Chapter 228 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (10)

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An Su told the old Butler that she’d traversed all the way out here at a certain someone’s behest. And that someone was Qi Mo’s daughter.

The old man could confirm that Qi Mo did have a daughter who was studying at the same school as An Su. They’d last heard from her 10 days ago, but hadn’t heard anything else ever since.

And now, An Su was telling them that Qi Nian had actually already died a week ago.

Because she had yin-yang eyes, An Su was able to see the deceased Qi Nian’s spirit. Qi Nian pleaded with An Su to save her father.

Qi Nian was more of a loner at school, and her relationship with her family wasn’t too good either. The emergency contact information she gave to the school wasn’t very accurate, and none of her other classmates had known anything about Qi Nian’s family situation when An Su had asked.

An Su had tried to use the information Qi Nian supplied when she enrolled into the school, but had found that the place was currently under renovation. She couldn’t find anyone who knew about Qi Nian’s real address.

As a result, no one at the mansion knew that Qi Nian had died even after a whole week had passed.

Fortunately, Qi Nian had told An Su about this place before. But since she wasn’t familiar with the area, she had only just found it in the middle of the night.

After listening to An Su’s story, the old man immediately called the school. The news they gave him was roughly the same as what An Su had said.

Hanging up the phone, the old man appeared sapped of all his strength as his legs gave out from underneath him, weakened by the sudden blow of the unexpected tragedy..

‘Sir is already at death’s door, and now the Young Miss is gone too.’

An Su could only offer him an apologetic look. “Sorry Uncle Butler, I was afraid you wouldn’t have believed me if I just told you upfront…so I found an excuse.”

The old man’s muddy eyes were suddenly filled with tears and he unexpectedly started bawling. He had watched his Young Miss grow up. How could she be gone, just like that?

An Su was at a loss as to what to do with this weeping old man before her. She could only rush forward to support him. “Uncle Butler, don’t be like this. Qi Nian’s father still needs you. I promised her I’d save her father.”

“Did you see who attacked you?” Feng Jin simply ignored the sobbing old man who was currently bawling his eyes out like a child and directed his dark gaze towards An Su.

An Su helped the grieving old man to a chair before sighing, “It all happened too quickly. I didn’t get a good look…”

Other than being able to see ghosts, all she knew were a couple of simple spells. She knew she was overreaching here, but she had been unable to reject Qi Nian’s final plea.

“I’m hungry,” Shi Sheng abruptly spoke up. She had been feeling hungry ever since she came here. ‘Ghosts get really scary when they’re hungry, you know? Are you done yet?’

Feng Jin briefly swept his gaze over her before lowering his eyes and walking out.

“Do you think it was a human or a ghost that did it?” Shi Sheng drifted behind Feng Jin. Without waiting for his reply, she rubbed her chin and gave her opinion, “There’s plenty of amusing stuff around here.”

“Nalan Ying’s going to come soon.” Feng Jin suddenly spoke up.

Shi Sheng subconsciously replied, “An Su’s here. Of course he’s coming.”

‘How’s he going to keep screwing her if he doesn’t experience trials with her?’

She then reacted as to what Feng Jin had meant by telling her that. She smiled very happily. “It’s gonna be more fun with Nalan Ying around.”

Feng Jin’s expression didn’t change as he looked back at her. ‘She definitely knows something. But… ever since we arrived at the mansion, she’s never left my field of vision. The only time she has, was when she went out during noon for a little while.

But last night, she seemed to know something. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have brought her here.’


Perhaps it was because An Su was Qi Nian’s schoolmate, and had received her last request, but the Butler had told her everything he knew. As a result, An Su could now openly inspect the entire mansion.

Once she got to Madam Qi’s room, she saw Shi Sheng float through the door. Soon after, shrieks of terror could be heard coming from inside the room.

Those piercing cries nearly shattered An Su’s eardrums. She hurriedly ran to the room’s door, and pushed it open.

Madam Qi had fallen in front of the dressing table. There were several streaks of blood decorating the mirror. By the time she’d entered, Shi Sheng was already wiping the blood streaks away in an unhurried fashion. She then calmly floated back out of the room.

“Why did you scare her?” An Su suddenly grabbed onto Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng only aimed a strange look at her hand that was currently being pulled by An Su. She felt a bit of warmth, but apart from that, there was no other sensation.

“Because it’s fun,” Shi Sheng jerked her hand back before staring at the spot An Su touched thoughtfully.

An Su’s lips twitched. ‘You scared her just because you found it fun?’

An Su wanted to continue speaking, but a servant who had heard all the commotion had arrived, and Shi Sheng used the opportunity to float out of the room.

When she returned to her room, Feng Jin was still in the same position he was in when she’d left.

After meandering around the doorway for a few seconds, she appeared to have decided on something and glided over to Feng Jin.

Feng Jin looked up only to see a shadowy white blur and felt a cool sensation wrap around his wrist.

Shi Sheng bore with the intense burning pain as she rapidly concentrated the sparse spirit energy left in her body into her fingertip. But before she could send it into Feng Jin’s body, she was roughly flung away by a great force.

Feng Jin stared at her with a dark expression.

‘What was she trying to do? Kill me?’

Shi Sheng gingerly held her numb hand as she clambered back up. Rage bubbled up in her chest, but she managed to swallow it back down in the end. ‘If it had been me, and someone suddenly tried to touch me, I’d have already brought out my sword…’

She glared at Feng Jin. “Why would I go through so much trouble just to kill you? Plus, we have a contract! If you die, I die! I’m not an idiot!”

Feng Jin’s tensed body instantly relaxed upon hearing Shi Sheng’s words. “Why do you insist on touching me then?”

‘To the point where you can even ignore getting injured in the process…?’

“How come I’m not allowed to touch you?” ‘What? Would touching you cause you to shatter to bits? Or would it make you pregnant?’

“You’re a ghost.”

“So what?! Don’t ghosts have ghost rights too?! Are you discriminating against me?!” Shi Sheng flared up.

Feng Jin fell silent for a moment, his Adam’s apple bobbing a few times before he spoke, “Humans and ghosts can’t be together.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘All I(bbb) wanted to do was to confirm whether you’re Feng Ci or not. Too much imagination is a bad thing!’

Shi Sheng gave Feng Jin a couple of eyerolls, displaying her extreme distaste and contempt before carefully holding her hand and floating out of the room.

Feng Jin, “…” ‘Wasn’t she thinking of me this way? If she wasn’t, then why does she always want to touch me?’

Since then, Feng Jin didn’t see Shi Sheng at all. He could only use their contract link to vaguely sense her location. She was still in the mansion. But before he could go out to look for her, An Su and Madam Qi were found missing.

No one had noticed when the two had disappeared. Only when the servants had gone to call them both down for dinner did they discover that they weren’t in their rooms.

The servants couldn’t find them despite thoroughly searching every inch of the mansion. And since it was pouring outside, there was no way they could have gone out there.


At this moment, An Su was tied to a chair in a basement.

Shi Sheng casually hovered beside her with a gloating expression on her face, “How you feelin’?”

An Su was speechless. “How did I get here?”

The last thing she could remember was spending some time together with Madam Qi, but then, somehow, she had suddenly fainted. But, the moment she woke up, she only saw the gloating ghost floating beside her.

However, for some reason, An Su didn’t feel afraid when she was around.

“Kidnapped by someone, duh. How else could you have ended up here? I can’t teleport you,” Shi Sheng smiled rather obnoxiously.

An Su couldn’t help but make a face like this: (||| ¬_¬)

It was easy to assume from Shi Sheng’s infuriating behaviour that she was the kidnapper, but An Su didn’t believe that. Even An Su herself felt it was strange that she’d feel that way.

Author’s note:

An update~ and a plea for votes~

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