Chapter 334 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (18)

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By the time Shi Sheng released Ling Yue, his face was already an adorable bright red.

She lay atop him and gave him a smile. “It’s all your fault for being too attractive. I couldn’t help myself.”

Ling Yue’s face turned even redder as he pushed her aside, completely flustered.

“Hahahaha!” Shi Sheng burst into laughter as she sat on the ground.

Ling Yue glared at her, not bothering to wait for her any longer as he hurriedly moved further up the mountain.

‘I actually didn’t push her away! And I even co-operated…’

Ling Yue wished he could slap himself right now. Just what had come over him?

Ling Yue reached out to touch his lips. There were still lingering hints of her scent and warmth.

‘Stop. No. Don’t think about it.’

Ling Yue wanted to wipe his mouth with his sleeve, but it had only just touched his lips when he set it down again.

He hurriedly entered the tower and headed for the third floor.

The third floor housed the study. Bookshelves lined every inch of the walls. But perhaps due to disuse, a layer of dust covered everything.

Ling Yue headed straight for one set of bookshelves.

He took a box off the shelf and opened it hastily.

Inside was a satchel. He took it out and, after much hesitation, slowly opened it.

Within the satchel was a slip of paper with words written in beautiful calligraphy:

Go where your heart leads; follow your instincts.

‘“Go where your heart leads; follow your instincts”? Does Master mean to tell me to just follow my heart? But…’

Ling Yue tightened his grip on the slip of paper. He turned to look out the window, and his eyes happened to land on Shi Sheng’s form below.

She lifted her head slightly, and their gazes locked. Her lips raised into a smile. She remained there, having no intention of coming up after him.

Ling Yue and Shi Sheng stared at each other for a moment, before he turned around to find a brazier. He dropped the satchel and paper inside, burning them both.

He shut the window and sat on the ground, watching the flickering tongues of flame that extinguished, leaving behind only a few sparks to prove that something had been burning moments before.

Ling Yue sat there for two days, during which he pondered a lot.

But he decided to follow his Master’s instructions. He would follow his heart.

He just hoped…she wouldn’t disappoint him.

Ling Yue gathered some items from the bookshelf and carried them as he descended the stairs. He gave one last look at the study before turning to leave.

Seeing the person waiting for him outside when he opened the door, he felt no surprise. It was like he knew she’d always be there for him. No matter how long he stayed, she’d always be right there waiting.

This was a strange feeling, but one that made him feel at ease.

Shi Sheng watched as Ling Yue emerged carrying many items, most of which were books. He also had a bundle strapped to his body.

She immediately went over to help carry them before asking him with a smile, “Thought things through?”

Ling Yue didn’t reply directly, instead asking her a question of his own, “Will you have other husbands?”

“Nope. You’re my one and only for all our lives.”

“All women have glib tongues.” Ling Yue harrumphed coldly, though his slightly reddened ears betrayed his true thoughts.

‘For all our lives… Just how does she know we’ll have many lifetimes together? Dying is like extinguishing a lantern. There’s no light left.’

Shi Sheng cocked her head to the side and smiled. “I’ll show you. You’ll understand one day.”

‘We didn’t meet by coincidence—I’ve always been looking for you.

No matter which world, no matter where you are, I’ll find you and accompany you.’

Ling Yue frowned slightly, not comprehending the meaning behind her words.

Shi Sheng didn’t explain further. “Is there anything else you want to bring?”

Ling Yue returned to the tower and came back out with a giant box in tow.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘The hell is this?’

She wanted to have a look, but Ling Yue pressed the lid down, so she couldn’t open it.

“I can’t have a look?”

Ling Yue nodded.

“Kiss me and I won’t look.” Shi Sheng drew closer to Ling Yue, always on the lookout for an opportunity to get herself some action.

Ling Yue looked at the box, before looking back at Shi Sheng. One could see the struggle in his eyes as he made his choice.

In the end, he actually let go of the box…

Released the box…

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Would it kill you to kiss me?! You actually refused! Bah, I’m(bbb) going to be angered to death!’

Shi Sheng’s expression was dark, as she put the box and all the other bits and bobs Ling Yue had brought out into her space.

“Where’d you put all those?” Ling Yue finally asked out of curiosity.

‘Her sword always appears from out of nowhere, too. I’ve been curious about this since ages ago.’

“I’m not telling even if you gimme a kiss.” Shi Sheng harrumphed.

‘I(bbb) have principles!

…I need at least two kisses!’

Ling Yue, “…”

It was clear that Ling Yue wasn’t too curious about this matter, for he didn’t continue his questioning even after Shi Sheng refused to answer.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Why aren’t you asking anymore? Ask me!!!

#What do I do when my waifu doesn’t have a strong sense of curiosity? Help wanted quick. Waiting online#’

Ling Yue used qinggong to leap across the cliff, but he found Shi Sheng remaining at her spot after turning around.

“I can’t get over there.”

Shi Sheng felt like her ability to spout nonsense had reached a godly level. ‘I really am going all out to screw my waifu…’

Ling Yue’s lips twitched. ‘Then how did you come over here before? Gu Su told me that your sword could change sizes and fly!’

Ling Yue turned to leave, deciding to ignore Shi Sheng.

“Ling Yue, don’t go ah… lil priest… waifu…”

‘What the hell is a ‘waifu’?’

Ling Yue left very quickly, vanishing from view with but a few steps.

He organised the items in the temple and locked away everything that ought to be locked away. However, he still didn’t see Shi Sheng after he was done.

He waited and waited till the sky turned dark, yet there was still no sign of her.

Ling Yue ground his teeth and climbed back up.

He was greeted by the sight of Shi Sheng seated atop the stone banister, completely spaced out. The moment she saw him though, she immediately leapt off. “Waifu! Quick, bring me over there!”

Ling Yue, “…” ‘Just how persistent is she? If I didn’t come back for her, would she have continued staying here forever?’

Ling Yue jumped over. “You can clearly cross it yourself. Why are you so insistent that I…”

“Who told you I can go over myself?” Shi Sheng spoke righteously. “A bunch of bollocks!”

“Then how did you get over here?” Ling Yue’s lips twitched.

Shi Sheng was insistent, refusing to give up on her stance, and pointed at the vines clinging to the cliff wall. “I climbed up using those ah. Nearly fell off, too! If I fall off now, you’ll never see me again. If I leave you behind alone, what’ll happen if you get bullied? So I can’t die *insert a bunch of nonsensical rambling here*…”

Ling Yue took a deep breath, deciding to ignore her bullshitting…and reached out a hand.

Shi Sheng immediately grabbed his hand and wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him a peck on the cheek while she was at it.

Ling Yue, “…” ‘This woman!’

As this was the first time she was hitching a ride on someone using qinggong, Shi Sheng felt this was a rather novel experience.

And whenever Ling Yue used qinggong, Shi Sheng could feel a faint, almost indiscernible spirit energy surrounding him.

‘This world clearly doesn’t contain any spirit energy, so why does Ling Yue have it?’

She didn’t even need to insert her own spirit energy into his body to feel that familiarity…

Because it was getting late, the two couldn’t descend the mountain. So they could only stay the night in the temple.

Shi Sheng tried her best to get them both to share a room, but she was heartlessly rejected by Ling Yue.

…Who could’ve expected it to suddenly rain in the middle of the night? Shi Sheng ended up drenched from head to toe.

The roof of her room had probably not been repaired in years, so it couldn’t really do its job of keeping the rain out.

With a dark expression, Shi Sheng got up and brought along her wet blanket to go knock on Ling Yue’s door.

But Ling Yue’s room wasn’t in a much better state than Shi Sheng’s. His bed wasn’t in the best spot, seeing as rainwater kept dripping onto it.

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