Chapter 172: Server Enemy No.1 (20)

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Even after Shi Sheng waited for around half an hour, Ink Seeker still hadn’t come back on, so she could only play Wooden Bellz’ account. In the game, she went about her daily routine with the Undermoons while chatting about the hidden quest.

[Loudspeaker] Li Suo : [Next Saturday at 8pm, Sang Yu’s Not Late and I are getting married. Those online then can come attend the wedding at the Temple of Love and collect money.]

This message popped up all of a sudden. Shi Sheng had to look it over twice to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. ‘Weren’t those two fighting? How come they’re getting married all of a sudden??? So it’s true fighting is a sign of taking a step forward in relationships…?’

[World] Lone Cold : [Congratulations, Dashen and Sang Yu. May you have a hundred years of bliss.]

[World] Mu Li In Love : [Big brother Li, are you really going to marry her? She’s lying to you! Please believe me!]

[World] iF@q : [Congrats Dashen]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [Congrats Boss.]

[World] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [We welcome everyone to attend the wedding.]

[World] Breaking News : [Congratulations Dashen.]

[World] ……

After a slew of congratulations, Mu Li In Love’s message soon disappeared.

Snowfall Undermoon had started chattering away in party chat.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [the drunkflower bitches are actually hosting a wedding. hey windsong, how ’bout we go crash the wedding?]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [we snatching the bride or the groom?]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [the bride of course, she’s easier to snatch]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [well if we succeed, who’s the one marrying the girl?]

Land of Gods & Demons had a system where if you managed to snatch the bride of a wedding, she would become your lawfully wedded wife. This was one of the trollier features of the game, as well as an attraction for new players.

When the marriage system had first come out, quite a few large battles were waged as a result of someone’s partner being stolen.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [of course it’ll be windsong. i’m not a lesbian]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [you really think you’re a girl just because you’re playing a female character?]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [……]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [……]

[Party] Wooden Bellz : [wont it be settled if you and tycoon got married?]

Though the Undermoons didn’t command that much respect, Godly Tycoon did. All he needed to do was speak, and he’d be able to snatch the limelight from Li Suo and Sang Yu’s Not Late.

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [lil musey’s idea sounds good]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [No objections here.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [nono, i don’t agree!]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [tycoon, gimme some money, i’ll go prepare stuff]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [dont wanna, i said i don’t wanna, don’t just decide things on your own!]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [we can set the wedding at 8]

[Party] Wooden Bellz : [stock up on fireworks and roses, we’ll use them during li suo’s wedding]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [wow lil musey, you are mean! but i like it hahaha]

If the firework “A Hundred Years of Married Bliss” and the rose visual effects “A Lifetime” were used, they would definitely be able to flood the screens of the people at the Temple of Love until they saw nothing but roses and fireworks.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [oi oi, aren’t you guys going to ask for my opinion first? i’m not getting married off, ok?!]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Your opinion doesn’t matter.]

And so, Snowfall Undermoon found himself being married off just like that.

Shi Sheng continued fooling around and bantering with them for a while. After seeing that Ink Seeker still wasn’t online, she logged off and headed home.

She spent quite some time fixing her computer, and by the time she logged on, it was already midnight. She found herself at the same place where she had logged off.

‘I knew it’d be like this… Can’t leave without completing the quest.’ Getting bored, Shi Sheng was nearly about to log off when she saw the light that accompanied a character’s log-in. Ink Seeker’s avatar slowly appeared.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [The electricity stopped. Is the quest still there?]

[PM] Music For Miles : [en, it’ll be here even if you log off. it’s late, let’s continue tomorrow]

There was a few seconds pause before Ink Seeker replied.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Okay.]

Shi Sheng simply shut off her computer and went to bed.

The next day, she didn’t even have time to go online before the servants informed her she had to go to school…

So she could only pack up her things and head to school.

Because there were new students, Shi Sheng saw a lot of second—and third—year seniors helping out their new juniors.

Since Chu Yunxi had a heart condition, her family was constantly worried about her, so they had specialised personnel following her at all times. Naturally, she wouldn’t need anyone else’s help anymore.

“Miss, please wait a moment while I help you retrieve your things.”

Shi Sheng nodded slightly. She strolled around the school grounds randomly and felt the environment was rather satisfactory.

On the way back, she noticed there were two girls walking behind her, one of them seeming very excited as she chattered away.

“I heard Senior Dongfang’s going to give a speech at freshman orientation! We might be able to catch a glimpse of him!”

“Who’s Senior Dongfang?”

“Look at yourself, you play games the whole day to the point of not even knowing who Senior Dongfang is! He’s Dongfang Li ah! The Dongfang Li from Computer Science. You know, the dream lover of countless girls? Please keep up more with the trends, okay?”

“…Okay, then. How’d you know he was coming this way?”

“Just now, I went to the staff office and overheard him and the Headmaster talking about it. Ah! Just thinking about being able to see Senior Dongfang makes me excited!”

“Go ahead, keep fangirling.”

“So what if I’m a fangirl? If it’s Senior Dongfang, I’m willing to be one for life! If I had a boyfriend like him, I’d die with no regrets.”

“Pfft~ Be more realistic. Would someone like him fall for you?”

“Anything’s possible! What if Senior Dongfang just so happened to like me? Am I right?”

Shi Sheng slowed down and turned her head slightly to look at the two girls having a conversation. The one acting overly excited was a girl with short hair who looked fairly cute.

The girl beside her had a clean look. Though her features weren’t exquisite, they were comfortable to look at. With such a pretty face, her hair tied into a ponytail, and her denim skirt, she exuded purity.

Chu Yunxi had never seen the female lead in real life before, but the short-haired girl had mentioned Dongfang Li just now.

Dongfang Li was the male lead.

‘According to how it usually goes with female leads, she has to have no impression of the male lead and not fall for him instantly. That way the male lead will get interested. And this girl certainly fits how the female lead was described: pure, pure, pure all the way.’

Shi Sheng’s gaze had probably been too strong, for the girl raised her head to look at her. She gave Shi Sheng a smile.

‘Smile smile smile for what? I(bbb) won’t give you any candy!’

Shi Sheng’s dislike of female leads was nearly instinctual. She calmly shifted her gaze.

The atmosphere turned awkward. The girl was only slightly stunned for a moment before she shifted her gaze and continued conversing with the other short-haired girl, pretending nothing had happened.

“Sang Yu, come over for a bit.”

Someone in the distance signalled at them. As expected, the girl Shi Sheng had labelled the female lead raised her head, making a sound of acknowledgement before running over with her friend.

‘Well, now I’m sure that’s the FL.’ Shi Sheng stood there for a while, staring at the departing figure of Sang Yu with a calm gaze. That she was in the same school as the female lead came as a bit of a surprise. After all, Chu Yunxi hadn’t survived to the part of the plot concerning the real world.

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