Chapter 187 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (3)

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Their Miss’ unusual behaviour caused those who often used her name to instigate trouble to be very confused.

‘How much do they actually care about Shen Yaoguang? The higher a person’s status, the more brilliant they are, the less people they can trust.’

This was human nature.

When you are equals with the other, they can readily approach you as a friend, a confidante. But once you obtain some superiority, feelings of unfairness, jealousy and envy would spawn at the bottom of their hearts.

Only when Shen Yaoguang had been sent away by the Shen Clan had she understood this principle.

Shi Sheng looked at the furnace in her hand and sighed as she wondered what to do with it. ‘This is the Medicine King’s Furnace? Black all over… Damn, it’s ugly… What am I gonna do with it? Giving it to the FL is definitely a no go, but I don’t have any use for it…

Me? Make pills? Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not doing something that tiring!’

Low-level pills weren’t very rare in the Nine Provinces Continent, but high-level ones had demand yet lacked supply.

It was because of the fact that Qin Langyue had possessed the Medicine King’s Furnace that allowed her to manufacture high-level pills, causing many experts to flock to her banner.

Shi Sheng couldn’t think of how to deal with the Medicine King’s Furnace, so she could only leave it be for now.


Qin Langyue’s revealed cultivation level and young age designated her as a very promising student. She hadn’t even entered yet, but several instructors had already begun fighting for her.

In the end, she chose Zhong Shiyi, same as what had originally happened.

Zhong Shiyi wasn’t just anyone; he was the Vice Chairman of the Alchemist Association.

Shi Sheng’s teacher was Ye Tiannan, a very weird-looking uncle. There was nothing mysterious about him; he just gave the impression of a hobo.

Fortunately, he seemed to possess some ability. However, since he was rivals with Zhong Shiyi, he had ended up rather terribly in the future thanks to Qin Langyue.

“Heya, Yaoguang’s back! Great! I was just planning on teaching the new students! Follow me!”

Shi Sheng was greeted by that annoying voice the moment she set foot in “Hobo” Ye Tiannan’s domain.

“For what? To abuse them?” Though Shi Sheng really didn’t feel like replying, she knew he’d just become more enthusiastic the more she ignored him.

“Yaoguang, that’s not cute! How could you abuse them?” Ye Tiannan corrected disapprovingly, “We’re going to educate them.”

He then spoke with greater anticipation, “I heard Zhong Shiyi’s new disciple is present too! We definitely have to go and educate her properly!”

Shi Sheng’s lip twitched. ‘This weirdo deserves to be cannon fodder! You want to educate the FL? Are you not aware that she comes with an alarm system pre-installed?’

In the end, Shi Sheng was still dragged to the field by Ye Tiannan.

Teachers took turns to highlight the key points to take note of to newly enrolled students. Coincidentally, it was Ye Tiannan’s turn today.

If you eliminated his sloven appearance, provided him a good haircut, and trimmed his beard, he would appear quite handsome. A pity…he was going for the hobo look.

After Ye Tiannan had briefly reviewed the instructions for new students, he immediately ordered people to partner up and duel.

“Qin Langyue, you come duel Yaoguang.” When he felt the time was ripe, Hobo Uncle promptly revealed his true motives as he stared gloatingly at Qin Langyue.

A hint of disgust flashed in Qin Langyue’s eyes, as she assumed Hobo Uncle was coveting her looks.

Qin Langyue was clearly thinking too much. Hobo Uncle was merely relishing at the prospects of his student dominating his bitter rival’s student.

Qin Langyue glanced at Shi Sheng and frowned, “Teacher, Senior Yaoguang is already at the third level of Spirit King. I’ve only reached the first, so I’m definitely no match for her.”

Qin Langyue recognised Shen Yaoguang. After all, she was a prominent genius in the academy.

‘She’s not that much older than me but she’s merely at the third level of Spirit King.’

One couldn’t blame Qin Langyue for her thoughts since she had spent a mere three months to cultivate from Spiritualist to Spirit King.

“Oh that doesn’t matter! It’s just a duel! A friendly exchange of pointers!” Hobo Uncle refused to give up. “Yaoguang, go and duel with your junior.”

Shi Sheng was utterly exasperated. ‘I don’t wanna fight with the FL dammit! I can’t even kill her, the damn rules won’t let me…’

Urged by Hobo Uncle, Qin Langyue was forced to agree to a match.

Shi Sheng exerted maximum effort to control her killing intent and view it as a mere duel.

Residing in cultivation worlds far longer than Qin Langyue, Shi Sheng was much more adept at manipulating spirit energy than the former. She had also combined some of the cultivation spells into a few moves. Taking these aspects into consideration, Qin Langyue lost before ten moves had been exchanged.

Qin Langyue knew she had already tried her best—her opponent was just too powerful. ‘I’m not her match right now.’

Shi Sheng shrugged at Hobo Uncle, “Can I go now? …Teacher.”

‘Luckily the FL didn’t go for fatal moves, else I dunno how I’d clean up the aftermath.’

Hobo Uncle was about to nod his head when a beam of spirit energy fell from the sky and landed next to his leg. Shi Sheng retreated a few steps from the aftershock.

“Ye Tiannan! You’re a teacher yet you’re bullying the new students?!” A deep voice rumbled from the sky.

The owner of the voice, a man who was stepping on nothing but air, rushed over, leaving behind afterimages as he landed in front of Qin Langyue. “Lass, are you okay?”

“Oi you old fogey! What nonsense are you babbling now? Since when have I bullied the new students?” Hobo Uncle’s temper immediately flared up. “Yaoguang, did you bully them?”

Shi Sheng, who had been addressed, “…” ‘What’s this got to do with me?!’

Taking in a deep breath, Shi Sheng spoke calmly, “It was just a duel—”

Shi Sheng was interrupted by Zhong Shiyi, “Humph! Who are you kidding? Everyone knows you two are in cahoots! Miss Shen, don’t get too cocky! Know your limits!”

Shi Sheng who had been addressed, “…”

‘Hey, I haven’t even shown you real unruliness yet! How could you just randomly toss that blame on me?’

Shi Sheng scoffed coldly and her aura suddenly changed. It turned sharper and wilder than before. “So what if I’m being unruly? I have the qualifications to do so, so why should I rein myself in?”

Her expression was filled with arrogance. Though her eyes were as calm as still water, one could still sense the utter contempt and disregard for others in them.

“That’s right Yaoguang!” Hobo Uncle didn’t seem to have noticed Shi Sheng’s change in aura as he clapped his hands exaggeratedly.

Zhong Shiyi was stunned by Shi Sheng’s sudden change in aura. At that moment, he felt like he was facing an ultimate expert, not a girl who hadn’t even reached 20 years of age.

‘How can such a young girl exude such an aura?’

When he tried to focus on her again though, he wasn’t able to sense that feeling from her anymore. Arrogance and complete disregard was all that was left. ‘I knew I was imagining things…’

“Miss Shen, though I admit you have strength, there are plenty of others stronger than you! Allow me to give you a word of advice: Don’t be too overbearing. There’s always a better heaven, a better person.”

“Oh.” Shi Sheng paused, before her lips pursed in a shallow smile and spoke maliciously, “Then I guess I’ll be both of those things.”

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