SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 353 – Green Plum Meets Wine (4)

Anyone like road trips? Some ppl do, some ppl don’t…

Chapter 353 : Green Plum Meets Wine (4)

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Translator: Wenhui
Editor: Editor-chan
Translation Checker: StarryNight
Proofreader: pRead


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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  1. Black magic · Mar 22, 2019

    I often get car sick when it's a long distance road trip... But if it's somewhere near, I guess I would be fine...

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  2. Anonymous · Mar 21, 2019

    i think a road trip depends on the people you go with!! also if you get carsick or not lol

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