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Herscherik Greisis (5 years old)
† 7th prince of the Greisis Kingdom into whom Hayakawa Ryouko reincarnated.
† Your typical fantasy-prince with blond hair and blue eyes. Although he grew up well, he was no good at physical activities, bad at magic, and while beautiful, couldn’t hold a candle to the rest of his royal family—a sad prince
† While masquerading as a harmless 5-year-old, he uses his past life’s knowledge and office skills to face his problems.

Schwartz Zweig (?? years old) Nickname: Kuro
† Herscherik’s chief butler.
† A handsome butler with black hair, red eyes, and a shadow of mystery. A first-rate, allrounder of a butler who is equally capable as a spy, fighter, butler, and housekeeper.
† He is calm, composed, merciless, and peerless, but nevertheless a faithful dog to Herscherik. Appears to be diligently polishing his patissier skills for Herscherik’s sake as of recently.

Octavian Ordis (18 years old) Nickname: Oranju, Oran
† 3rd son of the Blazing General, Roland Ordis.
† A failing student who barely graduated from the Knight Department in the Academy and skated by life until he was inaugurated as Herscherik’s personal knight.
† Sunset-colored hair with a mixture of orange and golden strands. Slightly drooping blue eyes the color of sapphires. These gave off the impression of a calm young man.
† He may look flashy, but he does everything diligently. Has a personality so fit to become a knight that outsiders think that he couldn’t be anything but one.
† Because of an incident in the past, he hated the kingdom and the royal family.
Extra: Planned by me to be the strongest knight. Using him on a battlefield would be like cheating. As stated in the story, Kuro wouldn’t win against Oran.
† I strayed quite a bit when coming up with Oran’s name. It was fun writing Oran’s and Kuro’s interactions.

Marcus Greisis (18 years old) Nickname: Mark
† 1st prince of the Greisis Kingdom and first in line to the throne.
† Red hair like burning fire and red eyes like polished rubies. Despite being male, he is bewitching. Classmate of Oran’s.
† After graduating from the Academy, he became a knight affiliated with the Military Bureau. He still has to attend to his duties as the king’s heir.
† He tends to be very passionate and ends up brooding over things by himself because of it. Has a strong sense of responsibility.
† He had assumed that Oran would become his personal knight, but with their divide after the incident, he is filled with a deep regret.
Extra: Imagined him as the cool red-type guy in a squad.
† His name comes from a combination of the red planet Mercury and Mercurius.
† Although his and Oran’s interactions aren’t BL, I made them give off a BL feeling as I tested how far I could take it.

Baron Armin (in his 50s)
† An aristocrat who managed the orphanage.
† Black haired, but as there is much more white hair now, it appears to be gray.
† His gentle personality is uncommon among aristocrats.
† However, because the orphanage business and management were on the decline and he was burdened with debt, he was corrupted.
† Accepting the offer to sell the Church’s drug, he even used the orphans in this endeavor.
† He knew he shouldn’t be doing it, but felt he had to sell them in order to prevent the orphanage from being demolished.
Extra: The baron didn’t know that the cause of Oran’s fiancée’s death was the drug.

Colette (5 years old)
† Girl from the orphanage.
† Brown hair eyes. Because her father was a soldier who lost his life in battle and her mother passed due to sickness, she was taken in by the orphanage.
† She is very fond of Oran.
† When she saw Herscherik, she thought he was like “a prince that came out from a picture book!”
Extra: He actually is a prince!

Rick (8 years old)
† Boy from the orphanage.
† Navy blue hair and black eyes. Three scars on his cheek from an animal’s claws.
† A leader to the children in the orphanage. He lost both of his parents to an accident.
† Because of this accident, he grew to hate all aristocrats, besides the baron.
† He forgave the baron, but with the baron’s death, he focused his hatred on Herscherik, considering the death to be his fault.
Extra: Colette and Rick are planned to appear later on.

Ignatz Navy
† Eldest son of Baron Envie. Former friend of Oran. Graduated from the Liberal Arts Department at the Royal Academy.
† He was Oran’s friend, but was envious of the talented Oran and even loved his fiancée despite her already being engaged to Oran. In reality, antagonized Oran.
† He learned that she was addicted to the drug and made advances on her using his access to the drug, but was rejected.
† He bought the drug from the orphanage and brought it to sell at high prices at the social gathering.

Information Broker (???? years old)
† An information broker known only by those already part of the underground and their acquaintances.
† Both her real name and origin are unknown, but she will provide information equal in value to her high prices.
† She owed Soleil a favor, so she promised that she would listen to just one request from the king, whatever it may be.
† Her true form is a dæmon with a long life span. Her other name is the ‘Witch of Infinity.’
† She is an abnormality among dæmons as she wanders around amongst mankind, living freely as if one of them since ancient times.
† Amethyst colored hair and heterochromatic eyes (the right is red with a beauty mark underneath while the left is golden).
† Currently, she appears as a voluptuous woman but ‘she’ possesses the ability to change her appearance and gender at will. Her age easily surpasses *beeeep* (censored) years old.
Extra: At first planned to be a male, but seeing this story lacks females, I changed her into a woman. She’s not as young as a girl, bu— (Author is kicked)


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  1. Anonymous · Jul 21, 2021

    Doesnt that kinda a spoiler since they daid that rick and colette will appear later on

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    • Caelum · Translator · May 9, 2020

      Actually, the author mentioned back in February that the manga would be continuing, but further details haven't been revealed yet. Let's hope it turns out and sells well

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