Chapter 249 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (31)

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Once the ceremony was over, only the Feng Clan members were left after seeing everyone else off.

The current head of the Feng Clan was Feng Jin’s uncle, Feng Quan. He had a pair of thick bushy eyebrows, large eyes, and a square face that lent him a stern air.

“Feng Jin, I won’t talk about how you got this title, but shouldn’t you explain why you’re keeping a ghost?”

Feng Quan’s gaze landed on Shi Sheng and his brows furrowed.

“What explanation?” Shi Sheng fearlessly glared back.

Feng Jin pulled Shi Sheng behind him before nodding slightly towards Feng Quan. “Uncle, this is the last time I’ll be addressing you as such. What I’ve done for you people is already enough to repay the kindness you’ve shown me in saving me and raising me all these years. From now on, I, Feng Jin, will have nothing to do with the Feng Clan.”

“Feng Jin! What nonsense are you spouting?!” Feng Quan shot to his feet. He probably felt he had been too fierce, for he eased his tone into a more amicable one. “Uncle didn’t mean anything by that. No one would dare to question your decisions now that you are a Grandmaster. I just wanted to give you a reminder. Uncle was just being concerned.”

“If you were really concerned, please at least try to appear more sincere,” Shi Sheng exposed him immediately.

“Is this a place where you can say whatever you want?!”

‘It’s all because this foul creature seduced Feng Jin! Why else would he even think of leaving the Feng Clan?

He’s a grandmaster now! Although it was obtained through somewhat… unorthodox means, everyone acknowledges it! This will bring the Feng Clan a lot of benefits! Moreover, Feng Jin is the Feng Clan’s most talented genius in his generation…’

“Then I’ll just take over this place. That way I can say what I like.” Shi Sheng revealed a malicious grin.

“Feng Jin, you want him living in agony—or dying in agony?”

Feng Jin held Shi Sheng back from charging forward and spoke in a low tone, “This place is dirty.”

After living here for eighteen years, he’d had enough of this place..

If this title had not been won for him by Shi Sheng, Feng Jin would’ve never again set foot into this place full of filth and schemes.

“Still, we can’t let them off easily!”

‘Dared to try and manipulate Feng Jin? Think I can’t do anything?’

Shi Sheng bombed the Feng Clan. ‘Since you don’t want it, then I might as well destroy it.’

Feng Jin felt completely helpless. What could he do when his wife was too violent?


Shi Sheng continuously absorbed wraiths until she reached a level of strength on par with a ghost king. Only then could she stop herself from accidentally absorbing Feng Jin’s yang qi.

She had discovered this method after flipping through quite a few books.

As a result of her fervent hunting, the wraiths in the surrounding areas nearly went extinct. causing the exorcists nearby to run out of business here for a long time, forcing them to leave.

The ghost king from the mansion holed up for several months before finally turning up and bothering Shi Sheng. However, she beat him up whenever she saw him while Feng Jin watched from the side-lines.

An Su couldn’t help but sigh emotionally, ‘Master doesn’t even have to fight his love rival himself… He married[1] well!

En, though the most important reason is because Ghost-jiejie is awesome!’

Feng Jin ended up taking An Su as his disciple. One couldn’t deny that she still had some of her protagonist halo, for even Feng Jin praised her (albeit not a lot).

Even though Nalan Ying constantly harassed An Su, she was always getting stronger. At first, she still had to rely on Feng Jin’s talismans, but later on, she could deal with him on her own.

Perhaps it was due to the tendency for people to fixate on what they could never obtain, or maybe it was the fact that An Su was the female lead—the main point was that Nalan Ying stayed utterly obsessed with her.

Shi Sheng had always worried that An Su’s brain would suddenly log off, and she’d take a liking to Nalan Ying due to his constant harassment.

But that worry was dispelled when An Su and Xiao Bai—yes, the one from Mt. Tiandu—came to her holding hands. Despite not wanting to look at them, that was one thing off her mind.

Shi Sheng had no idea how Xiao Bai ended up with An Su. While she was busy ‘levelling’, these two had been busy cultivating feelings. Thinking about this made her rather grumpy.

But fortunately for them, Xiao Bai wasn’t the male lead, so Shi Sheng had no intention of breaking them apart.

Even though Xiao Bai was quite talented, due to his slow reaction speed and his baby face, no one could tell that he was really the same age as An Su.

Every time An Su went out with Xiao Bai, others would think he was her younger brother.

Eventually, An Su and Xiao Bai worked together to seal Nalan Ying away, with An Su receiving heavy injuries in the process. While everyone else was incapable of helping her, Shi Sheng just had to stay in her room for a bit. By the time she came out, An Su was no longer in danger of dying.

Ever since then, An Su’s worship of Shi Sheng elevated to a whole new level. As a result, she brought Xiao Bai for visits to Feng Jin’s house every so often, interrupting their couple time.

Feng Jin absolutely despised the interruptions. A pity that it was to no avail, since the wife wore the pants in his household. He only had the chance to take over at night.


Feng Jin wanted to bring Shi Sheng back to life. The item he obtained from Qi Mo’s mansion and the prize for the winner of the Exorcist Gathering were necessary components for this.

“You already started preparing these for me back then? So you liked me for so long ah?” Shi Sheng sighed.

“No,” Feng Jin shook his head, “The reason I started collecting these was because Nalan Ying wanted to return to life, and I didn’t want him to succeed.”

‘At least pretend a bit! Why’re you so honest?!’

Now that they were on the topic of Nalan Ying, Shi Sheng asked a question she’d always wondered about, “What enmity did you have with him anyways?”

‘What kind of enmity warrants you putting in so much effort to obstruct him?’

Feng Jin frowned and his face revealed a slightly perplexed expression. After a moment, he shook his head. “Dunno. Just didn’t like the look of him when I first saw him. Besides, catching ghosts is the norm for an exorcist like me. ”

“…As if I’d believe that.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. ‘That excuse might fool the likes of An Su and Xiao Bai, but me?’

Feng Jin smiled as he carried Shi Sheng to the bedroom. “Then I’ll show you how I catch one.”

“Oh fuck, Feng Jin, enough! It’s the middle of the day—Your grandpa, let go of me! My period is here—”

“Ghosts don’t have periods,” Feng Jin coolly exposed her excuse.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Dammit… At least humans get 7 days of peace a month…’


Shi Sheng never returned to life even until the very end. She greatly treasured the time she spent with Feng Jin. Although their days weren’t peaceful by any means, she practically spoiled Feng Jin like a princess.

She caught the ghosts for him.

She did all the heavy chores for him.

It was to the point where Feng Jin started suspecting that he had been born as the wrong gender.

One wouldn’t understand that feeling unless they’d experienced being spoiled that much.

If no one sought death by provoking the two, Shi Sheng would give Feng Jin a lot of face; in public, he called the shots. She didn’t embarrass him.

But as long as someone dared to try and provoke them—sorry, but Shi Sheng had a temper that was very easy to provoke.

Because she was the person he loved, he was very willing to let her spoil him, and was also willing to pamper her in return.

When death came for him, Feng Jin held onto Shi Sheng’s hand. “Will we see each other again?”

He had this feeling, a familiar and tacit understanding from the soul.

“We will.” Shi Sheng’s lips lifted a bit as she revealed a perfect, slight smile. “I’ll look for you. All you have to do is wait for me.”

Feng Jin struggled to lift his lips up and give her a smile, but he didn’t have the strength to do so. He was about to leave his beloved. But she would be waiting for him in the next life.

Shi Sheng watched as Feng Jin closed his eyes. She slowly got up and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“I’ll find you. And… my name is Shi Sheng.”

[1] This is the one where the person takes on the surname of their spouse, in other words, marrying into their spouse’s family. Usually for girls… FL Ci… Even this FL agrees he’s an FL.

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