Chapter 147: Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (28)

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Apparently, the Bei couple were now filing for a divorce, causing quite a ruckus in the process.

Shi Sheng took the opportunity to rob the house while it was on fire1pei! — to fish in muddied waters.2Since Father Bei was too busy to manage Bei Enterprises, she would magnanimously lend him a hand. It didn’t take too long before those business rivals who had been initially sitting on the fence succumbed to the temptation of going after such a juicy target.

A sturdy wall would eventually collapse if a big enough crowd keeps on pushing at it.3If they don’t jump in and grab some benefits now, they wouldn’t be able to get even left-over scraps in the end.

All Shi Sheng did was supply information about Bei Enterprises; she didn’t actually make any moves on them. Without any conflict of interests, these people were naturally more willing to believe her.

“Boss, this method of yours is really… underhanded.” Her CEO gave his evaluation.

This wasn’t an above-board commercial competition. But he had to admit, it was very effective.

Which vulture wouldn’t want a peck of a fat, juicy piece of meat? Perhaps they hadn’t moved before because this meat had been guarded by a lion, but now that it has been lured away, any vulture who still wouldn’t swoop in is an idiot.

“The ends justify the means. As long as I get the results I want, it doesn’t matter what method is used to achieve it.”

‘Though the law sounds very high and mighty, it’s just of use to normal people. Look at the upper class and tell me which one of them doesn’t use loopholes in said law?’

“When are you going out of the country?”

“In a few days. I’ll leave it to you to take care of sweeping up the remainder of Bei Enterprises. As for Gao Anlang, you just have to keep an eye on him.”

Shi Sheng left the country a few days after making her arrangements.


Ji Xiaoyu had always been looking for an opportunity to get close to Bei Zhi, but the girl leaving the country completely went beyond her expectations. ‘She didn’t display any signs of wanting to abroad before so… why?’

Even when Gao Anlang summoned Ji Xiaoyu over, she was still in a muddled state.

“Ji Xiaoyu, where is she?” Not all of the bandages on his body had been taken off; his arms and legs were still bandaged.

“…Out of the country.” Ji Xiaoyu hesitantly answered.

“Out of the country? Ji Xiaoyu, from the way I see it, this was probably all just a hoax, eh?” Gao Anlang’s temper was flaring up.

Ji Xiaoyu had told him that Bei Zhi caused his injuries, so he ordered her to trick the little bitch over. But look at what happened?

After so many days, not only was the person still not brought over; she had even gone abroad.

Adding on to the fact that when he came looking for Jiang Nana, her family had scared him off with the tape, Gao Anlang was now on the edge of bursting.

“It’s not! It really was her—Jiang Nana looked for her the moment she returned! Lots of people saw it too.” Ji Xiaoyu anxiously explained.

Gao Anlang waved his hand dismissively. “No need to explain anymore. She’s already out of the country. And you’ve already said she’s close with that fellow Fu Qin. Even if I had evidence, I might not be able to do anything to her.”

Ji Xiaoyu could feel that there was something off with his words—true enough, he continued:

“Since the person in question can’t be found, then I suppose you’re going to have to be my outlet in her stead, Ji Xiaoyu.” The people standing to the side immediately stepped forward and restrained her.

“Gao Anlang, what are you doing?!”

“What am I doing?” Gao Anlang’s laughed viciously. “Why, giving you a taste of living hell, of course.”

“No!” Ji Xiaoyu’s face paled, seemingly recalling what happened last time. “Anlang-ge, please don’t. I’ll obey your every order.”

“These pleading looks of yours aren’t enough.” Gao Anlang gave a derisive laugh and signalled for them to continue.

Ji Xiaoyu was tormented in front of Gao Anlang, with no single patch of unscathed skin on her body by the time they were done with her. They had even videotaped the whole thing.

“Ji Xiaoyu, come when I call you, understand? If you dare to retaliate… this video’s going to make it to all the major websites. I guarantee you’ll be famous in an hour.”

Gao Anlang’s threat kept reverberating in her ears. She didn’t know how she had gotten home; the moment she got back, she shut herself up in the bathroom and rinsed herself over and over. She scrubbed to the point where blood started seeping out, but even then she didn’t stop.

Papa Ji hadn’t been coming home as of late. Even when he did, he’d usually be plastered, reeking of alcohol and women’s perfume, so naturally he wouldn’t be in the mood to care about Ji Xiaoyu.

Ji Xiaoyu hugged her knees as she sobbed inside the bathroom. ‘Why…? Why is it like this? I can’t accept this…’


Three years later, a woman who was pushing onto some luggage stood in the middle of a bustling airport. Her gaze landed on the young man behind her.

“So slow—didn’t you eat anything for breakfast?!”4The woman appeared rather impatient as she snapped at him.

The young man lifted his head slightly before quickening his pace. Once he caught up to her, he responded in a light voice, “No. You didn’t prepare a meal for me this morning.”

Her lips twitched. Through gritted teeth she spoke, “Do you really think I’m your babysitter, Fu Qin?!”

Fu Qin shook his head then answered seriously, “We’re already engaged. You’re my fiancée.”

Shi Sheng’s stomach ached. ‘I was forced to by System, okay?!’

These three years abroad, System had practically bullied her into completing up to the 99th mission in the chain quest.

And the 99th chain quest was to get engaged with Fu Qin. ‘These quests are fucking endless! What next? Are you going to make me have babies with him?!’

[If the Host is willing, I can add this Quest for you.] The long-absent System popped out to remind people of its presence.

‘Fuck off! Who the hell wants to make babies with Fu Qin, this imbecile?!’

“Where are the people picking us up?” Shi Sheng pushed the luggage out of the airport to be greeted by the sight of a bustling metropolis. The only thing missing was those bodyguards who had returned earlier.

Fu Qin blinked innocently as he gave a very honest reminder, “You didn’t call them.”

“Didn’t I get you to inform them?” Before they had left, she had reminded him many times already!

“I don’t remember the number.” Fu Qin’s expression remained innocent.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Well isn’t that just dandy? Fu Qin, you bastard!’

It wasn’t too hard to get a taxi at the airport. But Fu Qin, this asshole, seemed to be able to find fault in anything. If the driver was too ugly, he wouldn’t get on. If the car was too old, he wouldn’t get on. If the smell was too bad, he wouldn’t get on. If he didn’t like the decorations, he wouldn’t get on.

By the time they had tried ten cars, Shi Sheng simply entered a car and flung her ultimatum at him, “Get on or not, it’s your choice. If you won’t get on, you can just stay here then.”

Fu Qin frowned and dithered around for a bit before reluctantly boarding.

“Regal Pointe.” Shi Sheng recited an address. This was the location of the apartment Shi Sheng had bought earlier. Since she had already gotten the company to send people over to clean the place up earlier, it was fine to just move in now.

Fu Qin brought the luggage in, then started nit-picking as soon as he saw the interior, “The colour theme’s too dark, change it. The decorations are gaudy, change it. Don’t like the patterns on the rugs, change it. The tea set looks ugly—”

“Fu Qin! Do you believe if you continue quibbling, I’ll toss you out?!” Shi Sheng’s threat came from further inside.

Fu Qin pouted. “Then I guess I’ll just have to make do.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t dare to trouble you {respectful, sarcastic} to make do! I’ve already contacted your steward. They’re coming over to fetch you in a bit.”

‘I have had enough with living with this fellow! Fucking hell! Who the fuck is able to serve a fellow who gets picky with the bowl when he eats?!’

Hearing her words, he immediately entered and shut the door before carrying the luggage into the bedroom. He unpacked Shi Sheng’s clothing and diligently placed them in the wardrobe.

And put his own clothes too while he was at it.

Author’s Note

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  1. Take advantage of someone else when they are going through a crisis.
  2. Seek opportunities in tumultuous times.

  3. A large entity can be knocked over as long as there are enough people who want to do so.

  4. She’s implying he’s being weak. Since Asian logic goes: eat -> energy -> strength

    I don’t subscribe to that, but my parents do…


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