Chapter 33 – The Provocation of the Fashionable Young Man

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The so-called VIP area was actually just the balcony of the middle and top story. There was a row of around ten tables with umbrellas. The area allowed the VIPs to look down from above and overlook the entire parking lot and the line of sight at that position was undoubtedly the best.
Compared to the huge crowd below that needed to be on their tiptoes to watch the performance, VIPs sitting here didn’t need too much comfort for them to be satisfied.
The VIP pass that Blue Lotus Bar gave Lu Chen was very good – near the middle of the balcony at the number 5 table. However, the waiter that brought them up told them that, due to the presence of too many guests, they had to share a table with others and couldn’t enjoy it alone.
Neither Lu Chen or Li Feiyu had any objections to the arrangement.
After the waiter left, Li Feiyu immediately sat down in his seat. His two hands grabbed the soft handles of the chair and he used all of his strength to wriggle around his seat. He then picked up the just-delivered iced mint water and took a big gulp of it.
He squinted his eyes and looked at the people bustling downstairs to prepare the stage. That expression was one of exhilaration. Pure exhilaration!
Lu Chen opened the leather suitcase that he brought and got out a tripod and equipment from it.
“Let me do it!”
Li Feiyu felt that he experienced enough exhilaration already so he put down his empty glass and leapt up.
The rest of the broadcast setup process was very easy. All they needed to do was to connect the camera, microphone, and sound filter to the notebook computer, place the camera on the tripod, and set up the filming angle.
You didn’t have to be an expert at computers to open the computer, connect to the bar’s free WiFi, and log into WhaleTV’s broadcasting room.
“Zero one, zero one, this is zero seven. When you receive this please respond!” 1 Li Feiyu imitated the tone of a lead in a military drama and spoke into the microphone in a deadpan voice, “please respond!”
In one breath, he said it three times consecutively before the screen finally had a response.
“Received, pig!” 2 “Fuck, who is this? This voice sounds so bad.”
“Eh? Why did the broadcast start already? Isn’t the Music Festival supposed to start at 7:00 PM?”
“It seems like it is a test broadcast. I see the stage. The venue seems to be very big!”
“Where’s Lu Fei dada? Where did the anchor go?” 3 “Yeah, yeah…”
Li Feiyu laughed loudly and turned the camera towards Lu Chen.
“*drumroll sounds* The anchor that everyone is asking for, our Lu Fei dada is here! Please welcome him!”
Lu Chen chuckled and waved his hands towards the camera and said, “Hello everybody, I am Lu Fei. We’re currently testing the equipment. The broadcast is still tonight at 7:00. Don’t forget and miss the occasion!”
Lu Fei Broadcasting Room’s Fish Fans already exceeded 120,000. There weren’t many people online, however everybody was very enthusiastic after seeing Lu Chen. Line after line of text flew across the screen.
Other than sending a greeting to, the viewers were most concerned about the situation of the broadcast.
Lu Chen patiently responded to their questions and let them know that he was going on stage. As for the songs that he would perform, that was still a secret at the moment, but it was sure to give everyone a pleasant surprise.
“Looking forward to it. Is it a new song?”
“Actually, I still want to listen to You Who Sat Next to Me. I can listen to it a hundred times!”
“Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella!”
“Good luck Lu Fei dada!”
“Don’t say anything else. I already canceled my date with my girlfriend just to watch General Lu perform onstage!”
“Isn’t your girlfriend just your five fingers? You need to take it with you anyways.”
“Ha ha ha!”
Upstairs went off topic! o(︶︿︶)o Ai~!
After some idle chatter for a couple minutes and seeing that the computer was operating normally, Lu Chen said goodbye to the viewers and agreed to see them at 7:00 PM.
“Brother Li, let’s go eat first!”
Lu Chen looked at the time and it was just past 5:00 PM so he just closed the lid of the laptop and said, “I’ll treat you to an order of Beef Brisket Claypot (牛腩煲仔饭) on the pedestrian street. The taste is pretty good!”
Li Feiyu drank some water then rubbed his stomach and said, “I really am a bit hungry now. Let’s go then. What should we do with the computer?”
Lu Chen said, “Let’s just leave it here. Nobody will steal it. There’s nothing important stored in it right?”
The notebook computer was Li Feiyu’s and had been used for many years. Even if they gave it away to the people that sat in the VIP area, the people would probably consider it too dirty. As for the microphone and video camera, there was even less reason to mention it.
Li Feiyu laughed mischievously, “There really is quite a lot of important information. 500 GB of documents. The loss if we actually lose it is quite large!”
Lu Chen was speechless and hurriedly dragged this vulgar brat out of the bar.
After eating the savory clay pot and returning to Blue Lotus Bar, it was already almost 6:00 PM.
The sky gradually became darker at around this time and the lights began to turn on. However, there weren’t too many lights.
Inside the venue, there was at least a thousand people in the audience. They sat on the small plastic stools that the bar provided. Many of them were couples, nestled up against each other and whispering to each other, causing the crowd of single dogs to go blind.
The big screen on the stage was currently playing a MV but the sound was adjusted to be very light. There weren’t many workers that were still busy.
Inside the bar, the participating bands and singers weren’t few. They were chatting, greeting each other, or drinking wine.
Lu Chen found his own place. Neither the Wandering Band nor Sister Na had appeared yet.
However, on the table, there was a sheet of paper. Looking at the bolded title, it should be tonight’s performance schedule.
He didn’t care either and said to Li Feiyu, “Brother Li, you go up first. Whatever you want to drink, feel free to order it. Just put it on my tab. Tonight’s broadcast depends on you!”
“Don’t worry!” Li Feiyu patted his chest and said, “If I can’t earn 5,000 in donations, you can come find me!”
Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he sent away that brat that loved to brag.
He sat down at his spot and reached out his hand to grab the schedule on the table.
Blue Lotus Bar’s Music Festival not only invited the various singers from each bar but also invited others in the industry to participate.
This performance didn’t allow rehearsals and the various groups were scheduled based on the amount of performers. There was no on-site voice adjustments and the singers couldn’t lip-sync. They must rely on their strength alone to win the cheers of the audience.
As a result of Chang Wei being willing to use money and his wide network, the Blue Lotus Music Festival’s reputation became bigger and bigger to the extent that established singers were willing to participate. Every time it was held, industry insiders came to watch. Among them, there was no lack of media companies’ senior management.
Therefore, the order that they performed in was actually rather important. Lu Chen wanted to see when he would go on stage.
He just picked up the schedule when, suddenly, four or five youngsters walked over.
The person leading the way was young man around 20 years old and around 1.6 meters tall. His hair was cut in a very fashionable haircut, his skin was fair, and his appearance was very handsome. His left ear even had a diamond stud earring.
When this fashionable young man walked, his feet seemed to have springs on them. As he walked, the metal scales on his cowboy jacket made a sound like that of running water. A thick silver chain went from his waist to his pants.
He stood in front of Lu Chen, his mouth still chewing a piece of gum, and asked, “you’re from Daylily Bar?”
Lu Chen didn’t like the other party’s overbearing manner and didn’t stand up. He just indifferently nodded his head.
“Your name is Lu Chen right?”
That fashionable young man exposed a ridiculing smile and said, “I heard you played the guitar pretty well and that you were pretty arrogant. Apparently, the rumors were true. Do you recognize us?”
Lu Chen stood up unhurriedly and said in a deep voice, “What if I recognize you guys? What if I don’t recognize you guys?”
Lu Chen didn’t like to cause trouble but definitely wasn’t timid.
Even though he didn’t know why the other party provoked him, it would be ridiculous to swallow his anger!
The fashionable young man immediately got a scare and instinctively backed up a couple of steps.
Lu Chen’s height was over 1.8 meters and had an absolute advantage in the height department. In addition, during this time period, he persevered and exercised his body. Even though he hadn’t develop large muscles yet, he had an aura of strength and vigor.
When the two of them confronted each other face to face, Lu Chen completely crushed his opponent!
Noticing Lu Chen’s face that had an expression that was a smile yet not a smile, the fashionable young man was resentful when he realized his mistake. He shouted, “What? You wanna fight?”
His companions that followed him over revealed expressions filled with ill intent.
Lu Chen indifferently smiled and said, “Fight? If it was outside, I would accompany you anytime. In here, it wouldn’t be a good idea.”
Here was Blue Lotus Bar. It was Big Boss Chang Wei’s territory.
Who dares fight in here?
“Count yourself tactful!”
There were more than a few people nearby that noticed the confrontation and looked over. The fashionable young men didn’t dare to continue making a racket and appeared fierce while he was actually scared and said, “We’ll wait and see. There will be a time where you will cry!”
He brought his companions and walked away. After walking a couple steps before suddenly turning his head and making a slitting throat gesture!
This little brat!
Lu Chen was so angry that he laughed.

  1. zero one should be Lu Chen’s call sign and zero seven should be Li Feiyu’s call sign. This was written in military numbers. If you have suggestions on how to translate this better, let me know!
  2. Pig is used in a joking manner. I often call my brother that.
  3. ‘dada’ in Chinese is “大大”, it means the boss or a courteous title for someone who handled more power than you do. For example, Xi dada is used to refer to President Xi Jinping in China.
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