Liu Yao Volume 2 Chapter 33

Our baby sect brothers are growing up so fast…

Here is chapter 33! Enjoy!

Our beloved translator nanming is heading out on a mysterious journey, so she won’t be able to translate for the next month. Let’s hope she returns safely!



Proofreader: Ars (I sniped Phoenix hehehe!)


Ars is the dashing but unobtainable NPC character that baits you with excessive flirting and dialogue choices, only to break your heart when you discover this route goes nowhere. A special friendship cutscene can be obtained through the gifting of sweets, attention, and praise. Rumors say that another, rather morally dubious cutscene can be unlocked when you discover the secret treasures hidden under Ars's bed.

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    this stalker will be waitng as well. huhuhu. has been waiting since june 2018. ;-;

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  2. PinuMay I ask if the translation of this novel is still ongoing.... I want to know what happens next lololo Thank you for your hard work :)) · Dec 11, 2018

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    It's been a few months since the last update. Is this work on a permanent hiatus now?

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    How can i get a notification of this if there's a new chap updated? Thanks. 😁😁😁😁

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    Thank you for the chapter and wish you the best travel experiences.

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    Good luck on whatever trip you're taking! This loyal stalker will happily wait for your return :333

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