Chapter 123 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (4)

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While the entire mansion’s staff had been mobilised to search for her, the person being searched for had already snuck back to her room.

The result of this was that when Shi Sheng woke up the next morning, she was yelled at by a furious Bei Ze. Who she completely ignored. ‘If it hadn’t been for you guys, would I(bbb) have caused problems in the first place?’

Bei Ze left with a darkened face and slammed the door behind him. Ji Xiaoyu stood at the doorway, not knowing what to do.

The Bei Family mansion was very far from the academy. She had always sat in Bei Ze’s car for the trip before but now that he had left, how was she going to get to school?

Her eyes swivelled in their sockets and upon seeing Shi Sheng about to get into a car, she hurriedly jogged over and spoke in a soft voice, “Young Miss, I’m going to school too. Let’s go together!

“You’re not familiar with the place yet so I can show you around.”

“No need.” Shi Sheng replied indifferently.

“Alice Academy is very large. I got lost the first time I went there. Young Miss, you’ve never been there before so you’ll need a guide.” Ji Xiaoyu acted very friendly as she reached out to pull the front door open.

‘What the fuck?! Female lead-sama, why are you so acting so chummy?! This is only the second time we’ve met, okay?! Do you really think the whole world should be friends with you?! I don’t wanna be friends with you! After all, I’m(bbb) the wicked villain who’s going to ruin your relationship!’

Shi Sheng stood beside the car, refusing to get in. Ji Xiaoyu rolled down the window. “Young Miss, hurry up and get in or we’re going to be late!”

Shi Sheng shut the door before speaking to the driver, “You send her to school. I’m not going today.”

“Ah? That won’t do. Aren’t you reporting to school today?” Ji Xiaoyu reacted faster than the driver.

Shi Sheng looked at Ji Xiaoyu. “Who told you I was reporting in today?”

‘I was just planning on going out to do some shopping but if female lead-sama needs to go to school then I should help her!’

After Ji Xiaoyu left, Shi Sheng took out her phone, logged on to the Alice Academy forums and started writing a post.

There was a sub-forum for people to send posts anonymously. All sorts of secrets were exposed here constantly. The reason why the school allowed its existence was so that they could react quickly were anything to happen.

The rough outline of her post was that Ji Xiaoyu and Bei Ze were suspected to be going out for Ji Xiaoyu was seen going to school on a car belonging to the Bei Family.

‘I’m(bbb) simply an excellent wingman! No need to thank me(bbb) too much, female lead-sama!’

Bei Ze returned home in the evening by himself. Only after night fell did Ji Xiaoyu return to the mansion, looking quite dishevelled. There was an awkward tension between the two. Though Bei Ze already liked Ji Xiaoyu a bit, it was far from being on the level of dating each other.

That post had looked like someone intentionally put it up, so the first person Bei Ze suspected was the person who benefited from this, Ji Xiaoyu.

Bei Ze didn’t communicate with Shi Sheng, instead heading back to his room after he had had his dinner. Ji Xiaoyu, on the other hand, glared angrily at her.

“What are you looking at me like that for?” Shi Sheng asked Ji Xiaoyu, bewildered.

‘Really sorry about that but my train of thought can’t keep up with yours, female lead-sama. I really can’t guess what you’re thinking right now.’

Ji Xiaoyu strode over before speaking furiously, “You let me go to the academy on my own on purpose, didn’t you?! You wanted to cause others to misunderstand?!”

‘This morning she was clearly about to get in yet didn’t in the end. Wasn’t it clearly on purpose?’

“So you were thinking this way…” Shi Sheng muttered. ‘Who was it who wanted to get on my car no matter what this morning?! I(bbb) already let you have it, yet it’s still my(bbb) fault?! Looks like everything the female lead does is correct while everything villains do is wrong…’

“Xiaoyu, the Young Master is calling for you.”

Ji Xiaoyu gave Shi Sheng a final look before heading upstairs in a huff. Shi Sheng rolled her eyes speechlessly.

The next morning, Shi Sheng made sure to leave earlier. Ji Xiaoyu arrived after she did, once she had already found her class and taken a seat.

“Remember to focus on your studies. Especially for a certain student who doesn’t have anything else but grades.” The teacher spoke in an unpleasant tone.

The entire class chuckled lowly. Ji Xiaoyu was enraged and humiliated as she angrily muttered inwardly, ‘So what if you have money?! All that money still belongs to your parents! Bunch of parasites! Without your parents, you’d be nothing!’

Bei Zhi and Bei Ze were in the same grade while Ji Xiaoyu was in freshman high so Shi Sheng ended up attending the same class as Bei Ze.

Her arrival caused quite a commotion in class; after all, Bei Zhi was quite the looker. When he saw more and more people surrounding her, Bei Ze’s expression got worse. In the end, he kicked his desk before storming out of the classroom in a rage.

The noise caused by his actions caused the entire classroom to quiet down and look towards the direction he had stormed off in.

“What’s with Bei-shao?”

“No idea, he just suddenly blew his top… Could it be because of Ji Xiaoyu’s matter? I heard she was behind the whole thing.”

“Hadn’t expect Ji Xiaoyu to be so scheming. And here I was thinking she was rather pitiful when others bullied her but now it looks like she deserved it!”

“Why do you think she spent so much effort on getting the grades to enroll here? Of course it’s for the sake of finding a rich guy so she wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore!”

Shi Sheng didn’t have anything to say to these brats so she just spoke some perfunctory words. Seeing her being so lofty, they lost interest in striking up a conversation and scattered.

In the afternoon when Shi Sheng went to the cafeteria for lunch, she watched from afar as Ji Xiaoyu was slapped by someone. At the same time, food was scattered on the ground.

“What are you guys saying? I didn’t seduce him! It was him who—”

“You’re not about to say it was Bei-shao who seduced you, are you?” The girl who slapped Ji Xiaoyu laughed coldly as she interrupted her before continuing in a voice filled with ridicule, “Ji Xiaoyu, just who do you think you are?”

“No, it’s not that I- I have nothing to do with him.” Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes were red from anxiety. “Don’t just spout nonsense.”

“If there was nothing between the two of you, why would Bei-shao have let you sit on his family’s car? Ji Xiaoyu, did you use some underhanded methods to seduce him?!”

“I didn’t.” Ji Xiaoyu shook her head. She suddenly spotted Bei Zhi at the back of the crowd and looked as if she had seen her saviour. She pushed the crowd aside and sprinted over. “Hurry up and explain to them that I sat on your car yesterday.”

“Who’s that? She’s so pretty!” Someone in the crowd couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

“Bei-shao’s younger sister. She only just transferred here today.”

“Bei-shao has a sister? She really looks like she’s his sister! She’s so pretty and her temperament matches too!”

“Hurry up and tell them that I really didn’t come here in Bei Ze’s car yesterday.” Seeing Bei Zhi wasn’t speaking, Ji Xiaoyu was getting a bit anxious.

Shi Sheng had always wondered who was the one breaking their setting in this world. Well, now she knew.

In this kind of situation, the female lead should either stay silent or pick a fight with them instead of asking Bei Zhi to help her speak up in such a humble manner!

Though the character setting was defined by the author, the author couldn’t control how much they broke the setting. As long as there was the tiniest change to the overall setting, it was possible for the character setting to warp in any number of ways.

Even a single choice could influence a lot of people.

With all that nonsense out of the way, Shi Sheng only had one thought in mind, ‘Let’s get this female lead to fall from grace!’

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