Chapter 198 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (14)

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The atmosphere was especially tense. If stares could kill Shi Sheng would’ve already been stabbed to death several times by Zhong Shiyi’s glares.

The Principal discussed with the Sentinel for a bit, resulting in the latter halting Nine Silences Hall’s provocations. He gave Shi Sheng a meaningful look before leading Nine Silences Hall’s people away once more.

After the Sentinel left, the Principal soon followed suit, albeit in much more of a huff.

Zhong Shiyi was worried about his student, so he didn’t linger for long, but it was clear that this matter wasn’t over.

Hobo Uncle rushed over to Shi Sheng with an expression filled with praise on his scraggly face, “Yaoguang, good job! I’ve never seen that old fogey so helpless before! Damn, that makes me so happy!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Hobo Uncle has quite a different way of thinking ah! Normally, wouldn’t you be asking me about my connection to Nine Silences Hall right about now? What’s with that “My student is very amazing, I’m very proud, I’m very happy” look for?!’

“They definitely aren’t going to just let this matter rest though. Don’t worry! As your teacher, I definitely won’t allow them to harm a single hair on your head!” Ye Tiannan’s expression turned serious.

“Thank you, teacher.” Shi Sheng thanked him very politely, causing Bu Jingyun to feel surprised. ‘This woman could act so politely?’

Hobo Uncle magnanimously waved his hand, “No need to thank me. You’re still my student. While you’re in the Academy, this is my responsibility as your teacher.”

Hobo Uncle reminded her of a few more things to look out for before leaving in a hurry.

Now that all the important figures had left, the surrounding crowd also dispersed, though there were still a few who remained behind to point and gossip about Shi Sheng and Bu Jingyun. After all, it was hard to miss the angelic ‘beauty’ Bu Jingyun.

Shi Sheng’s eyes rolled in their sockets as she thought for a moment before tugging at Bu Jingyun’s sleeve. “Come on, I’ll take you to beat someone up.”

Bu Jingyun didn’t get the chance to raise any objections before he was dragged along by Shi Sheng. ‘Just where does this girl get so much strength from? Simply unthinkable!’


Jun Hanlin had left before the crowd had dispersed. Originally, he had planned to misdirect others into thinking that Shen Yaoguang was in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall, but his plans had been foiled. More accurately, she was cockier than expected.

Honestly speaking, this was the first time Jun Hanlin had encountered such an odd woman. No matter how many plots one hatched, if the intended victim didn’t act as expected, it was all for naught.

Jun Hanlin still wasn’t willing to give up. He didn’t believe he was unable to destroy this woman. ‘Can she still be so brazen if she doesn’t have any backing?’

Just when he had found his resolve, Jun Hanlin’s world turned black as he was stuffed into a sack. His body was numbed, and he couldn’t move a single muscle.

By the time he could once again see the light, his surroundings had changed; he was now in a forest clearing. The person who stood in front of him wasn’t one of his usual bullies like he had expected, but the person he had just been thinking about.

Shen Yaoguang!

“Seventh Prince, is it fun to play the pig to eat the tiger? Pity you got in over your head. Think I, Shi- Shen Yaoguang, am so easy to bully? Actually tried to manipulate public opinion against me, must’ve been fun ah!”

Jun Hanlin, “…”

Never had he expected that she would just outright kidnap him.

Jun Hanlin’s limbs were slowly regaining their ability to feel sensations, but he didn’t reveal any signs as he stared at her. “The Eldest Young Miss of the Shen Clan is truly out of the ordinary.”

“Like I needed you to tell me that.” Shi Sheng raised her chin. “Well, that’s enough nonsense. The drug’s going to wear off soon.”

Jun Hanlin felt like smashing his head against a wall, “…”

‘I was planning on stalling till it wore off! Why’d you have to say it out loud?!’

Shi Sheng turned to Bu Jingyun. “Where are your guys at? Call two of them out and get them to beat this guy up!”

Jun Hanlin followed Shi Sheng’s gaze to Bu Jingyun, who was currently standing with only his side facing him. Although Jun Hanlin could only see a profile, it was enough for him to make out that this man’s features were absolutely stunning…

“…Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“If I had to carry out these kinds of minor actions myself, what’s the point of you raising those group of people for?”

‘If I could beat him up, I’d have already done so, okay?’

“What do my people have anything to do with you?” Bu Jingyun maintained his aloof face, his eyes cold.

“You’re already mine. Of course everything you have is mine too.” Shi Sheng glared at him. “Why’re you suddenly so chatty? Hurry up and call ‘em! What, you wanna die?”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘You only know how to scold me! Hmph!’

Bu Jingyun waved his hand and two people wearing the Nine Silences Hall’s uniform jumped down from the thick canopies on the side. “Hallmaster.”

“Shen Yaoguang, let’s be reasonable and talk!” Seeing the two disciples were rapidly closing in on him, Jun Hanlin’s attention was brought back from Bu Jingyun’s looks. “Nothing much to talk about.” Shi Sheng’s lip curled. “I haven’t even settled last time’s score with the assassins, yet you’ve already come out to plot against me again. Jun Hanlin, looks like you’re really tired of living. You two, beat him up! If you live, great. If you die, too bad.”

“Shen— Oof!”

Jun Hanlin grunted as his abdomen was hit. His body curled up like a shrimp from the pain. Without giving him a chance to take a breather, another fist landed on his gut.

Since he got beatings nearly every day, Jun Hanlin was actually rather tough. Shi Sheng was beginning to ponder over whether or not she should just get them to stab him, though she eventually dismissed the idea.

‘I’ll(bbb) let the FL do the tormenting. All I(bbb) have to do is spectate.’

Shi Sheng squatted down in front of the bloodied, swollen-faced Jun Hanlin, her eyes gleaming. “Jun Hanlin, you better stop sending people to assassinate me, y’hear? You won’t be able to kill me anyways, so why waste energy? Save your resources, it’s not easy to train people.”

“Shen Yaoguang, if you don’t kill me now, there’ll come a day when I’ll make you beg me on your knees!”

‘This damnable woman!’

“Oh? Does that mean you want me to kill you now? Well since it’s your wish, I have to satisfy you!” Shi Sheng gave a proper nod before suddenly standing up and pulling out her sword.

She waved her sword in the air, generating currents of air.

Jun Hanlin glared at Shi Sheng, his teeth clenched. ‘I’ll admit I lost today! I lost because I underestimated her and miscalculated her personality! I’ll still be a good man in twenty years1!’

But would the male lead really die that easily?

Using her own first-hand experience, Shi Sheng would tell you: Nope!

Just as her sword was about to cut Jun Hanlin in half, a powerful white light burst forth from his body. Shi Sheng was knocked back by the light.

Bu Jingyun subconsciously caught her, but because of his injury and prior mistreatment in a certain someone’s hands, he didn’t have much strength. Thus, both of them fell to the ground.

Shi Sheng pulled Bu Jingyun and positioned them to allow her body to cushion his fall. Bu Jingyun ended up landing on top of her, and their eyes met.

Bu Jingyun was stunned. His face quickly blushed unnaturally, until even his ears were bright red.

However, the next moment caused his face to turn dark.

There was no clichéd kiss or anything of the sort. There was merely Shi Sheng’s muttering through clenched teeth, “The hell did you grow up eating? Damn you’re heavy!”

‘This woman not only thinks I’m old, she thinks I’m heavy too?! Simply…!

Do I look that old?! I’m clearly not old at all! Hmph!’

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Translator’s Corner:

ML Sheng all the way!!!

  1. This is a reference to reincarnation. Not the time reversing type. The type that usually occurs after someone’s died. Usually you don’t get to keep your memories. Anyway, this phrase is used as a motivator like “I ain’t afraid of dying! I’ll just reincarnate and I’ll still be a man in twenty years!”

    I don’t really get it since… they could always reincarnate as a girl.


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