Chapter 35.1: I love you, so will you come back? (4.1)

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Chapter 35.1: I love you, so will you come back? (4.1)

Yuan Jie was currently nursing a broken heart. His life felt empty and his emotions hollow. His only interest was helping his Captain in his quest for love. Chen Mo would also occasionally report his progress to Lu Zhen, who would always deeply sigh and blabber, “Too weak, too weak…what I mean is, relax brother. Just keep walking forward. Victory is only a question of time.” Thus, Chen Mo was full of confidence. When we wholeheartedly work towards a happy future, life becomes worth striving for.

The fifth squadron’s soldiers had fireworks in their heart. Precisely because our training regimen is still as harsh and heavy as ever, does Captain’s smile seem as precious as ever!!

Captain, go and marry, go and marry, go and marry…

Though it was still chatting, shopping, eating out, and watching movies, Chen Mo couldn’t help but admit that Yuan Jie’s dating tactics were better than his. At the same time, he couldn’t help but admit that if Miao Yuan dumped him for Yuan Jie, it was only natural and perfectly acceptable. So he decided that before the wedding, he would never leave Miao Yuan alone with Yuan Jie.

Lately, Miao Yuan always had that flustered feeling. It was as if she was lusting after delicious food she couldn’t have. Then suddenly, a person presents her with a whole table of it. Thus, when she finally dove in, she would do so carefully. It’s not that the food wasn’t good, it’s just that the taste couldn’t be savoured.

Miao Yuan would sometimes worry. Originally, I was the one who sold bread worth $5.80 for only $3. In the end, after the liquidation sale, Chen Mo don’t you dare throw money after it on an impulse. Don’t chuck $10 on the counter and say, “Keep the change.” Then in the end when you really can’t afford it, you’ll say, “Whatever.”

Miao Yuan asked Momo, “Say, do you think it’ll be like that?”

“You think I’m some God?”

“Should I also ask him to take it easy?”

Momo gave her the side eye. “What exactly has he done for you now? Has he lived and died for you? Hmm? From my point of view, it looks like you were bullied by Chen Mo. You don’t know how to live the good life now. You’re belittling yourself.”

Miao Yuan shrank her neck back from the reproach. Momo was kind of right.

When Chen Mo had said that he loved her, she hadn’t felt convinced of it at all. She really hadn’t. But now that Chen Mo said those same words—well yes, his actions seemed to show it—but why did she feel uneasy? It seemed phony. It seemed like he was just going through the motions. It seemed like he had learned it from somewhere. Maybe after he’d circled the block, he discovered that she was the best choice, that she met all the criteria, so he settled on her. Whatever she wanted, he’d give. Even if it meant that he didn’t have it.

Miao Yuan felt like her head was a mess. She didn’t know where the problem lies and didn’t know whether it truly was a problem.

But what is love? Is it pure and transparent, like glass? If so, then is it like a beer bottle? Miao Yuan sometimes wondered if she made love out to be too lofty, too wondrous, and too romantic. Her concept of love was like a frail clump of snow that would be dirtied, no matter what.

Disney had come out with a new movie, and Chen Mo bought two tickets and sought Miao Yuan out to accompany him. Yuan Jie had recommended the film and Chen Mo didn’t mind at first. Only when the movie started, did he realize that it was an animated 3D film. Chen Mo wasn’t a child at heart, who had never even liked Tom and Jerry.

From the corner of his eye, Chen Mo snuck a peek at Miao Yuan. Her face was indistinct and her eyes were bright. They reflected the screen’s rainbow of colours and were full of life. She had been smiling nonstop and couldn’t seem to keep her mouth closed. Her cheeks were round like apples.

Thus, Miao Yuan smiled looking at the screen while Chen Mo smiled looking at her.

This girl had burst into his life when he was still ignorant. He had grasped her, but never truly understood what lay in his palm. He had placed her carelessly next to him. It’s not that he didn’t know how good she was, but her existence was like a plant, like a tree that quietly existed. He had sat in her shade and took in her faint fragrance. He had watered and fertilized her. He had thought that this was enough. But he didn’t know that a woman would never peacefully stay a tree. Women are creatures that thirst for love. They need you to look their way from time to time or wrap them in a hug, giving them your sole attention from time to time like a cat.

Chen Mo reached out his hand and rubbed her head, prompting Miao Yuan to turn her head and glare. She struggled away from him and went back to looking at the big screen. Chen Mo laughed, somehow feeling at peace. Before, Miao Yuan was like a tree that suddenly grew by his side. But in truth, she wasn’t his. Thus, she came and went freely and he couldn’t grasp a hold of her. No one can truly possess a tree. Thinking back on the time Miao Yuan had said, “I don’t owe you.” Chen Mo thought, That’s true, you don’t owe me. After all, what have I given you? I’ve given you nothing, so when you wanted to leave, I couldn’t get you to stay. But now it’s different. You are someone I’ve slowly pulled back. I’m slowly getting to know you again. Only after I lay a net around you, will you then truly be mine.

Lu Zhen had said, “If you really love a person, you’ll have to get to know them again. Discover their strengths. Discover how they differ from others. Though people are similar in the sense that we all have two eyes and a mouth, the eyes of the one you love is different. You should be able to find something deeper in them. It’s up to you to see if you can find it. If you do, then it’ll be something only you can see. It’ll be considered riches that solely belong to you.

When Lu Zhen had said this, his voice was so blissful that it made others jealous.

When the movie ended, people crowded out of the theatre. Chen Mo was worried that Miao Yuan was so small, she’d disappear in the crowd. Thus, he securely held her hand in his palm. Miao Yuan’s hand wasn’t big. It was slender and soft, and it felt warm in his hand. When they walked out of the theatre, the cold wind greeted them. Miao Yuan retracted her hand to feel her face. The hand that he had once held was abruptly withdrawn, and suddenly his hands were empty like his heart. He turned towards her, but Miao Yuan had already stuck her hand in pocket and blinked at him, “Do you want to go eat something? I’ll treat you.”

“Why don’t I treat you instead.” Apparently, guys couldn’t let girls pay on dates.

The best barbecue around was Limu’s. Miao Yuan stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Chen Mo as they ate roasted lamb and kidneys in the shabby alleyway. She thought of that day when she hugged her stuffed bunny as she waited in the alleyway opening. Chen Mo had bought roasted skewers for her and they were still as aromatic, tender, and delicious as always. Miao Yuan thought, We actually had a pretty good start to our relationship. Why did we break up in the end? Maybe we both had a part in it!

Thudding and fragmented cries sounded from the depths of the narrow alley. Chen Mo’s expression swiftly changed and he stuffed the lamb skewers into Miao Yuan’s hand.

“Hold it for me.” He turned and ran. The vendor from the stall wanted to flag him down but was one step too late. “Agh, those hoodlums! He’s just one person. What use is he!”

Miao Yuan was so scared, her heart stopped. She started moving her feet and followed.

One goes and the other follows. It’s like a buy one get one free. The vendor huffed as he dialed the police. Though he was worried, he didn’t have the guts to follow.

The dim alleyway snaked in winds with shadows flickering.

Just as Miao Yuan’s heart was burning with worry, she saw a flash in front of her. Chen Mo was standing still and blocking off the dead end of an alley. Miao Yuan called out in worry. He looked over and her eyes flickered. With the wave of his arm, he summoned a foot-long baton from thin air, as if he were a magician.

Bread (Sourdough Bread)
Roasted Lamb
Roasted Kidneys

We’re at our last translate-checked chapter (well part 1, there’s still a part 2!) so this will be our 2nd last post before going on hiatus. On that note, this chapter was actually a short one so it has been split into 2 parts instead of the usual three. The team wanted to know whether you wanted to have the 2nd part published on Wednesday or the following Sunday. Please vote on this poll and the results will determine when the last part will be posted!

Last call for any interested people who want to help translate-check this novel! We have about 13 chapters to go before it reaches the end

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