Chapter 319 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (3)

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The Empress appeared to be getting on in years, as could be evidenced by the streaks of white hair at her temples. Her expression was stern, the very epitome of solemn dignity.

If Shi Sheng had to describe her…she looked like a stereotypical fierce teacher.

Court sessions were dull and tedious. Shi Sheng daydreamed the entire time. Only when the Empress called out to her specifically, did she rein in her wild thoughts.

“I(wc) haven’t been feeling well recently and can’t exert myself(wc).” Shi Sheng replied in a proper manner, though it was clear her tone was merely perfunctory.

The Empress, “…” ‘The Prime Minister has been unfocused for a while, and now she’s actually using such excuses to brush me off!

What’s she planning? Is she beginning to rebel?’

Although the Empress knew it had just been a perfunctory reply, she still continued along the same train of conversation. “You put a lot of effort into managing state affairs. Do take care of your own body too; don’t collapse from exhaustion.”

Shi Sheng’s lips tugged into a rather insincere smile. “Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty.”

“You don’t have anyone who can attend to you at home. How about we(z) bestow you several beauties? Seeing as how you haven’t been feeling well, they can help take care of you as well.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I bet you mean keep an eye on me, eh?’

This wasn’t the first time the Empress wanted to gift Jun Liyou beauties, but the latter had always found all sorts of excuses to reject. Shi Sheng’s eyes swivelled in their sockets. “Thank you for your benevolent gesture, Your Majesty.”

The Empress looked at Shi Sheng like she was an alien. ‘Did this Prime Minister of mine get kidnapped and swapped out for someone else? Not paying attention during court, pushing off duties to someone else, and now she’s even accepting the men I’m bestowing…

This won’t do! I have to get to the bottom of this!’

The expressions of the other officials were rather odd, too, as they started scheming in their hearts.

“Since the Prime Minister is feeling under the weather, then the Ning Princess shall be in charge of this affair.”

Jiang Zhi frowned. The Empress had been talking about the ceremonial ritual to be held not long from now. Its purpose was to pray for a bountiful harvest, so that the people would not starve.

Of course, as someone from modern times, Jiang Zhi didn’t believe in such rituals.

The yields from harvests in ancient times were low in quantity and variety. Adding to the fact that normal peasants weren’t able to have their own fields, many people starved to death once winter came.

Jiang Zhi really wanted to give them a lesson on agricultural science. But seeing as she had only just obtained the trust of the Empress, she suppressed this urge.

“Yes, I(ec) shall not let you down, Imperial Mother.”

The following proceedings were nothing more than a bunch of trivial affairs causing Shi Sheng to feel like dozing off.

‘So fucking boring! I think I should just call in sick from now on…’

After the court session was over, Shi Sheng slowly headed outside. Jiang Zhi deliberately slowed down to keep pace with Shi Sheng.

“Prime Minister, may I have a word with you?”

Shi Sheng didn’t even pause her steps as she very rudely rejected, “No.”

Jiang Zhi’s gaze darkened. “Prime Minister, it’s concerning Qingyun.”

She deliberately emphasised “Qingyun”.

Shi Sheng turned, her lips raising slightly into a ridiculing smile. “He’s your husband, how does he have anything to do with me?”

“Several days ago, Qingyun went to your residence…”

“Really? How come I wasn’t aware?” Shi Sheng began spouting bullshit.

Jiang Zhi, “…”

Her expression changed quickly several times before sinking. “Jun Liyou, Qingyun is my(bw) husband. As the Prime Minister, you should know to avoid scandal. Please do not harass Qingyun anymore in the future.”

Shi Sheng paused and turned to face Jiang Zhi as she raised her tone. “How are you certain he’s not the one harassing me?”

“There’s no way Qingyun would harass you!” Jiang Zhi immediately rebuked. “He doesn’t like you! A forcefully plucked melon is not sweet—if you really like him, you should keep his reputation in mind!”

Shi Sheng silently stared at Jiang Zhi.

Those eyes were as dark as ink and contained no ripples. When Jiang Zhi met those eyes, she felt as though she had been stripped naked, all her thoughts lying bare before this person. She saw the woman move her lips.

“What gave you the impression I liked Duan Qingyun?”

Jun Liyou had never said she liked Duan Qingyun. Everything she did, she did out of a sense of responsibility.

It was only because Jun Liyou held herself at fault for delaying Duan Qingyun for so many years that she felt responsible for him. That was it.

Jiang Zhi was rendered speechless. Upon thinking carefully, it seemed that Jun Liyou really had never said she liked Duan Qingyun. But from her actions before, didn’t she clearly like him?

By the time Jiang Zhi thought this, Shi Sheng had long left.

Jiang Zhi quietly muttered, “If you like him, then you like him. What’s there to hide? Ancients are so prissy.”

She had come from modern times where people were more open, so she felt an innate superiority to ancient people. As a result, she looked down on the way Shi Sheng covered things up.

That’s right. To Jiang Zhi, Shi Sheng was just hiding her feelings.


By the time Shi Sheng returned to her residence, the people bestowed by the Empress had already arrived.

As Dai Yue and Ying Yue stood in front of the brilliantly dressed and overly perfumed men, their expression seemed cut from the same cloth.

‘Has Her Excellency experienced something horrible that made her accept the Empress’ people?’

“The Empress wants me to keep at it for seven days a week with no rest ah.” Shi Sheng saw the seven men standing in a line from afar.

A strange thought popped up in Shi Sheng’s mind:

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? The fuck…?’

“Your Excellency, you’re back!” Dai Yue and Ying Yue came forth to greet her.

The ‘seven dwarves’ all greeted her as well. “Greetings, Prime Minister.”

Shi Sheng shuddered. Honestly, she was unable to get used to seeing a group of such weak and delicate men.

Of course, she didn’t feel any revulsion. After all, every world had its own rules.

The Empress had really taken great pains for this… Each of the seven men had their own uniqueness.

There was a seductive one, a cute one, a mature one…

She could basically have her pick.

‘I(bbb) never thought there would be such a day…’

Their looks were also above average. No matter who you picked, if you placed them in a normal household, they would be greatly favoured.

“Eh…” Shi Sheng didn’t go over, instead casually reaching out to point at them. “You guys arrange for them to do something.”

The two Yues, “…” ‘What does that mean?’

Ying Yue was the more lively one of the two, so she asked what they were both thinking.

Shi Sheng waved. “Just don’t let me see them.”

Ying Yue, “…” ‘Then why bring them back in the first place?! Isn’t that just creating more work?!’

Shi Sheng was standing a fair distance away from the ‘seven dwarves’, so they didn’t hear her words.

When they saw Shi Sheng leaving with Dai Yue, the ‘seven dwarves’ felt anxious. “Miss Ying Yue, why has the Prime Minister left? Who does she want to serve her tonight?”

‘Serve her? In your dreams! Her Excellency has never been one to indulge in carnal pleasures—let alone the fact that you people are sent by the Empress!’

Of course, Ying Yue couldn’t tell them this. After all, they were sent by the Empress.

“Her Excellency has been feeling a bit under the weather lately and shouldn’t exert herself. Sirs, please follow me.”

“We can take care of the Prime Minister.” One of the young men spoke, unwilling to give up.

“Her Majesty sent us to take good care of the Prime Minister. This is within our duties. Miss Ying Yue, please help us put in a good word with Her Excellency…”

Ying Yue’s expression darkened. She really didn’t understand why her lady had brought these people back.

“Her Excellency needs to rest quietly for recuperation. Sirs, please do not go on. When she wishes to see you, she will naturally summon you.”

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