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Just a humble phoenix Blob with a love for Chinese novels and poetry. Discovered novels through the journey of anime, then into manga/manhua/manhwa (whatever they’re called), and finally his first novel: Coiling Dragon.

Favourite poem of all time: Either Shelley’s Ozymandias or Tennyson’s Charge of The Light Brigade
Other honourable mentions: Love’s Philosophy, An Essay on Man, War Photographer, and Remains.

Liu Yao Volume 2 Chapter 32

Finally, our MC got reunited with his martial brothers! Here’s Chapter 32, hope you enjoy it! Translator: Nanming Editor: Ars Proofreader: Perpetual Phoenix

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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 28

Two more chapters to go before Volume Ⅰ ends.  Here’s Chapter 28. Just look at the two martial brothers! Translator: Nanming Editor: Perpetual Phoenix Proofreader: Ars

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