Chapter 13 – Cinderella

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Why did I fall in love with you?

I ask myself.

I can forsake anything,

but it’s hard to leave today,

You aren’t pretty,

But you are the cutest,

Aiya Cinderella,

My Cinderella.

…… “

Along with the music and simple melody, Lu Chen’s voice was low and thick, with a trace of nostalgia and melancholy.

In Lu Chen’s dream world, this song was composed by a talented rock singer, a gift to his first love and the song also contained a touching story.

Although the ending wasn’t perfect, however, the charm of this song is undisputable. It had once moved an innumerable amount of people and is often used by others to perform with. Thus, ultimately becoming a timeless classic work.

Regarding emotions, this song has many similarities with <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>, both songs giving the meaning of predestination but with more true feelings and conveyed the emotions of willfulness, blaming and the pursuit of love.

When this song was sung for the first time by Lu Chen in this world, it still was able to strum the heartstrings of everyone.

Especially for the couples present, they were even more deeply touched.

The males tightly held the female’s hands, even if the latter was foolishly gazing at Lu Chen on the stage.

Because you are my Cinderella!


I am always hurting you,

I am always cruel,

I told you not to take it seriously,

Because I don’t dare to trust.

You are so beautiful,

And yet so cute,

Oooo Cinderella,

My Cinderella.


As if the whole world is silent, everyone was listening to Lu Chen’s voice and in many of female’s eyes contained traces of tears.


If this is a dream

I’d rather not wake up

I bore with it once,

With how I waited,

I am probably waiting for your arrival,

I am probably waiting for your arrival,

I am probably waiting for your arrival,


Even after the performance ended, everyone was still silent.

“A song about Cinderella….”

Lu Chen softly spoke, “It’s my first time singing, hope that you will like it.”

A wave of clapping shortly arrived.

The immediate reaction was one or two claps, subsequently following waves of claps. Numerous customers even stood up to show their support. There weren’t any other sounds other than thunderous applause.

Especially those girls who clapped their hands turned red.

This song <<Cinderella>> didn’t have an impassioned melody, nor ups and downs. One would not feel hot-blooded while listening, but it could somehow quietly intrude into the audience soul and made them can’t help but be moved by the blazing feelings contained in the song.

More importantly, they were his First Listener.

If one day <<Cinderella>> were to become a classic everyone is familiar with, then they would be able to proudly flaunt — that they were this song’s First Listener and they witnessed the surfaced of this song!

Can <<Cinderella>> become a classic?

The answer is varied, but no matter who is it must admit that this is indeed a great song.

There are feelings, love and even more of spirit.

The wave of clapping continued for a few minutes whereas this type of spectacle has never been seen in Forget Grass bar. Neither Roaming band nor Sister Na had experienced treatment like this.

Someone said in a loud voice: “ Encore!”

His request was in favor of everyone’s views, the earnest request of asking for an encore.

Yet Lu Chen smilingly shakes his head and spoke into the microphone: “Thank you for everyone’s support. However, tonight this song shall only be sung once as I saw that there is a girl here who had started tearing.”

He used his elbow to support the guitar on his lap and placed his hands together while facing the right side and apologized in that direction.

The direction Lu Chen’s facing was towards 035 table which is the table Xiao Mi and her

Out of the 4 ladies, two of them had a red eye socket.

Noticing everyone’s line of sight followed the direction in which Lu Chen was pointing to, which was on them, the ladies felt embarrassed whereas the two of them hurriedly used the back of their hands to wipe away the tears that were threatening to fall out from their eyes.

University females were usually more romantic and emotional, thus easily touched by the sentimental voice.

Lu Chen continued, “My mom once told me, girls tears are very precious and warned me never to let them cry, else I will be committing a crime.

Soft laughter slowly echoed around the bar.

Pausing, Lu Chen sighed and said, “I think have my crimes currently have filled the heaven. Thus I don’t think I can continue singing.”

The soft laughter changed into a bellied laugh, and the emotional atmosphere surrounding the bar immediately dissipated

Xiao Mi and Big Sister, Second Sister and Third Sister weren’t able to restrain their laughter. Although there were tears in their eyes, they were still smiling happily.

Xiao Mi wanted to laugh out but didn’t do so and instead, secretly cursed in her heart: “Annoying!”

Lu Chen was unaware that he had been “hated” by a female. The reason that he didn’t encore for <<Cinderella>> wasn’t that he had wanted to tantalize the audience, but he felt that the atmosphere has been sufficiently created after two times of <<You Who Sat Next to Me>> and <<Cinderella>>.

As the saying goes, too much isn’t always good. Knowing when to stop is the best choice.

He then took his chance and left the stage, handing over the position to the MC. At around 9 pm he would later go on stage to sing another 2 songs

Contract singers are allocated a fixed timing to perform, and they have a minimum salary given to them.

The real income would still come from the donations, and today Lu Chen’s earning would be much more compared to yesterday!

However, Lu Chen knew that this type of money earning rhythm would not last long relying on those two original songs. Although he could bring out much better songs, it just wasn’t worth it to showcase in the bar.

<<You Who Sat Next to Me>> and <<Cinderella>> is sufficient to allow him to continue singing in the bar.

The exposure in Forget Grass bar is limited and is unable to satisfy Lu Chen’s ambitions.

However, he has no intentions of leaving this place right now.

After returning to the backstage, Sister Na gave Lu Chen a big hug while smiling saying, “Xiao Lu, you’ve given me such a big surprise singing that well! Good Job!”

Sister Na has been in this industry for dozens of years, and although she has yet to be famous, she has a better understanding compared to average customers, thus having the ability to realize the potential of an original song.

Regardless of <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>, or <<Cinderella>>, it has definitely made her change how she viewed Lu Chen.

Compared to Sister Na’s real attitude, Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang others’ smile was much more forced, especially Ye Zhenyang. The gaze he looked at Lu Chen contained

Two original composed works, with the potential to be a good song. Why is Lu Chen so lucky?

Ye Zhenyang joined the industry much earlier than Lu Chen, and both as a drifter in Beijing, he too had his own dreams and ambitions and wanted to write a few good songs.

In the popular music circle, some singers managed to write a famous work with the help of a moment’s inspiration, and got famous in with that song all around, while living in comfort.

Ye Zhenyang had actually managed to squeeze out all his brain juice and wrote a song. However his song although can’t be considered that bad, it was only just a mediocre one. It wasn’t even worth spending $500 to register in <<Greater China Music Bank>>.

Ultimately he discouragingly abandoned this thought.

Whereas current, y Lu Chen had managed to compose two good songs, his jealousy was as if a poisonous snake, currently devouring him. Not to mention congratulating him, he couldn’t even maintain his false smile.

“Let me go out and take a look…”

Ye Zhenyang casually found a reason to leave as he was afraid that staying here might cause his jealous heart to explode.

Just when he opened the door, Ye Zhenyang saw Chen Jianhao.

He could not help but be surprised and hurriedly greeted, “Boss…”

Chen Jianhao acknowledged his greeting with a nod and went into the room and called out Lu Chen, “Xiao Lu, follow me, there is someone who is interested in buying your song.”

Purchasing song?

To think that someone was looking for Lu Chen to buy a song?

Ye Zhenyang was stumped. He didn’t even know how he had walked out the room.

Even Lu Chen was stunned. Sister Na patted him on his shoulder and said, “Quickly go!”

Evidently, she was still worried and told him additionally, “Don’t sell your songs at a cheap price!”

Lu Chen recovered and smilingly said, “Thank you Sister Na, I shall go there first.”

After he had left with Chen Jianhao, only Sister Na, Li Hong, and Wang Xiaoshuai were present. Other than Sister Na, the two of them looked at each other, as if they were not convinced of what had happened just now.

Li Hong hesitated for a moment and told Sister Na, “ Sister Na, weren’t you a bit too… too.. “

She tried to be careful and was contemplating what would be the best descriptor.

Li Hong was a 30-year-old plus female, and having ordinary looks, thus in Forget Grass bar, her relationship can be considered good with Sister Na. Both of them also had quite a number of common topics.

Thus some things that others did not dare to say, she dared to ask.

Sister Na smilingly replied, “ You wanted to say that I had put Lu Chen too high on the pedestal?

Li Hong embarrassingly laughed but agreed tacitly.

Sister Na softly spoke, “The duration that Xiao Lu joined that industry was short and originally his standards weren’t that high. However, he has the innate skills and now that he has been revealed, I think that Forget Grass bar would not be able to keep him.”

“However what I can be sure is, he would not immediately leave. I understand the thoughts of Xiao Lu, but I understand more about him is that he is someone that place an importance on relationships. He is also very respectful towards his seniors, isn’t he?

Li-hong silently nodded.

She knew that these few words are spoken to herself, Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai. The meaning was obvious.

No matter if you are convinced or not, Lu Chen who was able to produce two outstanding original composed songs, he was not in the same category as them.

Towards someone like him, it’s a fateful chance to be colleagues with him. For people like Ye Zhenyang that harbors jealousy, he would then wasted an opportunity.

Would Lu Chen really be able to be popular one day?

Li Hong was still skeptical or to be exact, she is unwilling to believe it.

The subtle change Li Hong did not escape Sister Na’s observation, just that she did not explain any further.

Opportunity requires one to grasp and some things have to be comprehended by oneself.

Whereas would the others understand, she would not care about those matters.

The song Cinderella can be found here!

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