Chapter 297 : A Rose Wedding (23)

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Shi Sheng didn’t ask Xi Yin why he’d left without saying goodbye. Some things were better left unasked.

‘No matter what happened in the past, it’s enough as long as he’s here.’

When Xi Yin and Shi Sheng returned, there was already someone waiting outside the castle for them. Spotting Shi Sheng, he immediately went forward.

“Milady, His Grace wants you to stay at Lord Rui Yi’s residence for now.” The servant passed her several keys.

Shi Sheng nodded. “Will Godfather be fine?”

Ke Er probably wanted to glean some information from that woman’s mouth.

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing His Grace can’t handle!” The servant had a worshipful expression on. But when his gaze fell onto Xi Yin, who was standing beside Shi Sheng, he sharply drew in a breath of cold air. “And er, milady… His Grace has instructed for you to give him a call when you reach Lord Rui Yi’s residence.”

“En, got it. You head back first.”

The servant moved aside and sent her off as her car left.

Rui Yi had his own residence. It wasn’t a castle, but a small villa. He didn’t live here very often, instead spending most of his time in the castle.

Rui Yi wasn’t here, so Shi Sheng opened the door and entered.

As Shi Sheng watched Xi Yin swap out his shoes for slippers, she asked him smilingly, “You’re staying with me?”

Xi Yin’s ears turned red though his expression didn’t change. “En.”

“You’re not worried I’ll do anything to you?” Shi Sheng scooted closer, her tone ambiguous.

Xi Yin paused and lifted his head to look at her, speaking earnestly, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

If that could make her happy, he was willing.

Shi Sheng straightened up and pinched his face. “Look at you, learning how to sweet talk already!”

Xi Yin allowed her to pinch his face as his lips pursed in a smile. Gold light shimmered in his tender gaze.

“I’ll go give Godfather a call. You go pick upstairs and pick a room. The one with the red door is Rui Yi’s.”

Xi Yin obediently went upstairs.

Shi Sheng found the telephone in the living room and made a call to Ke Er’s study. It appeared he’d been waiting for her call, for he picked up immediately.

She was greeted by Ke Er’s booming voice, “Damn girl! How’d you get to know Lord Xi Yin?!”

Shi Sheng moved the phone further from her ear. ‘So loud…’

“Godfather, calm down.”

Shi Sheng played down the details and made up a story to fool Ke Er.

As to whether he truly believed her or was just pretending to, that was anyone’s guess.

“You’re with Lord Xi Yin?”

“En. I like him; of course I’ll be with him. Godfather, you won’t break us up, will you?”

“I’d have to have the guts to do so first! Girl, since you’ve found a golden thigh to hug, make sure you get some benefits for our family!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Hey, hey now. This doesn’t seem right. Who the hell would ask for benefits so frankly?

No wait, I don’t even know what Xi Yin’s status is, how am I supposed to get benefits?’

“Don’t worry about the situation over here. I’ll think of a way to glean some information from her. Just focus on spending time with Lord Xi Yin and try your best to have a child!”

“Alrighty then, I shan’t bother you two anymore. I’ll tell Rui Yi not to return there for the time being.”

Beep beep beep—

Shi Sheng was left holding the phone with a dumb expression on her face. “…”

‘Godfather, you’re selling your daughter! This isn’t very nice…

…But I like it!’

Shi Sheng happily placed the phone back.

That night, the castle steward came over to deliver some brand-new men’s clothing as well as some other necessities that were clearly prepared for Xi Yin.

“Go get him, milady!” Before the steward left, he didn’t forget to encourage Shi Sheng.

‘Just what kind of people are these…’

Shi Sheng carried the clothes upstairs. Xi Yin was currently reading a book, so she could only take it upon herself to hang the clothes in the wardrobe. “Can you wear these? If not, I can send someone outside to get tailored ones.”

Xi Yin put the book down, feeling a bit awkward. “I was just making things difficult for you back then.”

Shi Sheng looked at him and spoke with a sincere face, “You deserve to wear the best.”

Xi Yin, “…”

His wifey’s brain was wired quite differently from his…

“The woman today,” Xi Yin said as he walked over to stand next to Shi Sheng and watched her hang the clothes in the wardrobe one by one.


“You’re allowing her to roam around for this long after she impersonated you?” ‘According to her temperament, she should’ve hacked that impostor to death with her sword long ago.’

“Too bored, so I wanted to see what she was up to.” Shi Sheng shut the wardrobe, her expression a bit cold.

Xi Yin suddenly reached out to touch her face. Only once he’d seen her expression turn gentler did he place his whole hand over her cheek. “In here, no matter what you want to do, no one will dare to stop you.”

“What’s your status?” ‘The only person who can make the Princes this cautious is the King right? But the vampires don’t have a King right now!’

Xi Yin smiled and spoke lightly, “The vampires have declined. The third generation vampires have long since left the stage and no trace of them can be found. So, the ones most feared now are the sixth generation.”

The sixth generation was the one the current Princes belonged to.

“I am a fourth generation.”

The fourth generation was pretty formidable.

Excluding the Progenitor, the most powerful vampires were the third generation ones. As for the fourth and fifth generations, not many knew how strong they were.

But if you judged using the current Princes (who were all sixth generation vampires), you’d know the two generations above them that were closer to the third generation couldn’t be that weak.


“Fourth generation… You’re actually this old…” Shi Sheng had an expression of complaint. ‘Why is he always so old? Why can’t he be younger than me for once?’

Xi Yin, “…” ‘Am I old? Okay, so maybe I am pretty old compared to her, but age doesn’t matter to vampires!’


In the evening, Shi Sheng was on the bed with Xi Yin, typing furiously on her laptop. He watched as the words quickly popped up on the screen.

His expression started out confused but soon turned queer as a blush crept up his face.

Once Shi Sheng had typed the last word, she closed her laptop and turned to find the embarrassed Xi Yin.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘I(bbb) don’t think I(bbb) teased him just now…? But he’s so cute!!! I(bbb) can’t take it! Jump him, jump him!!!’

But Shi Sheng didn’t manage to screw him in the end. Because Rui Yi had arrived and was currently pounding on the door with all his might.

‘What happened to not letting this fellow come over?’

“Stop knocking already! God!” Shi Sheng tossed a pillow at the door.

Xi Yin chuckled and mussed up her hair. Shi Sheng covered him up with the blankets and made sure nothing important was showing, before getting off the bed to go open the door.

The moment the door opened, Rui Yi squeezed in, a broom that he had gotten from who-knows-where in his hands.

“Where’s the adulterer?! Lil princess, don’t be deceived by any men! If you want a man, you have to let big bro take a look at him first!”

Shi Sheng dragged him by the collar, not allowing him to head towards the bed, and pushed him out of the room.

“Lil princess, how could you abandon your big bro?” Rui Yi’s expression changed faster than flipping the pages of a book.

‘Now that lil princess has a man, she doesn’t like me anymore…’ This thought caused Rui Yi’s gaze to turn aggrieved. He tried to peek inside the room by tiptoeing.

He wanted to see which shameless little white-face dared to seduce his little princess!

Shi Sheng felt a headache building up.

‘I should just give him a beating. This fellow won’t behave unless you beat him!’

Of course, Shi Sheng wasn’t inhuman enough to use excessive force—she merely gave him a few token whacks before locking him out.

But Rui Yi ended up fiddling with something outside, which made such a ruckus that it made one want to kill him.

Shi Sheng leaned against the room door and turned back to look at Xi Yin. ‘All I want is to sleep with my man? Why does it have to be so difficult?’

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: How could it be that easy to sleep with my son? Hmph!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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