Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Speeding Juvenile


1. Where are Chapters 1 – 9?!
Chapters 1-9 were previously translated by another translator. They can be found on a number of pirating websites (no, we don’t support their existence but if you must read them from somewhere, they are an option).
2. Why didn’t you translate from the beginning?
It has since been removed but many of our readers were fans that have already read Chapters 1-9. This, coupled with the slow release rate, would mean that older fans would not be able to read new chapters until we finished re-translating. It would be unfair to do this to current fans hence why we are doing new chapters rather than re-translating.
3. Will you translate Chapters 1-9 in the future? If so, when?
Yes, of course! We plan on having a new release and two re-translations every week until we are caught up. This helps balance out the new readers’ and old fans’ demands. The re-translations should wrap up around Christmas!

The team is currently working on it. Unfortunately, due to the hiatus, the release of the remaining chapters has been pushed back. Please stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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  1. Blique · Feb 9, 2021

    I MTL'd 7-9 on my own; for anyone who wants a summary...

    7: MC is promoted to resident singer at the bar and sends some money to his family.

    8: MC reminisces over the bankruptcy of his father's company that led to his father's death and how his mother took charge to raise the three of them.

    9: He finds his neighbor livestreaming and is pushed to sing as well. It results in a huge increase in viewers as well as donations from a particularly generous viewer.

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  2. Anonymous · Sep 21, 2020

    ch 7

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  3. Leech · Sep 15, 2019


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  4. Ian · Oct 15, 2018

    Where chp 7-9?

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  5. Ian · Sep 13, 2018

    Chp 7-9 where are you? 🤔

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  6. Anonymous · Sep 13, 2018

    Chapter 7, 8, 9 where are you🤔?

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  7. Zeryu Rei · Apr 5, 2018

    uh, where are 7,8,9, chaps...?
    Thnx for da chaps...

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    • Zeryu Rei · Apr 5, 2018

      will be waiting for those three chaps, before continue to chap 10...

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      • Anonymous · Apr 21, 2018

        same here :3

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  8. Fuurishie · Apr 5, 2018

    where are 7,8,9, chaps...?

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