Chapter 34.1: I love you, so will you come back? (3.1)

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Chapter 34.1: I love you, so will you come back? (3.1)

Miao Yuan suddenly felt light-headed. Of course, she was also dizzy just prior. After Chen Mo’s question, he saw her stiffened expression, and immediately said, “Don’t feel pressured to respond right now. You can think it over slowly.”

Hearing this, Miao Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. “Mm, okay. I’ll think it over.”

“I have a lot of time, so you I’m in no hurry. I can wait. So don’t rush with giving your answer. Take your time.”

Miao Yuan thought, Okay, I’ll take my time. But…will you really just wait for me like this?

She perplexedly observed the man in front of her. Being stared at, Chen Mo felt goosebumps and somehow became nervous and unsure of how to act. He hurriedly dropped a phrase, “Th-then, I’ll come find you tomorrow.”

Miao Yuan crooked her head as she watched Chen Mo’s fleeing silhouette. She was unbelievably confused and tried her best to decipher what had just happened. Shouldn’t the shocked person be me?

Miao Yuan had been shaken to the point she was dumbstruck. Thus, she immediately contacted her best friend. After Momo received the news, she, too, experienced that momentary shock. She then sighed, “What in the world is Chen Mo up to this time?”

Miao Yuan had no words.

Momo went silent for a few seconds. Then she announced over the phone, “I’m coming over, right now.”

Thus, Wang Zhaoyang and the others watched Miao Yuan anxiously keep an eye on the entrance to the shop.

Truthfully, Yang Weidong really wanted to ask her just who that person was. But his instincts told him it was someone he couldn’t offend. That person was the type who could shatter his frail glass self with a bullet. Yang Weidong felt dejected as he thought about the recent events that led to this current situation. Lately, he had been getting along well with Miao Yuan, breaking down her barriers in a polite fashion. Just when their relationship was about to progress to the next step, he lost to someone from her past. Fate really was too cruel to him. As he rolled out the dough for the next batch, he thought to himself how he really was suffering a go**amn injustice.

Momo arrived in a flash. As soon as Miao Yuan saw her figure, her eyes immediately lit up like a revolutionary’s would upon seeing their base camp after a long, arduous journey. Momo rested her hand on Miao Yuan’s shoulder and inquired in a stern voice, “Did you agree?”

Miao Yuan shook her head as she responded, “No.”

Momo sighed a breath of relief as she heard her reply, “That’s good then.”

Hearing Momo’s words, Miao Yuan couldn’t help but ask, a little confused: “I can’t say yes?”

“It isn’t a question of whether you can, or not! Let’s set this part of the discussion aside first. Listen to me: Relax!” Momo sternly pulled Miao Yuan over to a corner. She lacked her normal giggles and, acting way out of character, was shockingly serious.

Miao Yuan anxiously looked at Momo and gulped in anxiousness. From the bottom of her heart, she truly felt like Momo was worth listening to. Momo had the skills and experience in dealing with men. After all, she even managed to train the unruly Milu to become more docile and obedient. Momo wasn’t the least bit like her, whose relationships so often fell into shambles.

“Then, what should I do now?” Miao Yuan humbly asked, with her hands clasped in front of her in a show of respect towards her best friend.

“You!” Momo pointed to Miao Yuan with a stern expression plastered on her face. “Last time, during your accident, you said you would break up, and you did. I’ll be honest. I was really impressed with how much guts you had to go through with that. You were more manly than most men”

“So,” Miao Yuan shyly coughed, “I should just ignore him?”

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