The best way I would describe myself is my love for reading (though my friends tell me Chinese, Japanese -or any translated- novels don’t really count, but who are they to judge). I started from reading the subtitles of the anime I watched, to reading fanfictions, to reading mangas, to reading the new updates of my favorite novels.

(I say that but my friends would also comment that my actual hobby is to crush on fictional characters. Who told Killua Zoldyck to be so cool, Sebastian Michaelis to be so hot, Sesshomaru to be so unapproachable yet so passionately protective, Feng Ci to be so emotionless and uncaring toward everyone else, but clearly so lovingly attached towards Shi Sheng ???????? *kyaaaaaaa*)

*Cough* I mean they are well-developed characters with great attributes, there is nothing wrong with slightly admiring them. Fictional characters need love too.

Anyways, always remember: Love is important, whether that’s a love for reading or anything else (a love for fictional guys who would never exist in real life but desperately wish otherwise).

SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 220 – Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (2)

Question of the day: Are you in any clubs or organizations? Could be school- or work-related. Or it doesn’t even have to be affiliated with anything or anyone… … Enjoy your Labor Day holiday! Any special plans or anything? Out-of-town trips? Visiting relatives? Sleeping in? Chapter 220 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With

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