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SSWF Chapter 43: Shizi Pays a Visit

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. So I have some bad news, I’ve decided to drop SSWF. My teammates are busy with school and work(as am I)  and we have not had luck recruiting any additional people. So, instead of having inconsistent updates,  I thought it would be better to drop the novel to

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SSWF Chapter 42: Really Shameless

Surprise! Here is another chapter of SSWF.  Just a heads up, we are still on hiatus and there may not be another chapter for a while. If you would like to help out please check out our recruitment page for more information. Translator: TTNR Translation-Checker: Cherrymoon Editor: Chrissy Proofreader: TTNR

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SSWF Chapter 41: Two Items Less

Hi,  Long time no see! As promised, here is the next chapter of SSWF but I do have some bad news. Due to school/work/life the team and I have been really busy and have not had time to work on chapters. Because of that, we will continue to stay on hiatus whilst recruiting a TLC and

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