Chapter 216 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (32)

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Shi Sheng was naturally unaware of what happened to Qin Langyue—she had enough trouble on her plate at the moment.

Ever since people knew she had returned to Four-Square City, and because nobody was willing to just give up on the Rainbow Lotus, Shi Sheng had to deal with wave after wave of people asking for death—since there was no way the city gates could just be shut forever.

“For you.” The box containing the Rainbow Lotus was handed over to her by Bu Jingyun, who was wearing red again.

“What do you mean ‘for me’?” ‘I don’t need this Mary Sue…’

“I’m giving it to you, so just take it!”

Shi Sheng, “…” I(bbb) gave you this, okay? Why are you giving it back?’

Bu Jingyun humphed before just placing the box beside Shi Sheng then turned to leave.

Her lips twitched in response. ‘This fellow’s getting more and more tsun… Why didn’t I just let those eagles claw him to death that day?’

Shi Sheng looked at the Rainbow Lotus before her eyes curved in contemplation, her lips revealing a strange smile. ‘Didn’t you guys want this Rainbow Lotus? Fine! I’ll(bbb) give it to you!’


Four-Square City was very busy as of late. Their queer City Lord was playing a new game; she’d invited all the major powers of the Nine Provinces over.

‘Putting aside the matter of whether or not they’ll actually come, wouldn’t they try to get back at us for locking them out of Four-Square City the last time?

Don’t know what City Lord is thinking…’

Not just these normal people, even Bu Jingyun didn’t really know what she was thinking. ‘Why’d she stir up those people for no reason?’

And then Bu Jingyun laid his eyes on a copy of the invitations she sent out.

Other than the name of the invited person, there was only one row of words:

Want the Rainbow Lotus? Come to Four-Square City.

Now he really didn’t know what was going on in that head of hers.

The recipients had no clue either, but the temptation of the Rainbow Lotus was too great; even if it was a trap, they were perfectly willing to jump into it—risk and reward came in equal proportions. They knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch.

A few months later, Four-Square City turned lively once more.

The streets were crammed with people, and such crowded conditions gave rise to many fights.

Qin Langyue was only one among many who entered the city, with Zhong Shiyi by her side. A black robe completely covered her bloated body and underneath the black veil she wore, her expression was utterly marred by cruel, vicious hatred.

“Don’t worry. As long as we obtain the Rainbow Lotus, you’ll be able to recover.” Zhong Shiyi patted Qin Langyue as he spoke words of comfort.

“Thank you, teacher.” Qin Langyue answered in a low voice.

Zhong Shiyi sighed. His most treasured disciple had actually been forced to this point by others.

Qin Langyue’s features twisted even more when her gaze landed on the slight bump on her belly.

Had Zhong Shiyi not told her she couldn’t abort it, she wouldn’t have thought twice about doing so.

She didn’t know if the abomination in her stomach was the Snake King’s or the Wolf King’s, but no matter which, it was a subject of humiliation. And was it not because of this disgrace that she was in her current state? How could she not hate it?

‘Fortunately I still have a chance to turn this around. As long as I get the Rainbow Lotus, I can regain my youthful looks.’

“City Lord’s coming over…” The crowd stirred. Someone pushed Qin Langyue to the side. She would have nearly fallen to the ground if it were not for Zhong Shiyi, who supported her.

The crowd suddenly parted for two: a purple-robed woman and a man clad in red. They made for a lovely couple as they walked in from the city gates.

Upon laying her eyes on Shi Sheng, thick killing intent emanated from Qin Langyue. Fortunately for her, quite a few people wanted to kill Shi Sheng right now as well, thus, hers went unnoticed among all the killing intent also projected in the air.

Zhong Shiyi pulled Qin Langyue and shook his head at her, wordlessly telling her not to be reckless.

Qin Langyue took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. ‘Shen Yaoguang, I guess I’ll let you live a little longer.’

Her gaze then landed on the man next to Shi Sheng, her pupils shrinking as she did so. ‘It’s him! The man who has the Medicine King’s Furnace!’


On the appointed day, everyone arrived early and took their spots.

The ones who stood out the most were Qin Langyue, because she was fully covered in a black robe, and a man wearing a mask.

That man had a powerful aura and a sharp gaze. Because of this, no one dared to get close to him, so his immediate surroundings were clear of people.

Inside Four-Square City was a square surrounded by buildings where all the invited people gathered. As a crowd filled the square, Shi Sheng appeared on the second floor carrying a box with her. With a contented expression on her face, she gave the crowd below a greeting, “Hi! Long time no see!”

A strange silence befell the gathered crowd.

The one to break it was a tall, whiskered man. “Shen Yaoguang, what’re you playing at?”

His rough and bold voice seemingly caused the building to shake a bit.

Shi Sheng leaned against the banister on the second floor, her gaze calm as she looked at Whiskers Man. “Come on, I’m a City Lord. What do you mean by just calling me ‘Shen Yaoguang this’, ‘Shen Yaoguang that’?”

“I’m already giving you face by calling you Shen Yaoguang! You know what those people out there call you?” Whiskers Man flew into a rage.

A thin man beside him immediately pulled him back. With cunning pretty much written all over his face, ‘Monkey spirit’ was probably the best way to describe him.

He first calmed down Whiskers Man before saluting Shi Sheng and nodding his head. “City Lord Shen, don’t take his words to heart. We were invited here by you, so you’re the host and we, your guests. Do be more forgiving.”

“You mean to say I can’t retort if he insults me, can’t retaliate if he hits me? ” Shi Sheng asked with a raised brow.

‘So what if I’m the host? Did I force them to come?’

Monkey-Spirit Man was stumped for words. ‘I clearly didn’t mean it like that…’

“City Lord Shen, let’s just cut to the chase. We’re all here for the Rainbow Lotus. Tell us what it’ll take for you to give it to us—an auction or what?” Someone got impatient and spoke.

Shi Sheng set the box on the banister, drawing all eyes to it. The atmosphere turned tense with undercurrents.

The box was opened, and a powerful surge of spirit energy escaped. Everyone suddenly felt comfort settle in both their mind and body.

The greed and lust in their gazes became even more obvious; so fierce were their hunger that their eyes seemed as if they could light the very air ablaze with need.

Naturally, there were some who were beginning to lose their reason to temptation.

“The reason I called you guys here…” Shi Sheng’s words were drawn out as she began lifting the Rainbow Lotus out of the box, causing the colours of its petals to dim slightly.

“Don’t take it out!” Someone immediately shouted. “It’ll lose its effects!”

The Rainbow Lotus was still half in the box, the other half exposed to the air. Shi Sheng glanced at the man, before carrying on leisurely , “I called you guys here so that you could witness the destruction of the Rainbow Lotus. That way, you guys will stop bothering me about this.”


Everyone’s eyes widened. ‘What…did she just say? Why can’t we understand it? Was she not speaking human?

…Watch how the Rainbow Lotus is destroyed?!’

And then, Shi Sheng fully took the Rainbow Lotus out of the box, exposing it to the air under everyone’s stupefied gaze.

“Shen Yaoguang!” A wretched, enraged shriek from Qin Langyue pulled everyone back to their senses. Using their spirit energy to jump into the air, everyone attempted to snatch the Rainbow Lotus.

But Shi Sheng wasn’t afraid at all. She remained standing there, composed, with her lips curved in a mocking smile.

Just as they reached the second floor, they suddenly plummeted to the ground like rocks.

Like dominoes, many soon fell to the ground . Even those that managed to remain standing didn’t have much strength, so they didn’t dare to move.

“Don’t waste your breath. Ever since you lot first stepped in here, you’ve been poisoned.” Upon hearing this, they immediately thought of forcing the poison out using spirit energy, but—

“A friendly reminder: Using spirit energy will hasten your death.”

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