Chapter 341 : It’s Not Easy Being the Head of Household (25)

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“Beat them!” A woman’s clear voice sounded from outside the restaurant.

A figure entered the door, her gaze landing on the people who had been discussing Ling Yue just now.

They only had their bad luck to blame to be sitting beside a window where Shi Sheng could overhear them.

The guards following Shi Sheng swarmed these people and gave them a beating. Everyone else retreated into a corner, giving Ling Yue a complicated look.

‘Just a few sentences prompted a beating from the Prime Minister…

This little priest must have some skills in bed, if he could coax the Prime Minister into pampering him this much!

It’s really unexpected that a priest with such an aloof appearance has such skill in gaining favour!

…Maybe we should go find a little priest of our own to test this out?’

“Come on, let’s go home.” Shi Sheng reached out to pull Ling Yue’s hand. “These people are too much with their words. If you come across this situation again, just go ahead and get people to beat them up!”

The frost between his brows faded, replaced by a faint gentleness. Ling Yue held on to Shi Sheng’s hand. “Why are you here?”

“Just so happened to be leaving the palace and saw people from the residence here, so I guessed you might be here. I came to accompany you home.”

‘Home… I have a home now.’

“En. Let’s go home.”

Ling Yue didn’t know that Shi Sheng had returned to her residence first, and she had only especially come here to look for him after hearing he’d gone out.

Everyone in the capital knew that you couldn’t talk about the Prime Minister’s male pet and come out unscathed.

You couldn’t say a single word about him. Even if you were praising him, there’d still be the possibility of getting beaten up.

All the noble lordlings who once feared the Prime Minister before now wished they could turn back time, after seeing how much Shi Sheng pampered Ling Yue.

They felt that had they taken a little more initiative, they might have been the ones receiving this treatment.

A fair number of noble lordlings stewed in their own regret.

However, seeing that Shi Sheng had yet to officially marry Ling Yue and remembering that he was merely a priest, these lordlings got fired up.

‘There’s no way anyone would allow a lowly priest to become the Master of a noble clan! The Prime Minister will have to take someone else as her first husband!

We still have a chance!’

As a result, several noble lordlings began pushing themselves onto Shi Sheng.

‘Coincidental’ meetings, ‘accidents’, ‘robberies’… They utilised everything they could think of but never managed to even touch her clothing.

However, this only served to further ignite their fighting spirit. They swore up and down that they would sooner or later take down the Prime Minister’s walls.


Shi Sheng didn’t feel like going outside anymore because the moment she left the residence, she’d be swarmed by a horde of crazy men. Not even putting on a fierce expression could scare them off.

“Still haven’t found her yet?”

“No. We put the city on lockdown before and searched every street meticulously. There’s no way we would’ve missed her. Your Excellency…do you think the Ning Princess might have already died?”

‘It was so chaotic that day. It’s possible the Ning Princess was killed by someone and her body ended up being burned along with the others.’

“She’s not.” ‘As if it’s that easy to kill off the FL… She won’t die till her luck is exhausted.’

Although Dai Yue didn’t know why her lady was so certain, she still followed Shi Sheng’s orders and arranged for people to search the outskirts of the city.

When Shi Sheng returned to the room, she found that Gu Su—‘That damn brat!’—was in the room as well, standing very close to Ling Yue.

‘Who let this brat in?!’

“Senior Brother…” Gu Su was very afraid of Shi Sheng, so he shrunk into Ling Yue’s arms upon noticing her entry.

‘This woman is so scary! Even Senior Brother is bullied by her!’

Shi Sheng reached out to grab Gu Su, but Ling Yue retreated, bringing Gu Su with him as he frowned at her.

Shi Sheng, “…”

Gu Su raised his brows at Shi Sheng proudly. ‘My Senior Brother cares for me the most!’

“Am I being too indulgent with you?” Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed, her voice turning colder.

‘Don’t think you can ignore my(lz) limits just because I(lz) dote on you!’

Ling Yue released Gu Su. “Junior, you go out first.”

“No!” ‘If I leave, Senior Brother will be bullied by that woman again!’

“Be good.” Ling Yue patted Gu Su on the head, causing Shi Sheng’s gaze to turn even colder. Like she wished she could mince him.

In the end, Gu Su was scared off by Shi Sheng’s terrifying glare.

‘Senior Brother, just wait! I’ll save you!’

Shi Sheng expressionlessly pulled Ling Yue over to a copper basin full of water, placed his hands in, and scrubbed them vigorously for quite a while before letting him go.

“It’s not like I’m not allowing you to hang out with Gu Su, but you can’t touch him. Can’t you promise me this one thing?” Shi Sheng lowered her head to help him wipe his hands, her voice a bit soft.

Ling Yue had also discovered that she wouldn’t have any adverse reaction when he simply talked to Gu Su some distance away. But the moment Gu Su got too close, she’d immediately switch to a more belligerent attitude without warning.

“I’ll pay more attention next time.” He’d lived with Gu Su for so long; the boy was like a little brother to him.

Shi Sheng pulled his hand to her lips and planted a kiss.

Ling Yue’s eyes shifted and he suddenly drew closer, capturing her lips with his. At first, he carefully lapped and nipped at them, but it soon turned wilder and more passionate.

Shi Sheng was rather confused by his actions. The whole time, Ling Yue seized the initiative, leaving her with little choice but to go along with it.

“Ling Yue… Don’t be like this. What’s with you?” Shi Sheng couldn’t make out Ling Yue’s expression in the darkness, but he was currently biting her shoulder very painfully.

He was still inside her, but he simply lay on top, unmoving.

“Ling Yue?” Shi Sheng waited for a while. He didn’t move and instead bit her even harder. She was beginning to suspect he’d drawn blood.

Ling Yue released her, his tongue lightly brushing over the area he’d bitten, causing Shi Sheng to tremble slightly. Ling Yue kissed his way up to her lips. Before Shi Sheng could continue asking though, he suddenly started moving.

Shi Sheng was completely dumbstruck throughout and wished to express that she had no idea how she had offended him.

‘I’m the one who should be angry ah!’

Once they were done, Ling Yue turned over to lie on the inside of the bed, covering himself fully with the blanket and not leaving any for her.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fuck! Waifu, you’re really going overboard!’

Shi Sheng was so angered that she forcefully tugged the blanket off and pressed Ling Yue down, intent on duking it out with him.

Although he had a reaction, Ling Yue didn’t take the initiative to respond to her. Shi Sheng’s anger deflated like a balloon. “Ling Yue, say something. What is it?”

‘Feng Ci’s a fan of the silent treatment… Fuckin’ hell.’

“Are you about to marry a husband?”

Shi Sheng’s heart fell. She had only discussed this matter with the two Yues, so how had he found out?

Seeing that Shi Sheng didn’t react after quite a while, Ling Yue assumed she was confirming it. This realization brought a sudden wave of pain to his heart.

“I’ll return to Mt. Wanyuan tomorrow… I won’t delay your marriage.”

Shi Sheng suddenly came to and pinched Ling Yue’s cheek. “What are you saying?”

Ling Yue turned his face aside, avoiding her touch. “Let’s just…treat it like nothing’s happened between us.”

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. ‘Is he misunderstanding something?’

She sighed. “Who did you think I was going to marry?”

Ling Yue fell silent.

“If you go, who am I going to marry? What? Did you want to marry over from Mt. Wanyuan? I suppose it’s not impossible… But it’s pretty far. I’m afraid you’ll be tired out. But if you insist… I can send people over to prepare.”

“In this life, the name of the only person I want to marry is Ling Yue.”

‘And in all my lives, the name of the only person I want to marry is Feng Ci.’

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: Please call me Overbearing CEO Shi!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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    Is is just me, os is Shi Sheng's action was exactly like Feng Ci's action in their first lifetime?

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    • Carla · Feb 28, 2019

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