Chapter 289 : A Rose Wedding (15)

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Ai Wei had probably never expected Shi Sheng to react this way. She stood there, rooted to the spot, for a time.

Only when someone patted her from behind, did she come back to her senses. Ai Wei turned to look at that person, calling out in a soft voice, “Sikong, she…”

“It’s okay, you’ve tried your best. Just let them do the rest.” Sikong Sa smiled as he rubbed her head.

Ai Wei bit her lip. “Was she really…the one who did those things?”

“Isn’t there already video evidence?” Sikong Sa narrowed his eyes as he looked in the direction Shi Sheng had left in.

His words strengthened the resolve in Ai Wei’s eyes.


After Shi Sheng entered the school, she didn’t manage to get very far before encountering Zuo Lie.

‘Did I(bbb) forget to check the almanac before leaving the house today or something? Both leads are taking turns to look for me…’

“They’ve laid an ambush up ahead. Be careful.” Zuo Lie coldly tossed her these words before turning around and vanishing, having no intention of pestering her unreasonably.

‘Da hell? Couldn’t you make yourself a bit clearer? And…why’d the ML suddenly decide to switch sides? Or is this a linked plot?

Since we’re opposing each other openly, he’d probably guess I wouldn’t believe him if he told me there was an ambush—so I’d go check. But then there’d really be an ambush…’

Shi Sheng felt like she was reading too deeply into it. Perhaps the ML was just giving her a simple reminder? After all, they were both Pure Bloods.

There weren’t many Pure Bloods in this world. And why should vampires make things difficult for one another?

Regardless of whether or not Zuo Lie was telling the truth, Shi Sheng decided to leave the academy.

‘My big thigh isn’t here, so I should just be a quiet beauty.

…It’s not been suitable for killing recently.’

Hence, a group of people were left waiting in the shadows from morning till night. Even when the sky was completely filled with stars, there was still no sign of their target.

Their ambush had been laid on a path she’d have to take to get to her class, so why hadn’t she appeared?

The people keeping watch outside the school hadn’t seen her leave either.

Then where had she gone?

When Ai Wei heard the news from Sikong Sa, she was also puzzled. It was originally planned for her to lure Shi Sheng into the ambush—but before she even got to say a few words, Shi Sheng had left. That plan failed.

‘But she did enter the school. And I didn’t see her leave…’

“Sikong, is she going to kill again?” Ai Wei was a bit afraid. What happened lately was truly too cruel for words.

Countless cases of vampire bites had cropped up in the academy. And all of the victims were people she was familiar with. Seeing those who had only just been laughing and chatting with her the day before suddenly lying on the ground with a deathly complexion caused Ai Wei to receive quite the scare.

It was as if there was a plot whose mastermind wanted to scare her.

And then video evidence was obtained, proving that it was Mi Nai behind the murders.

Ai Wei had long since suspected her. The only person who could freely enter and exit the academy, who also had enmity with her, was Mi Nai.

Sikong Sa brought Ai Wei into his embrace and lightly patted her back. “Don’t be scared. I’m here. She can’t hurt you.”

Ai Wei buried her head against Sikong Sa’s chest. “Thank you, Sikong.”

“Dummy. You’re my girlfriend. It’s my job to protect my girlfriend, no?”

Ai Wei couldn’t help but smile.


Shi Sheng didn’t go to school for the next few days, merely lingering around the vicinity. ‘Looks like there’s quite a number of people keeping an eye out around here.’

Before this, she’d been so stuck in her own little world that she was completely unaware of what had been happening.

Liang Ge received Shi Sheng’s call while she was eating dinner. She looked at the flashing number on the phone screen but didn’t immediately answer it.

“Ge-Ge, why aren’t you answering the call?” Mama Liang looked at her daughter in confusion.

Liang Ge muted her phone and smiled, unflustered, as she replied, “Dunno the number. Probably a salesperson or something.”

Hearing this, Mama Liang revealed an expression of disgust. “Those people are really irritating.”

It was clear she had all too much experience with these types of calls.

Once she’d finished dinner, Liang Ge brought her phone with her into her room. She then opened up a brand-new phone that she had just bought and inserted a newly purchased card into it, before dialling a number.

Liang Ge entered the bathroom and turned on the shower so as to mask the sound of her voice.

“Senior, I’m being watched. Long story short, there’s been a string of blood-sucking cases that happened in the academy recently. Someone recorded a video of you sucking blood. Now that something… Association is in the academy, waiting to capture you.”

“Where’s your house?” Instead of asking something more relevant, the person on the phone asked for her address. Though Liang Ge was puzzled, she still replied. “No. 37, Tianming St.”

Liang Ge’s family was rather well-to-do; they lived in an detached villa. When Shi Sheng arrived, she discovered that there were indeed people outside monitoring the place.

Shi Sheng texted Liang Ge, asking where her room was located.

And then she climbed in through the window.

“Sen—” Liang Ge was startled by the sight of Shi Sheng’s unorthodox entry and couldn’t help but blurt out, before suddenly stopping herself by covering her mouth with one hand while pointing in the direction of the room with the other.

Shi Sheng pulled out a signal jammer from her space and tossed it onto the table. “It’s fine now.”

Once Shi Sheng gave the all clear, Liang Ge immediately released her hand and asked with a worried expression, “Senior, why are you here?”

“How long have they been surveilling you?”

“Since this afternoon. After I came back from school, I saw some people waiting outside. They said they were here to inspect the electrical wiring.”

The neighbourhood Liang Ge lived in provided quite a good maintenance service; every six months, there’d be inspectors who’d check their property to ensure that all safety regulations were being followed and that there were no hidden dangers.

But the last inspection had been two months ago. The next inspection couldn’t have come so soon.

Liang Ge was but a young girl—she didn’t dare to call them out and could only allow them in.

But those people made a pretty good show of inspecting the place. They even issued her an invoice afterwards.

Liang Ge was a cautious girl. After they’d left, she checked all the places they ‘inspected’ and found several strange looking objects. She took pictures of them and asked her father about them.

Her father was in the business of electronics, so he immediately recognised them as listening devices.

Her family didn’t have any enmity with others, and she hadn’t heard her father mention anything about any recent business competition.

Given the recent incidents at the school, Liang Ge put two and two together and guessed it had to do with Shi Sheng, so she didn’t tell her father.

“You’re pretty smart, girl.” Shi Sheng patted Liang Ge’s head.

Liang Ge rubbed her head, smiling a bit shyly and couldn’t help but feel a little proud of herself. “I’m the only one close to you at the academy. So if they can’t find you, they’d definitely come looking for me.”

“Paste these on the perimeter of the villa.” Shi Sheng took out several odd-looking talismans. “Ask for leave these few days and don’t go to school. Just stay at home.”

“Ah? Wouldn’t that make them even more suspicious?”

“I’m just guaranteeing your safety. There’s no need for me to consider whether or not they’ll be suspicious.”

‘Not as if I’m scared of them.’

“Oh.” Liang Ge took the talismans from Shi Sheng, examining them curiously. “What kind of talismans are these?”

“Defensive wards.”

‘Defensive? Then doesn’t that mean I can’t leave the house? What are my parents going to do?’

Shi Sheng then took out a pendant and reached around Liang Ge to help her put it on.

Having Shi Sheng reach around her like this, Liang Ge snuck a look at Shi Sheng’s profile, causing her heart to beat faster. ‘Senior looks so handsome like this ah!’

“Don’t lose it.” Shi Sheng’s fingers brushed the skin on her neck as she helped tuck the pendant under Liang Ge’s shirt.

“En, en!” ‘Senior gave this to me! Of course I won’t lose it!’

“Who else is in your family?” Shi Sheng asked another question.

Liang Ge replied with a red face, “Just my parents.”

Shi Sheng nodded and handed her two more identical pendants. “Give these to your parents to wear. Don’t damage them; I’ll want them back.”

“Ah?” ‘They have to be returned?’

Seeing Liang Ge’s disappointed expression, Shi Sheng unexpectedly felt her mood improve. “No need to return yours. Just return your parents’ ones.”

Hearing that she didn’t have to return her pendant, Liang Ge’s face immediately broke into a smile. ‘Senior’s giving me something! So happy!’

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