SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 176 – Server Enemy No.1 (24)

Dunno why, but there seems to be more chatting going on in Discord whenver I’m not around…

Chapter 176: Server Enemy No.1 (24)

Brought to you by:

Translator: Wenhui
Editor: Agent Psyx o7
Translation Checker: Blobber
Proofreader: Blooming Frost 


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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  1. Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Jun 5, 2018

    When the editor's away, the team slacks off! jkjkjk It's prolly because of your timezone, meimei! >___< *hugs*

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    • Wenhui · Translator · Jun 5, 2018

      I just left the house to go for a stroll and when I came back, I was greeted by 200+ messages on Discord! I'm serious, I just checked it before I left too!

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      • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Jun 6, 2018

        Hahahahha well, it's probably just a coincidence. Although I understand the feeling when the conversation's already over when you arrive---it's somewhat vexing.

        I used to bring my phone with me wherever I went and kept Discord open the whole time just so I could be always online

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