Chapter 207 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (23)

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“City Lord is back?” The surrounding crowd started muttering amongst themselves in low voices.

“I saw her leave the city that time with my own eyes, but I never saw her come back ah…”

Their City Lord always appeared and disappeared mysteriously; finding her was harder than ascending the heavens.

“Closing the gates at this time… what is the City Lord planning?”

“The ones visiting the city recently are influential people in the Nine Provinces, isn’t the City Lord afraid of offending them? But damn if it doesn’t feel good! Those people are always thinking so highly of themselves and looking down on us, but now they’re being locked outside by our City Lord! Hahaha! Feels awesome!”

Pretty much all the inhabitants of Four-Square City had some form of enmity with other people from the Nine Provinces. If it wasn’t because they were murderers who the Nine Provinces couldn’t allow to roam free, it was because they had to hide from their enemies.

So it was quite natural that the inhabitants weren’t exactly pleased to see so many people from the Nine Provinces arriving at their city.

It didn’t take long for the ones that had already entered the city to stir up some trouble with the natives.

Since their City Lord hadn’t said anything before, they could only harbour this resentment deep in their hearts.

The people blocking Qin Langyue looked at one another. “Lil’ lady, our City Lord’s given the order. The gates are going to be closed soon, so if you still don’t want to hand over the protection fee, we can only kick you out. It’s not safe outside the city at night; the magic beasts from Sunset Forest come out to hunt sometimes.”

Sunset Forest was the name of the forest just outside Four-Square City. It dominated a large area; so large that no one had ever traversed it in its entirety before. There were countless magic beasts inside, so it was a place where many people chose to go polish their skills.

Qin Langyue frowned. “It’s still day, why does your City Lord want to close the gates?”

It was just barely past noon, so there was still a lot of time before night fell. Closing the city gates without any rhyme or reason caused many to smell a rat.

“How should we know what our City Lord is thinking?” The youth scoffed. This was the first order the City Lord had given ever since she came to power.

“Lil’ girl, you comin’ in or not? Look, the gatekeepers are already here.”

Sure enough, several large men were walking over. They didn’t stop to waste any words as they started shooing people out of the gates.

An independent group of cultivators had always been managing Four Square City’s gates, so in the event that the City Lord was replaced, the gates would continue their operation.

“Get out! All of you! City Lord says no one is allowed in anymore! What’re you lot standing there for? Scram! Be quick about it!”

“Oi what’s with you all? Do you people still have the law in your eyes?!”

The big man just laughed coldly and looked at the person who spoke out. “The law? In Four-Square City, the City Lord is the law!”

“Isn’t this city meant for people to stay in? How can you guys just refuse to let us past the door? Isn’t that too unreasonable?”

“Yeah! Why should we be kicked out? It’s dangerous out here at night! Let us in!”

“Let us in! Let us in!”

After that shout, the gatekeepers began blocking off the city gates. A riot broke out as the people who gained entry got kicked out, joining the ones wanting to enter the city.

“What’re you guys making such a ruckus for? Don’t blame me for being rude if you continue!” One of the gatekeepers suddenly launched a ball of green spirit energy.

The crowd quietened down instantly. ‘Spirit Sage… this man is actually a Spirit Sage!’

Spirit Sages were usually capable of obtaining the position of Elder in any of the major sects or clans.

‘But in Four-Square City, Spirit Sages are used to shut gates…?!’

The cultivators in Four-Square City were stronger than those outside by quite a bit. After all, they not only had to face the threat of other humans, they also had to deal with the dangers from Sunset Forest. The ones who hadn’t been hard-working enough had long since died.

Naturally, the only ones who could survive were the ones who had both strength and skill.

But Spirit Sage cultivators weren’t commonplace either. Four-Square City had only around 10 Spirit Sages.

“Might I ask this brother the reason as to why we are being locked outside the city gates?” Qin Langyue was standing closer to the gatekeepers, so her voice could be easily heard now that everyone had quietened down.

“Yeah! You have to at least give us a reason for not letting us in, right?”

Big Man had a poker face on as he replied, “We’re just following our City Lord’s orders. As to the reason behind them, how would we know?”

“Then call your City Lord out! A puny City Lord is trying to lock us all out of the city? Does he know how many people he’ll offend?”

Big Man just stared at them coldly. ‘Even we don’t get to see our City Lord, but you guys want to meet her? You dreaming?’

“Do tell, how many would be offended?” A melodious voice suddenly interrupted.

The agitated man didn’t seem to have realized that the person he was speaking to had changed, for he spoke, “Excluding us, every major clan, and even the imperial family—”

That man hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by a piercing shout from someone in the crowd.

“Shen Yaoguang!”

Shen Yaoguang. There was no need for any explanation; just the name alone was enough to get all eyes gathered onto the girl who had appeared behind them at some point.

She was wearing a purple-coloured long skirt, but unlike what other girls would wear, her skirt appeared to be much more convenient for fighting. However, that did nothing to detract from its gorgeousness. Tassels hung from her waist as her skirt gracefully billowed. A gentle wind was enough to sway the hem of the skirt.

The young lady’s features were exquisite, her skin as white as jade. The corners of her lips were raised slightly, making her seem like she was smiling, yet at the same time filled with contempt and ridicule.

This was the Shen Yaoguang that destroyed the entire Shen Clan in a single night.

Qin Langyue looked Shi Sheng over. ‘She actually seems completely fine… and it looks like her cultivation has even increased!’

“Shen Yaoguang, why are you here?” Having destroyed the Shen Clan, Shi Sheng was now the target of contempt and disdain of nearly everyone in the Nine Provinces. Hence the reason for why Qin Langyue was so surprised to see her here.

“How’s it any of your business where I am?” Shi Sheng nearly rolled her eyes.

Qin Langyue’s face darkened. Jiang Mu released killing intent, appearing as if he was planning on killing her at a moment’s notice.

“Chase ‘em all out. Find the ones that have already entered and toss ‘em out too!” Shi Sheng simply ignored Jiang Mu’s killing intent as she gave orders to Big Man.

Big Man was still in a state of confused disbelief. ‘I actually laid eyes on City Lord today? And now I even get to know her name… Shen Yaoguang… Why is City Lord’s name so pretty?’

Big Man finally came to his senses upon hearing Shi Sheng’s words. “Very well, City Lord. This one will definitely carry out your orders.”

‘Not only is City Lord strong, she’s pretty too! Whoever manages to marry her in the future is one lucky guy!’ Big Man blindly worshipped Shi Sheng inwardly.

“What?! She’s the City Lord?!” Someone in the crowd yelled, “Do you know what kind of person she is? She killed off her entire clan! Yet you guys still let her be your City Lord?!”

“Four-Square City’s rules: Winner takes all.” Big Man’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

Who in Four-Square city didn’t have blood on their hands? Killing one’s entire clan wasn’t that big of a deal. Many of the disciples who hadn’t gone out to gain experience yet didn’t know much about Four-Square City—they only knew that the people here weren’t to be trifled with. Hardly anyone had figured out all the ins and outs of Four-Square City though.

They had no way of retorting to Big Man’s words.

But it was still humiliating to have been locked out of the city by someone who was spat upon by everyone in the Nine Provinces. Hence, there were some who were secretly thinking of making a move.

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