Chapter 309 : A Rose Wedding (35)

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Right as Ai Wei was beginning to lose her patience, Shi Sheng arrived slowly. Xi Yin was carefully supporting her, as if afraid she’d fall.

Ai Wei couldn’t help but curse inwardly. ‘So fake! Don’t tell me she’s in danger of falling from just walking!’

Shi Sheng sat down on the master’s seat and yawned slightly. Her lazy gaze landed on the man next to Ai Wei, and her lips couldn’t help but rise.

“Senior, long time no see.”

“Mi Nai, I underestimated you.” ‘She was actually able to break my Five-Elements Formation!’

“En. Well, now you know. Don’t underestimate me from now on.” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved upwards, but the smile playing at her lips was mocking no matter how you looked at it.

Sikong Sa, “…” ‘Just how has this woman managed to survive this long with such an arrogant attitude?!’

Sikong Sa looked at Xi Yin. The latter’s head was lowered as he played with Shi Sheng’s fingertips, not sparing the two of them a glance at all. He clearly wasn’t taking them seriously.

Sikong Sa’s hand clenched into a fist.

“What did you guys come here for?” ‘To look at your Queen?’

Sikong Sa suppressed the feeling of having his pride stung and smiled. “Mi Nai, you have no authority now. How about we discuss a trade?”

“Oh, so the reason you guys took away all my authority was for the sake of discussing a trade?” ‘You crazy? Besides, to me, authority can’t even compare to one of Xi Yin’s fingers.’

“Without authority, you are merely a puppet.”

“So you wanted to make me a puppet?” Shi Sheng began spouting nonsense.

Sikong Sa, “…” ‘Why is it so tiring to talk with her? She doesn’t react according to expectations at all!’

“Mi Nai, you know what Sikong means. There’s no need to play dumb.” Ai Wei’s expression was filled with ridicule as she looked at Shi Sheng.

‘Yo! The FL already learned this skill?’

“Alright, let’s hear it. What trade are you talking about?” ‘Since the FL-sama spoke, I(bbb) have to give some face, right?’

“You have a painting in your hands. Give it to Sikong, and we won’t make things difficult for you. We’ll let you leave the territories.”

“Can you repeat that?” Shi Sheng’s expression was strange. She couldn’t be hearing things, could she?

‘Does the FL-sama truly know what Sikong Sa is really planning? She’s actually helping him… Just you wait! You’ll regret this!’

Ai Wei rather obediently repeated herself. “I said: give the painting that you have to Sikong, and we can let you guys leave the territories.”

‘What the actual fuck? Who gave you the guts, eh? Who would dare to stop me if I wanted to leave? I’d hack ‘em to death!

But Sikong Sa actually managed to find out the painting was with me. He does have some ability!’

Shi Sheng’s eyes swivelled around. “Want the painting? Sure, but you have to agree to a condition of mine.”

“Mi Nai, do you think the current you can discuss terms with me?” ‘Sikong said that he can deal with Xi Yin, so I don’t have to worry about him. That makes dealing with Mi Nai much easier.’

“Why not?” ‘For better or worse, I’m still the Vampire Queen right now, and I’ve got Xi Yin by my side, so why can’t I discuss terms?’

“Take a look outside.” A hint of cockiness appeared in Ai Wei’s eyes, but Shi Sheng remained unmoved.

Ai Wei didn’t know what to make of Shi Sheng’s reaction, so she could only look to Sikong Sa for assistance.

The latter’s attention had always been on Xi Yin. ‘If I could injure him the last time, it means he shouldn’t be as powerful as me…but why does he appear so nonchalant?’

“What is your condition?” If there was a way to avoid confrontation, Sikong Sa would prefer to take it.

“Sikong!” Ai Wei hurriedly called him. ‘How could he lower his head to her?’

“That the two of you get married.” Shi Sheng’s eyes were curved upward in a smile, but that smile didn’t reach the depths of her eyes that remained as calm as still water.

Sikong Sa had no idea what Shi Sheng was planning.

Ai Wei had a strange expression too. ‘Her condition is that I get married to Sikong? What kind of condition is this?’

“Fine.” This condition held no downsides to him.

“See the guests off.” Shi Sheng smiled. ‘FL-sama, I await the moment you discover the truth.’


The news of Ai Wei and Sikong Sa getting married soon spread through the territories. Though the younger vampires might not know who Sikong Sa was, the older ones were very familiar with him.

He was the last Queen’s boytoy.

He had originally been a human, but the Vampire Queen had unexpectedly taken a liking to him and forcefully turned him.

Back then, he had a fiancée who he shared a very loving relationship with. For the sake of ensuring Sikong Sa didn’t get any ideas about leaving, the Queen took his fiancée hostage.

For the sake of rescuing his fiancée, Sikong Sa had no choice but to serve at the Queen’s side.

The Queen had deliberately set things up so that his fiancée would see him sleeping with her. In the end, his fiancée had run off and gotten her blood drained by a vampire.

When Sikong Sa learned of this, he merely requested that the Queen let him give his fiancée a proper burial.

The Queen hadn’t wanted to at first, but Sikong Sa had told her something that made her agree.

After his fiancée was buried, Sikong Sa remained by the Queen’s side until the great battle a century ago.

Sikong Sa backstabbed the Queen and opened up the enchantment around the territories, allowing the vampire hunters in. However, he had disappeared ever since.

Yet now this person wanted to marry their Holy Maiden?

There were naturally a lot of people who opposed this, but there were plenty of supporters too. For example, Fei Qi.

He had already known the reason why Sikong Sa remained by the Queen’s side.

A long, long time ago, there was a legend concerning resurrection.

However, only the ruling vampire monarchs were clear on the details of this legend. The reason Sikong Sa remained by the Queen’s side was to learn this information from her.

He wanted to resurrect his fiancée.

Having heard from Ai Qiang that the vampire hunters discovered Sikong Sa’s fiancée’s body missing from her tomb, Fei Qi knew this was something he could use. Sikong Sa was uninterested in power, so he was a good partner to cooperate with.

Although the wedding was filled with many ups and downs, they still managed it with Fei Qi’s help. On the day of the wedding, Sikong Sa received the painting he asked for from Shi Sheng.

She hadn’t swapped out the painting at all. It was the original. She simply gave it to Sikong Sa.

The Queen had only told him that the secret to resurrection was hidden in this painting. He researched it for several days, but his efforts were fruitless.

In the end, it was Ai Wei who pointed out that the sarcophagus entwined in roses was rather strange. But even if he knew that, there was nothing he could do.

He had searched all the records in the territories but couldn’t find out anything about this sarcophagus.

In the end, he could only go look for Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng looked at Sikong Sa like how one would look at an idiot. “Do you really think I’d tell you?”

“Mi Nai, that isn’t up to you!” Sikong Sa waved his hand and a group of people rushed in from the outside.

“Woah!” Shi Sheng made a strange exclamation.

“Mi Nai, you’d best tell me, otherwise, all of your people here will die!”

Shi Sheng’s expression changed. “You’re threatening me? Who gave you the guts?”

“Mi Nai, don’t test my patience.”

“Even if I told you, you might not believe me.”

“That’s my business.”

Shi Sheng fell silent for a moment, before seemingly acquiescing. “That sarcophagus is with Fei Qi.”

“Fei Qi.” Sikong Sa’s eyes narrowed. “You’d best not be lying to me, else there’ll be consequences.”

Shi Sheng didn’t reply. Only after Sikong Sa had left did she break out into a smile.

‘Yep, I(lz) was lying to you. I don’t particularly feel like killing as of late, so I want to watch you curs tear each other apart.’

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I love Sheng-ge when she’s being a troll.

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