Chapter 102 : Zombie Empire (16)

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After Shi Sheng had finished sowing seeds of discord, she immediately shut up and let them argue amongst themselves. Now that Chang Xin’s people had flocked to his side to help him, Shi Sheng was naturally free.

“Boss, that was amazing…” Qing Yu silently hit an imaginary ‘like’ button for her.

“Are the zombies outside really caused by the gov? Heavens… just thinking about it scares me to death. Boss, can you gimme something to eat to suppress this fear?” Little Fatty held out his tubby hand.

“Fatty, I feel like the last sentence was the one you really wanted to say!” Having seen through a certain someone’s intentions, Lin Feng didn’t leave any face at all. “Though the matter does look very sinister from here…”

Shi Sheng tossed the backpack to Little Fatty. There wasn’t anything inside, only White Tiger.

“Boss, we won’t be stuck here… right?” Lin Feng started worrying.

“With Boss here, we’ll definitely be able to get out!” Qing Yu continued with his blind worship. “Don’t worry! Little Fatty, aren’t you afraid of exploding if you eat all that on your own? Hurry up and pass some to Boss!!!”

Lin Feng thought about it and agreed. ‘It really does seem like there’s nothing Boss can’t do.’

They had clearly already forgotten that their all-powerful Boss hadn’t even known how to transfer oil between vehicles when they first met.

Shi Sheng didn’t eat much; she just drank a bottle of milk.

Taking advantage of the time when the people around Chang Xin were involved in a heated argument, Shi Sheng went to explore the laboratory. There wasn’t much here. The place wasn’t in a mess though, so it proved that the lab personnel had evacuated in an orderly manner.

Shi Sheng stopped in front of a blackboard. There were a few A4 size pieces of paper taped to it. She was about to reach out to grab them when another pair of hands beat her to it. Shi Sheng looked at the owner of those hands. It was Song Shi.

“Gu Nan, is there a point to sowing discord between them?” Song Shi’s tone was cold.

“Yes.” Shi Sheng nodded with a smiling face. “It proves how dumb they are.”

Song Shi, “…” ‘Does she have anti-society sentiments?’

“Ah Shi… cousin you… why are you here?” Qi Mingxue walked over and had an expression of ‘surprise’, as if she had only just noticed Gu Nan. She then lowered her head pitifully, as if she was being bullied.

‘Ah Shi… More like a shithead1!’ Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. “Don’t just call out like that. If you want to hug my big thigh, you’ll have to line up.”

“Pff~” Qing Yu, who just so happened to have come over, broke out in laughter. ‘To be honest, I’m more and more feeling that Boss’ chuunibyou is getting worse.’

Qi Mingxue’s expression turned ugly but she still stubbornly spoke, “Cousin, even if you don’t like me, you don’t have to humiliate me like this.”

“How have I humiliated you? Did you hear it?”

Qing Yu played along and shook his head. ‘Boss doesn’t like this girl… Though she looks pretty, if Boss doesn’t like her then I won’t like her! I’m just that unreasonable!’

“Cousin, you-”

Shi Sheng suddenly broke out into a grin. “Qi Mingxue, you wanna die? I’m offering the deluxe set, 80% discount. This is a rare opportunity, want to try it out?”

Qing Yu was speechless. ‘Boss, can you please be more normal? Suddenly asking someone if they want to die in the middle of a conversation… Look! She’s been scared stupid already!’

“Gu Nan!” Song Shi couldn’t continue watching anymore. Killing intent poured off him as he called her name. The first time they met, he hadn’t liked this Gu Nan, and now, the second time they met, he still didn’t like her…

“I’m just joking. Sheesh, talk about having a stick up your arse.” Shi Sheng was all smiles. “Anyways… Qi Mingxue, you’d best hold on tight to that thing of yours. If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t take it out. After all, that thing can help out abilities, can’t it?”

Qi Mingxue hadn’t understood what she was talking about at first, but how could she still not know after she finished?

‘She’s talking about the space… She knows… How did she find out?! I clearly took it way earlier than she should’ve found out about it…’

Qi Mingxue was panicking. Even if she had read the whole book and had a lot of advantages, she also understood how powerful a main character halo could be. Before she transmigrated, she was just a normal person.

“…Cousin, what are you talking about?” Qi Mingxue paled as she spoke before pulling on Song Shi. “Ah Shi, I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable. Let’s go over there to rest.”

Song Shi hadn’t taken Gu Nan’s words to heart but Qi Mingxue’s reaction had caused doubts to rise.

The romance in this novel was set to a slow burn. The male lead was the type with a powerful and lofty background. Right now, he was only at the stage of appreciating Qi Mingxue.

Shi Sheng’s words were no different from giving Song Shi an eye-opener. From now on, he would observe Qi Mingxue, even if it was just subconsciously. There would come a time when he would find something off about her…

Qi Mingxue was afraid of Gu Nan saying more, so she dragged Song Shi away.

Only after Qi Mingxue left did Qing Yu—who had been acting as a background prop all this time—move forward. “Boss, look at this.”

He had found a diary from somewhere and it was flipped open. The paper was very old and the words written on it were a bit blurred:

1995, July 25th, heavy rain

This is already the sixth day since the rainstorm began. There have been disasters everywhere. My meeting with him can only be pushed back. I hope I get to see him soon.

1995, July 30th, overcast

I heard we got a strange corpse today. As to why it’s strange, my colleagues don’t know either. That corpse seems to have existed for a long time. It’s being guarded closely. How curious.

1996, August 27th, overcast

I joined the new research team. We’re researching that mysterious corpse. We had to sign a confidentiality contract. No one’s allowed to bring a single word concerning this out of the laboratory…

1996, October 11th, clear skies

He came.

1997, October 22nd, overcast

I saw the corpse that was the reason we were required to sign the confidentiality contract…

I don’t know how to describe it. It’s very weird. It makes people uncomfortable but everyone here seems excited. When I saw their expressions, I felt strangely sick.

The diary entries were written in no particular consistent frequency. There wasn’t much description about the corpse, but every time there was, the author would use the word ‘strange’ or ‘odd’ to describe it. The author would also use words like ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘repressed’ to describe how they felt when they saw the corpse.

There was another person mentioned. That person ought to be the person the diary’s owner liked. There wasn’t much about him in the diary either. Only a few words in relation to him were written, and his name was always replaced by ‘he’. The last few pages had some blood splatters on them.

1998, July 6th, rain

I’m pregnant. I’m very happy. Perhaps I’ll be able to have a cute son not too long later… En, perhaps it’ll be a daughter. But no matter a boy or a girl, I want to give this child the best this world has to offer.

1998, July 18th, rain

I think they’ve all gone crazy.

1998, October 19th, clear

I have to get out of here

1998, October 25th, rain

He’ll help me. For the child.

1998, November 2nd, clear

Everything is prepared. I can’t let this child of ours


The entries ended there. But the name it was signed off with stunned Shi Sheng.

Cheng Su. Gu Nan’s mother.

Shi Sheng felt depressed. ‘This body was a main character after all… to be expected the world would give her a complicated background… No wonder I activated a side quest…’

Author’s note:

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  1. Shi Sheng is making wordplay here. Or puns? Never could tell with literature. The original line is here:

    “阿拾……老子还阿屎呢!”. “阿拾” was the way Qi Mingxue addressed Song Shi, “Ah Shi”. But “阿屎”, which is also pronounced ah shi is something like “A shit.”

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