Chapter 142 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (23)

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,” Lin Yin seemed as if she had just thought of something as she pulled Shi Sheng to a less crowded area before continuing, .

‘Where’d this come from? No one should’ve known that I’ve been accompanying him in the hospital though… right?’

Lin Yin’s voice got smaller and smaller towards the end, her face already a bright red.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, speechless. ‘It wasn’t what it looked like, okay?!’

Shi Sheng, ‘Who the hell is together with him?!’

It was only after Shi Sheng had walked onto the academy grounds that she discovered how that matter had circulated around nearly the entire student body. The most ridiculous part about it was that the rumor said that she had forced herself on Fu Qin!

‘Forced myself on him?! Your imaginations run too wild! At this rate, you all can go be screenwriters!’

Right now, everywhere Shi Sheng went, there were people discussing her.

Shi Sheng called the other star of this rumor. He didn’t answer and simply hung up.

‘Fuck you! You want to ascend to the heavens, ah?!’

Right as Shi Sheng prepared to relentlessly call him until he answered, she received a message. After opening it, she found a bunch of pictures… of a vibrant sky with not a building in sight.

‘…You want me to guess where you are from these pictures? Fu Qin, you sure know how to play ah!’


Fu Qin appeared rather surprised when Shi Sheng managed to find him.

The photo he sent didn’t have any landmarks so he hadn’t thought she’d be able to find him. Shi Sheng placed a box with flaky lotus cakes beside him. She then assumed a lofty demeanor and spoke,

Fu Qin, ‘At least try harder when you lie… hacking the Ministry of National Defence doesn’t make for a good joke.’

Of course Shi Sheng didn’t hack the Ministry of National Defence. All she did was call his bodyguards to ask where he was.

Fu Qin also seemed to have figured that out. He brought the box over and opened it up. After taking a whiff of it, he said in a somewhat contemptuous tone,


Fu Qin’s words were blocked by the sword suddenly at his neck. For three seconds he stared at Shi Sheng, then wordlessly took the lotus cakes from her and ate them.

Shi Sheng stayed her sword. ‘This fellow will take apart the roof if he doesn’t get a beating1!’

After Fu Qin had finished the flaky lotus cakes, Shi Sheng reached her hand out to pass the medicine over to him.

Fu Qin didn’t take them, simply staring at Shi Sheng. Grinding her teeth, Shi Sheng glared back before walking over and sitting next to him so that she could feed him his medicine personally.

Fu Qin hugged her as she screwed the cap back on, his face buried in her neck.

And like that, photographs of the two started circulating.

Under the vibrant blue sky, a young man tightly hugged a young woman. Their clothes billowed in the wind as leaves slowly spiraled to the ground—a beautiful and gorgeous scene.

When Shi Sheng saw this photo taken with grandmaster-level skill, green veins popped up on the hand holding onto her phone. ‘It turns out there are experts in this school!’





After she heard these discussions, Ji Xiaoyu’s lowered face twisted into an expression of jealousy. ‘Bei Zhi… she’s just an orphan who doesn’t even know who her parents are! So how come she gets all of these things?!’





Mocking voices came from behind her, causing the jealousy in Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes to turn into hatred. ‘Bei Zhi, you forced me to do this!’

On the school forums, a thread suddenly popped up. The title was: “Exposing the ugly secrets behind Bei Zhi”.

The content of this thread was that Bei Zhi wasn’t the daughter of the Bei Family; she was just an orphan they had adopted. The author also wrote about how Bei Zhi had shamelessly seduced Bei Ze, which was discovered by his parents. As a result, they wanted to chase her out. The thread starter also added a photograph of Bei Zhi packing up and leaving the mansion.

After just a short while, this thread became famous with countless replies posted.





Anonymous: [pic]




By the time Shi Sheng saw this thread, the topic had already derailed to who knows where.

‘Since when did I(bbb) gaze gently at Fu Qin?! What are you little devils talking about?!

Holy fuck, where’d so many pics come from…?’

After flipping through the photos, Shi Sheng saw that they were actually all of her and Fu Qin’s interactions. The person who took the pictures clearly knew what they were doing; the angle was just right to give the atmosphere a harmonious feel.

What was originally a thread meant to smear Bei Zhi ended up turning into a thread for a war between ships. Via photos.

Lots of people started posting the pictures they took of the differing ships. Most of the pictures were of Bei Zhi and Lin Yin. Fu Qin rarely came to school, and even if he did come, people might not even meet him.

There were a lot of people shouting that Bei Zhi and Lin Yin were the true ship! After all, Zhi Yin, soulmate2, what better ship name could you want?!

Naturally, those who stood on the side of Bei Qin weren’t convinced. Hence started the great war of photos.

In the end, though, the Bei Qin side won through the use of excellent photography skills.

Ji Xiaoyu hadn’t expected it to turn out like this. ‘If it were me, what would those people do?

They’d all be attacking me!

Is this the difference between statuses?’

Ji Xiaoyu tightened her resolve to pull Bei Zhi down. ‘Why should that orphan have it better than me?!’

Ji Xiaoyu took out her phone and scrolled through her contacts to find a number. After some hesitation, she still dialed it.

After some unknown response from the other end, Ji Xiaoyu’s expression turned unsightly. But still she agreed,

After hanging up, a gaze filled with hatred shot from Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes.

Author’s note:

I said I wasn’t going to update… but damn you tempting little devils, I did!

Continue voting and there’ll be more surprises~

Thanks to all the babes who voted *mwa*~

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: A little extra bit of information: In Chinese internet culture (dunno about English), ship names tend to have the more dominant person’s name first. You can read what you will with Bei Qin…

Proofreader: I want to know who the photographer is! If they are able to capture such poetic scenes, their background mustn’t be simple!

Happy April Fool’s! This is an Easter Blob Hunt! Can you find the hidden dialogues in this page?
  1. Basically, he’s being wilful. And needs beatings to discipline him.
  2. Zhi Yin (枝茵) is a homophone for “知音” which can mean soulmate or close confident.


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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