelings.

Dong Yu, 27 years old, Light Rain Media’s CEO. She had only returned from overseas at the beginning of the year.

Even with her uncommon family background, she still had to interact these men with lustful, greedy, or admiring glances. After all, she was currently developing her company and networking was the most important.

Thankfully, the appearance of Su Qingmei promptly rescued Dong Yu from her predicament!

The two partners ducked into a corner to talk privately. The men that couldn’t find anymore opportunities could only angrily give up.

“I shouldn’t have come tonight…” Dong Yu opened her purse and and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She lighted a cigarette and began smoking, and began complaining to Su Qingmei, “You left me here and ran away yourself!”

Smoking was a habit that she picked up from going to school overseas. She actually didn’t like it herself but when she was moody, she would light one to improve her mood.

Su Qingmei smiled and said, “Didn’t I come back just now to save you? Acquainting yourself with a couple more people is also a good thing. You can’t always lock yourself in an office. If you do that, you’ll become a weird, unmarried women!”

“Su Qingmei!”

Dong Yu put out the cigarette in the ashtray and glared at her, “Are you in need of spanking these days?”

“I wouldn’t dare…”

Su Qingmei promptly asked for forgiveness and said, “Sister Yu, I know that I did wrong. I was just helping our company select talents.”

She faked a scared and pitiful look, putting Dong Yu in a good mood and making her laugh.

Dong Yu asked, “Then did you find anybody?”

Su Qingmei pouted and said, “They weren’t that great. Let’s wait and see.”

Dong Yu suddenly had a thought and asked, “Last time, didn’t you find a young man with good prospects at Brother Jianhao’s place? How come there isn’t any news about that?”

Su Qingmei was dazed for a second and asked in astonishment, “Sister Yu, how did you know?”

She ate a loss when talking to Lu Chen so there was no way she would take the initiative to mention it to Dong Yu. She didn’t expect Dong Yu to actually know already. Immediately, she felt her teeth itch – wanting to bite someone!

Dong Yu chuckled, “When you sleep talk, I heard it. That person isn’t suitable?”

Light Rain (轻雨 – Qing Yu) Media was a joint venture of both Su Qingmei and Dong Yu. When they opened, they didn’t walk the road of wantonly poaching talents but rather focused on finding and developing prospective new talents.

For example, Blue Lotus Bar’s Compass Band was a new band with a lot of potential was quickly contracted.

Su Qingmei eating a loss because of a certain amateur was the first time Dong Yu had heard of such a thing so she was inevitably interested.

Who actually was it that actually let that lady boss eat a loss?

Therefore, she poked Su Qingmei’s sore spot to try to determine the truth of the matter.

Su Qingmei grinded her teeth and said, “I definitely wouldn’t sleep talk. However, Sister Yu, you’ll see that little brat soon. I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed.

Her face revealed a crafty smile, like that of a fox that just stole a hen.


Dong Yu raised her eyebrow and said, “He’s going on stage tonight?”


Su Qingmei nodded her head, pulled on Dong Yu’s hand and said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. The performance is just about to start. Let’s go to where Brother Chang is. He’s the main lead tonight!”

It was already 6:50 PM. The music festival held by both Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus Bar was on the cusp of opening the curtains. The first band that was performing just got on stage.

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