SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 179 – Server Enemy No.1 (27)

I’ve been drinking too much Coca-Cola… One day of abstinence made me have a headache…

Chapter 179: Server Enemy No.1 (27)

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  1. Kiki · Jun 14, 2018

    Omg same! I get so tired and grumpy if I go a day w/out diet coke. Prob the caffeine addiction tbh.

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  2. blobber · Translation Checker · Jun 13, 2018

    I never knew coca cola had withdrawal symptoms.

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  3. Ely · Jun 12, 2018

    You can get addicted to pretty much anything, and most things will then give you withdrawal symptoms. Take care.

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  4. Pizuya · Jun 12, 2018

    soda and carbonated drinks aren't good for you

    that's why my doctor recommends vitamin water
    stay hydrated while you enhance your water drinking experience with the vitamins and electrolytes in the many flavors of vitamin water, try a bottle today!

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