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  1. IvanTheTreble · Aug 10, 2018

    Hi. I tried to submit my application twice and it does not seem to be working. All I am getting is a beige rectangle like another user in the comments section. What should I do next?

    • Blooming Frost · Aug 10, 2018

      Not sure why you got a beige rectangle, but we received your application (twice), please check your email.

  2. Arrynne · Jun 25, 2018

    Hello, should I also email you after submitting the application?

    • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Jun 25, 2018


      No, it's okay --- we received your application just fine! ^^ Kindly wait for the team to evaluate it and we'll get back to you in a bit~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  3. Anonymous · Jun 6, 2018

    Tried giving the application a shot, though there wasn't any confirmation after I clicked submit. The entire form just turned into one beige rectangle. Is that what's supposed to happen?

    • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Jun 6, 2018

      Thanks for applying! Hmmm if a submission is successful, it's supposed to show something like this

      Can you send a message here so I can get your email address and reply to you there? I'll also check if we got your submission. Thanks for applying again~

  4. Anonymous · Jun 5, 2018

    What is NUF

    • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Jun 5, 2018

      NovelUpdates Forum (NovelUpdates' a website readers usually use to keep track of translated novels)