SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 484 – Proper Palace Intrigue (23)

I honestly doubt I’ll be able to get the next arc done by the time this arc’s chapters are finished. One, I’m up to my eyeballs in incomprehensible math (seriously, the teacher is trying to cram more advanced mathematics than what’s usually taught in secondary schools that I didn’t take in the first placeand he’s not good at teaching, and this subject is spanning only 15 weeks whereas the basics would’ve been taught over 2 years) and project assignments (curse you writer’s block for afflicting not just my translations, but my assignments as well).

Chapter 484 : Proper Palace Intrigue (23)

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Translator: Wenhui
Editor: Editor-chan
Translation Checker: TLC-chan
Proofreader: PR-san

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  1. elcremeir · Nov 28, 2019

    Good luck!! Thank you for your translation as always

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  2. Anonymous · Nov 27, 2019

    Need help with learning advanced mathematics? Check out "Professor Leonard" on Youtube.

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  3. TheMadCatQueen · Nov 26, 2019

    Sorry to hear that. Those kind of things are just the worst... and primarily the teacher's fault, in the end. I hope things get better for you! Thank you for doing your best on the chapters as always.

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  4. Piglet love reading · Nov 26, 2019

    good luck on you math. as long you still going translate this wonderful story, i will wait

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  5. Funsmiles · Nov 26, 2019

    That's ok. You don't have to rush with the translations. I hope everything turns out ok with your classes.

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  6. Anon-san · Nov 26, 2019

    What type of math? How about using other sources for the units? Things like Khan academy and stuff. Also, for writer’s block, it often helps me personally to read not only books but articles, magazines, etc. to look at other’s writing styles and obtain more knowledge on current topics (and then writing on a random topic, even if it turns out trash lol). Not sure what writing you have to do though as my classes lean towards evidence based argumentation and synthesis. Not sure if I helped haha. Writer’s block can and is a major pain. Ganbatte!

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    • Wenhui · Translator · Nov 26, 2019

      I had to write an essay dissecting IGOs. Well, it's over now. All that's left is to do research for my marketing, politics and civilisation studies (did I mention it was in another language that I'm not well-versed in?) group projects. And the deadlines are in 1-2 weeks. R.I.P.

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    • Wenhui · Translator · Nov 26, 2019

      I believe on Khan Academy, it falls somewhere around calculus. Y'know, limits on functions, differentiation, integration, the works. I had to learn all those from scratch. Even Khan Academy didn't really help much (my roommate says the example the speaker used was a complicated one that even she [who's in a Science stream] found it complicated)

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