MYBWLY Chapter 11: Dating a Martian (5)

Can we please take a moment and squeal over how cute the cover of My Youth Begins with Loving You is?

You’ll say, “But Blobber, it’s just a plain ol’ yellow illustration.”

To which I’ll respond:

Non non mon ami, look closer

Anyway, back on track. Since it was her birthday, Miao Yuan went to find him and asked him, “It’s my birthday today, can you keep me company to eat cake?”

As a reverse otome game player, do you:

A) Say, “Naww…” because you are a strong independent man who don’t need no cakes
B) Say, “Cake sounds good but you sound more delicious” because you’re a massive flirt
C) Wake up from your dream because there is no way in hell a cute girl would ask you such a thing :’)
D) Say, “Of course!” and try to hide the fact that you forgot it was her birthday (AKA the Chen Mo response)
E) Read Chapter 11 because omggg a new MYBWLY chapter got released

: Cloudy
Editor: Blobber
Translation Checker: Blobber
Proofreader: Blooming Frost


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