Chapter 155: Server Enemy No.1 (3)

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Shi Sheng had been blocked off in the beginner village. A group of people sporting the guild name “Drunkflower Den” above their heads had her completely surrounded.

They all continuously spammed the area chat quite enthusiastically.

[Area] Riceflower Fragrance : [clearwest, did you think this matter would be over just because you changed your name?]

[Area] Lone Cold : [clearwest, stop playing dead and say something! why did you sell us out?!]

[Area] Flowertalk Beauty : [why else if not because of jealousy of sis-in-law being together with guildmaster?]

Her tone was very sour. Back when Sang Yu’s Not Late hadn’t joined the guild, Clearwest was pretty much a permanent member of the guildmaster’s team. But once Sang Yu’s Not Late joined, Clearwest lost her place.

No matter what they said, Shi Sheng didn’t react.

[Area] Flowertalk Beauty : [don’t say we didn’t give you a chance to explain, you chose not to! freeze her! let’s gank her!]

When Flowertalk Beauty typed this, the unresponsive character suddenly moved.

After tossing a skill over at Flowertalk and company, her character disappeared from their screens. Right as they started searching for her, she suddenly appeared in their midst and tossed out ultimate skills like they were worthless.

[Area] Random Bystander : [wtf, one person can take on this many?! and it’s all ults too! GM, there’s a bug!!]

Ultimate skills, also known as “ults”, had cooldown times. But Shi Sheng was unleashing them in a chain, and the largest intervals between two utilisations was around a couple of seconds.

And her HP didn’t really drop. Even if it did, it quickly recovered to full health.

[World] Breaking News : [Latest information, Clearwest is taking on Drunkflower Den on her own at beginner village.]

[World] Green Flower on Sauerkraut : [On her own? You gotta be kidding me? Wasn’t Clearwest’s account levelled by a paid prof? Are you sure she’s taking them on all by herself?]

[World] Autumnfrost : [which beginner village?]

[World] Call Me Profiteer : [want to know? 5g for the co-ords.]

[World] Breaking News : [Alright, half of Drunkflower Den’s members have fallen and Clearwest is still unleashing ults… I think there’s a bug.]

[World] White Clouds : [GM, come out and explain why Clearwest can chain ults?! Is this a bug?]

[System] GM66 : [There’s no bug.]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [If there’s no bug, how come she can unleash unlimited ults?]

[Loudspeaker] Godly Tycoon : [Scrubs, can’t you see there’s an item called “Invincibility” in the Shop?]

The world chat fell silent for a moment but people quickly typed out messages to break it.

[World] [email protected] : [I wish to use my username to express my feelings right now.1 “Invincibility” is a purple-grade item that costs 10,000g each… Lasts for 10 minutes, removes cooldowns on ults… Can only be used once every 3 months.]

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [I am using the username of the fellow above me to express my feelings… That’s 10 f***ing thousand! For 10 minutes! 10 minutes!]

[World] I Am Soy Sauce : [Haven’t you guys noticed Godly Tycoon-ge has appeared?]

[World] [email protected] : [*hugging onto Godly Tycoon-ge’s big thigh*]

[World] Quiet Pretty Girl : [Big Brother Godly Tycoon, are you lacking any leg accessories? The beautiful, sweet-voiced, long-legged, milk-producing type.]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [the dao of begging to be kept has evolved so much?! drunkalone, take me back to Mars!]

[World] Drunkalone Undermoon : [your brother windy is still waiting for you, don’t call me.]

[World] Godly Tycoon : [Snowfall, come to Forbidden Peak.]

[World] Little Piggy : [Selfie with Godly Tycoon-ge!]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [For what? I’m not selling my body, okay?]

[World] Godly Tycoon : [Bringing you flying.]

[World] Music For Miles : [oi little drunkflower bitches! i welcome you guys to come place bounties on me anytime! not playing with you guys anymore today. ps: pls make sure to take a good look at my username, don’t mistake me for someone else.]

[World] Breaking News : [Announcing the results of Clearwest vs Drunkflower Den, Clearwest wins! Oh, wait, it’s Music For Miles now. Yep, you heard that right. Clearwest changed her username to Music For Miles, that person above me^^]

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [Clearwest, what kind of a hero are you for relying on items? Take us on solo without items if you dare!]

[World] Music For Miles : [I’m rich so I can do whatever I want! And I’m not a hero, please call me villain.]

‘Only idiots would take them on solo and naked… fishing in troubled waters is way better.’

After having purchased that item for 10,000 to gank the lot of them, Shi Sheng was feeling content.

But this item could only be used once every three months. Had it not been the case, she’d have charged over to Drunkflower Den’s base and started a massacre by now…

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [Clearwest you bitch]

System Announcement: [Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 50g on Flowertalk Beauty. Limited to 3 hours.]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [Setting bounties so willy-nilly… Rich people sure are willful. Though Flowertalk Beauty is somehow worth more than Li Suo Dashen now…]

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [I’ll be honest, I’m finding Clearwest cuter by the moment. Is it just me?]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [it’s not just you harry. I feel like Clearwest is c-c-cute! She called the drunkflowers little b!tches hahaha]

[World] Godly Tycoon : [Report Snowfall’s co-ordinates. 200 gold.]

[World] Windsong Undermoon : [Mt. Luhua 29, 345.]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon: [Hey wtf man. How could you sell me off like this? Tycoon bro, we are not hooking up! Drunkalone, save meh!!]

Shi Sheng turned off the world chat and looked over this character of hers from top to bottom. She was at level 68, two levels from hitting the cap.

The current level cap was at 70. The top six on the leaderboards had already hit the cap, so she had to level up quick.

Shi Sheng looked through the leaderboards. Li Suo was unsurprisingly 1st on the godly ranking while Call Me Profiteer was 1st on the wealth rankings.

The female lead was also on the wealth rankings, in 6th place. Her setting was that she came from a pretty wealthy family, though she earned most of her own money in-game.

Hence, she could be seen on the leaderboards for a large number of non-combat skills.

‘No wonder she was able to smash 2,000g to set a bounty for me. Tsk tsk…

This should be around the time Li Suo and Sang Yu’s Not Late got together. She must’ve been unable to continue watching me humiliate Li Suo? Or maybe she was just afraid I’d say anything…’

Shi Sheng propped up her jaw as she stared at the screen. ‘Since it’s a gaming world then making money from the game seems like it’d be interesting. But what’s the quickest way to make money in-game?’

By the time Shi Sheng finished her thought session, she discovered that her screen had turned black and white, and her character was collapsed on the ground.

Shi Sheng cursed before quickly resurrecting herself. Yet her screen darkened again just as she got up.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Which little bitch is the one ambushing me?’

Scrolling her PoV over the surroundings, she couldn’t see anyone. She checked her enemies list but there was no alert.

Shi Sheng was depressed as she clicked on the resurrect button again. The screen darkened once again.

Shi Sheng nearly tossed her mouse to the ground out of anger.

Of all the avatars playable, only one race could kill people but not appear on their history.

The ghost race.

But this race had particularly weak defences. It took just a few hits to kill them, so hardly anyone played them. Even if there were people who played them, they were all minor characters that were only around when certain dungeons required their racial skill, “Stealth Kill”.

Since she couldn’t see anyone and her enemies list wasn’t showing anything, it proved the person who ambushed her was a ghost.

Shi Sheng wasn’t in a rush to get up. Three minutes later, she was forcefully revived and killed again.

Author’s Note:

Come guess if there’ll be any more updates. (e)

  1. His username means “fuck”.


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