Chapter 351 : Green Plum Meets Wine (2)

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Cannonfodder, supporting female characters usually wished for revenge, and Sheng Xia was no different.

She hadn’t let down Shen Jiayin in any way. Though they hadn’t seen eye-to-eye, she hadn’t actually done anything to her. Yet, Shen Jiayin blamed Sheng Xia for not saving her.

Regardless of whether or not Sheng Xia had the ability to save her, why should she have done so? Because of basic human decency? What kind of retard would seek death by trying to stop several large men ganging up on a woman?

Even some men wouldn’t be able to do it—let alone a little girl like Sheng Xia. After all, what would she have faced if she went over?

What’s more, Sheng Xia hadn’t even seen what was happening.

Life is like facing countless crossroads; every choice will lead to an ending. What ending you get is determined by the path you take.

And the kind of road you take depends on how much influence the people around you have on your choices.

Life…is a never-ending string of multiple-choice questions.

Because of Shen Jiayin’s interference, Sheng Xia’s life had taken the worst possible road.


The FL had already reincarnated for some time and had just transferred to this school, ending up in the same class as Sheng Xia. Right now, Sheng Xia’s impression of her stopped at…she’s a girl.

It was already self-study period. Shi Sheng lifted her head and looked in the FL’s direction. The latter sat up straight in her seat, hair brushed back into a ponytail. Perhaps because of her status as a reincarnator, her disposition had a clear difference from that of these students.

Shi Sheng propped up her chin and examined the FL unscrupulously. Perhaps having noticed Shi Sheng’s gaze, Shen Jiayin turned to look over. Her face still contained some hint of immaturity, but would otherwise be considered slightly above average. It was her temperament which stood out.

Like an orchid standing out from a bunch of gaudy flowers because of its aloofness.

Their gazes met. Shi Sheng’s was as calm as ever, without a single ripple to be seen.

Shen Jiaying frowned slightly, as a subtle expression that could be called disdain appeared on her face, before she turned back to her book.

Shi Sheng blinked. ‘Was the FL expressing disdain towards Sheng Xia? Why?’

Shi Sheng retracted her gaze and casually flipped through the items on the desk. The first thing she found was a mathematics test paper that scored full marks.

Shi Sheng went through Sheng Xia’s other test papers and clicked her tongue. ‘Looks like she was valedictorian material ah!’

Some people were probably born academics. Their brains simply learned faster than most, so just studying briefly was enough for them to maintain first place.

Sheng Xia was one of those people.

‘Such a smart girl was actually pushed to that point by the FL… Is it because the FL’s halo is too strong, or because Sheng Xia’s IQ logged off too fast?’


As the bell rang, the surrounding students were like sheep let out of their pen as they joyfully sprinted out of the classroom.

Junior high…is a time when kids are still kids.

“Sheng Xia, come on! Why’re you still in a daze?” Someone knocked on her desk. It was the girl who had told Shi Sheng she’d wake her up once school was over.

Information about this girl appeared in Shi Sheng’s mind.

Yao Qin, who was somewhat of a friend to Sheng Xia. She wasn’t a close friend, just a normal one.

She and the other two girls who had been talking in front of Sheng Xia usually left school together with her.

“Oh.” Shi Sheng answered briefly, shoving the books on the desk into the compartment below before picking up the bag slung over her chair and following Yao Qin out of the classroom.

These girls were really quite noisy. In the time it took for them to make it to the school gates, Shi Sheng had already made the decision to never walk together with them again. She found them capable of being louder than the quacking of three thousand ducks.

“See you tomorrow!” Yao Qin waved Shi Sheng goodbye.

Shi Sheng waved lazily, though heaven knows she let out a sigh of relief. ‘Finally rid myself of those 3k ducks…’

Since this was just a normal school, being classified as ‘rich’ was determined by whether one’s family owned a car. Most people either walked or took public transport.

The current time period was before the information era. Handphones had only just entered the public eye, while pagers were still the norm. Regular people couldn’t even own a computer.

There weren’t many options for students to enjoy themselves in this day and age. They couldn’t go online to surf the net or play video games. Other than hanging out with some friends after school occasionally, most people chose to go home straight away.

Shi Sheng stood at the gates and yawned. Through her slightly open eyes, she could see Shen Jiayin emerge from the school.

It appeared the latter had seen her too, for that expression was on her face again.

Shi Sheng stood with arms akimbo. ‘Just what is she feeling disdainful about, eh?’

Shen Jiayin left the school without delay. Shi Sheng shifted her bag to readjust its weight as she walked towards the station.

Sheng Xia was living in her Uncle Gu Yan’s house. She referred to him as Uncle because he was a close friend of her parents.

Shi Sheng returned just in time to see a woman emerge from the house. One could tell how forcefully she was stepping by how her heels clacked loudly as she walked, dragging a luggage bag along.

“Jinx!” The woman angrily cursed at Shi Sheng as she walked past.

“Crazy!” Shi Sheng immediately retorted.

“What did you say?” The woman had been planning to leave, but she doubled back upon hearing Shi Sheng’s words.

The latter’s eyes curved as she smiled. “I said: you’re crazy.”

“You little punk!” The woman was angered and reached out to pinch Shi Sheng’s face.

“Zhao Qian, what are you doing?!” A loud shout echoed from behind.

Zhao Qian’s hand halted in mid-air. She turned to look at the tall figure making his way over. He had regular features, sword-like brows, and star-like eyes. There seemed to be a sharp aura around him. His steps were firm and steady, so he ought to have combat experience.

Gu Yan walked over to Shi Sheng and blocked her behind him. “She’s still a child, yet you would raise a hand against her? Zhao Qian, what happened to your upbringing?”

Zhao Qian was so infuriated that she laughed. “Upbringing? Didn’t you hear how she insulted me just now?!”

Gu Yan frowned. “She’s young and inexperienced. For you to fuss about something like that…”

“Alright, alright, Gu Yan. I’ve already broken up with you. Just go spoil the girl like you always do. She’ll be spoilt rotten sooner or later; I’ll see how you deal with it then. Don’t blame me for not warning you: she’s not your kid. Don’t treat her too well; who knows if you’re raising an ingrate? Goodbye!”

Zhao Qian dragged her luggage with her as she stalked away, heels clacking on the tarmac. Shi Sheng calmly watched Zhao Qian leave, but Gu Yan’s brow was deeply furrowed.

He turned around and looked at Shi Sheng, speaking to her in a rather stern tone, “Why did you insult her?”

“She broke up with you.” Shi Sheng carried her bag as she walked towards the house.

Gu Yan, “…” ‘Why do I feel something’s off about the lass?’

But just as he was feeling doubtful, he heard her continue, “What is she if not crazy for giving up a great guy like you?”

Zhao Qian was Gu Yan’s girlfriend. They’d been together for around seven to eight years now and had experienced a lot together. However, the two disagreed on Sheng Xia.

Still, they’d been together for so many years already. The two had even intended to be married at the end of this year. But some problems had cropped up with Gu Yan’s business, and Zhao Qian raised the topic of breaking up without hesitation.

Before this, they’d argued a lot too; so much that Sheng Xia had been afraid to come home.

Zhao Qian would always argue on the matter of raising Sheng Xia.

As Gu Yan watched Shi Sheng reach the door, all the depression and rage from the break-up seemed to lighten up a bit.

He strode over and spoke to Shi Sheng, who was about to enter the house, “Let’s eat out tonight…”

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Someone come! Serve up the dishe— Pei! Votes!

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