Chapter 337 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (21)

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As Shi Sheng left the palace, she pondered what chaos tomorrow would bring while leisurely making her way back to her residence alone.

As a high-ranking official, being alone was dangerous…but nothing like a melodramatic assassination attempt occurred.

Nope. Instead, she saw a man, running out of the darkness, being chased by a pack of burly looking women.

‘Great… A damsel-in-distress ploy… Even more dog blood than an assassination attempt.

Is it really okay to be splashing around dog blood like this every day?’

The women chased the man as he ran towards Shi Sheng. He was probably intending to leap into her arms, but Shi Sheng pivoted on her feet, easily avoiding his bear hug.

The man stumbled and fell to the ground.

There was almost no light in the surrounding area, so Shi Sheng could only use what faint moonlight was present to distinguish the man’s identity.

It was Duan Qingyun.

“I’m warning you—don’t be nosy!”

The women had also reached her. They didn’t even look at Duan Qingyun, instead choosing to target Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I(bbb) didn’t move a goddamn finger, just how am I(bbb) being nosy? Blindness is a disease! You should get it treated!’

“Prime Minister…” Duan Qingyun lay sprawled out on the ground as he cast her a panicked look. “Save me, please!”

‘Save you? For what ah?’

Shi Sheng’s lips lifted slightly as she began walking over to Duan Qingyun.

“Oi! Get lost, you! This ain’t any of your business! We won’t hold it against you if you leave right now!”

Shi Sheng had already reached Duan Qingyun. Under his expectant gaze, she picked him up.

“Prime Minister…” Duan Qingyun appeared to be so touched that he was choking up. ‘I just knew she still had feelings for me!’

Shi Sheng carried him over to the group of women, who retreated alertly.

Shi Sheng chucked Duan Qingyun into the arms of the woman standing closest to her. “Hold on to him. I won’t help you catch him a second time.”

The burly woman, “…”

‘There’s something wrong with this script…

Isn’t she supposed to fend us off, then enjoy a beautiful evening with the beauty?’

Shi Sheng ducked around them and continued on her way for a couple of steps, before she paused and turned around to look back. “Next time you hire people, make sure they’re not as idiotic as this lot. Just a single look is enough to tell they’re fakes.”

Duan Qingyun, “…”

The Idiot Gang, “…”

Shi Sheng soon vanished from sight, whereupon Duan Qingyun shoved the woman holding him away, shaking his body in disgust.

The woman’s face immediately turned dark.

“What’re you looking at? A bunch of trash is what you lot are! Can’t even get a simple task done!” Duan Qingyun poked her chest.

He continued belittling them, causing the burly women’s faces to turn green with anger.


Shi Sheng only found something off with her body when she was about to reach the Prime Minister’s residence.

She used the light of the lanterns hanging outside the residence to have a look at her hand. It was very clean.

She held it up to sniff but there was no peculiar odour.


Shi Sheng picked up the pace and entered the residence.

“Your Excellency…”

Shi Sheng felt like she was burning up on the inside, her mouth dry.

‘Fucking brilliant! You actually dared to drug me(lz)! Duan Qingyun! If I(lz) don’t kill you, I’ll(lz) adopt your surname!’

Shi Sheng refused to let them support her, simply ordering them to get cold water prepared.

The Prime Minister’s residence was in chaos.

Dai Yue and Ying Yue rushed over as soon as they received word.

By the time they arrived, Shi Sheng was already soaking in a tub of cold water.

“Your Excellency, just how did you get plotted against? Should we call for a…”

There was a flush on Shi Sheng’s face as she leaned against the side of the bathtub, not wanting to move a single finger.

“Go and bring Duan Qingyun back.”

The two Yues, “…”

‘In this situation, aren’t you supposed to summon Sir Ling Yue? Why do you want us to capture Sir Duan?

Could it be that you…’

The two exchanged glances. Dai Yue left the room but received a shock. “Sir Ling Yue, you—eh, Sir Ling Yue? Where are you going?”

Dai Yue wore an uncomprehending expression. ‘Why did Sir Ling Yue leave without even entering?

Is it because he feels too embarrassed with me and Ying Yue around?’

But just as she was feeling doubtful, someone bumped into her. Dai Yue watched as her lady sped past, still wet from the cold bath and not even having taken the time to put on any footwear.

Shi Sheng dashed off in the direction Ling Yue left in.

Dai Yue turned to look at Ying Yue, who had followed Shi Sheng out, albeit much slower.

Ying Yue felt like facepalming a bit at Dai Yue’s slowness.

‘It’s because Sir Ling Yue overheard Her Excellency order us to capture Duan Qingyun ah!

And with the state Her Excellency is in, how could he not misunderstand her order to catch Duan Qingyun?

But from her tone, it’s clear she’s not planning on letting Duan Qingyun off.’

Ying Yue felt that she was probably better off just following orders and capturing Duan Qingyun than trying to explain it to Dai Yue.


Shi Sheng caught up to Ling Yue, just as he was about to open the door to his room. She sprinted over like the wind.

Ling Yue frowned as he looked at her, his tone frosty. “Why are you here?”

Shi Sheng leaned against the door, breathing heavily. The scorching heat within her and the cooling night breeze contrasted each other starkly.

“What did you hear just now?”

“What did you not want me to hear?” Ling Yue gazed at her coldly. ‘To think I almost believed in this woman.’

Shi Sheng walked towards him. “I got people to—”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me.” Ling Yue interrupted Shi Sheng.

‘Fuck! Are you really going to play that typical cold CEO card with me?’

“I…” Shi Sheng could feel the drug acting up even more. She bore with the feeling until it passed before continuing, “I just—”

Ling Yue gave her a look and, without waiting for her to finish, opened the door and entered before swiftly trying to shut it.

‘Your grandpa! Would it kill you to hear what I(lz) have to say?!’

Shi Sheng hurriedly used her hand to stop the door closing, but it ended up shutting on her hand.


‘Fuck your dog! Why is my(lz) precious hand always suffering?!’

Hearing her sharp intake of breath, Ling Yue subconsciously released his grip on the door.

Shi Sheng bore with the pain as she shoved the door open and squeezed in, slamming it shut behind her.

Ling Yue retreated, keeping a healthy distance from Shi Sheng, the darkness hiding his eyes.

Shi Sheng leaned against the door as she shook her hand. ‘Fucking painful ah! Just what sin did I(bbb) commit?’

“Duan Qingyun plotted against me, so I wanted people to capture and kill him. I didn’t have any other plans.” Seeing Ling Yue remain silent, Shi Sheng hurriedly explained herself.

The pain did help in suppressing that strange sensation. But with Ling Yue standing right in front of her, Shi Sheng felt like it was a miracle she managed to keep her reason.

She took a moment to allow the pain to subside before approaching Ling Yue. After all, wouldn’t it be a shame if she didn’t make use of this opportunity to screw him?

“Ling Yue, help me out here.” Shi Sheng grabbed his hand and leaned against him.

Her body was very warm. The warmth caused Ling Yue to tremble slightly.

The moment she touched him, Shi Sheng felt like all her reason left her. The only thing going through her mind right now was to take him.

She wanted him.

“Ling Yue…” Shi Sheng clung to Ling Yue’s neck and moved in for a kiss.

Ling Yue didn’t move and appeared to be treating her like a furnace hanging off his body.

Until she reached into his clothes. At which point, he suddenly picked her up and moved towards the bed.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: You people are really dirty-minded. They really are just sleeping together.

Shi Sheng: My hand hurts.

Little Fairy: ……

Little Fairy: I think I should just ask for votes. Come on! Smash me with votes!


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